6 Consecrated Prayers For Football Players

Prayers For Football Players

Football is a popular sport that brings people together. It is a chance for athletes to share all of the hard work and training they have done. It is a great opportunity for young people to learn the value of teamwork and cooperation. These prayers for football players will ask for God’s help and strength … Read more

7 Devout Prayers For Students

Prayers For Students

Education is a gift that benefits our society. It gives people a chance to study, exercises their minds, and grow. The pursuit of education gives us a chance to interact with more of God’s children and learn to love them. While studying, though, there are many pressures. Many students are living alone for the first … Read more

5 Holy Morning Prayers For Kids

Morning Prayers For Kids

These morning prayers for kids give us an opportunity as Christians to be thankful to God for the day before us. We ask him to protect and guide our children as they go about their day. You can teach these prayers for your children to offer to God or pray on their behalf. The best … Read more

9 Sanctified Prayers For Good Health

Prayers For Good Health

Feeling well and staying healthy can make it easier to accomplish so many things. Good physical, emotional, and mental health are great blessings from God for which we should always remember to be grateful. If you want to experience increased health, God can help you find the right way to pursue it. These prayers for … Read more

8 Devotional Prayers For Kindness

Prayers For Kindness

Jesus Christ is the perfect example of kindness and compassion. As we study and honor His perfect life, we feel drawn to add more kindness and love to the world around us and these prayers for kindness can help us do that. This can feel especially important as we see heartache caused by violence, hatred, … Read more

8 Blessed Prayers For 9/11

Prayers For 911

9/11 was a day that changed America and the world forever. In the midst of all the chaos and destruction, there were also many acts of heroism and kindness. Christians across the country came together to pray for those who were affected by the tragedy. Many innocent people lost their lives in the unspeakable tragedy. Though … Read more

7 Divine Mercy Prayers for the Dying

Divine Mercy Prayers for the Dying

The following prayers will guide you as you ask for divine mercy prayers for the dying. Trust God and He will take care of everything. Though it is hard, we must remember that when we die, we go to be with the Lord. Until that time comes, however, we can offer prayers on behalf of … Read more

9 Devotional Prayers For Your Future Husband

Prayers For Your Future Husband

Are you a Christian woman searching for Bible prayers for your future husband? God has the power to change our lives. He knows the desires of our hearts, and He can help us find joy and success in our lives. One of the most important ways to incorporate God into your life is by inviting … Read more

7 Sacrosanct Prayers For Discouragement

Prayers For Discouragement

When life gets tough, it can be hard to find the strength to carry on. If you’re feeling discouraged, know that you’re not alone. Millions of people turn to prayer in times of trouble, and the Bible is full of prayers for those who are struggling. The world can be full of disappointment, fear, and … Read more

8 Pure Prayers For Vocations

Prayers For Vocations

God’s power can help accomplish anything. When God calls you to do something, it is important to listen. When God calls you to a vocation, it means that He trusts you with great responsibility. You should ask God for help and guidance with knowing which path to choose. The following prayers will help you ask … Read more