10 Catholic Prayers for Fertility

These catholic prayers for fertility seek help and guidance from Our Heavenly Father with all aspects of bringing new life into His wonderful world.

Trying to start a family can be a time of great uncertainty, apprehension, and concern. There may be highs and lows and lots of waiting. Faith can help us through these struggles and praying can help us to revive faith when it is most needed.

Here we ask God for His blessings and to grant us love, health, strength, and patience during these sometimes challenging times.

Praying together is a wonderful way to renew and strengthen a loving bond in a relationship and a perfect practice to start your journey as a growing family.

These catholic prayers for fertility can be used as you see them here, or they can be used as starting points or templates for you to adapt to your specific values, thanks, wishes, and circumstances.

Let us pray.


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A Prayer of Hope and Faith for Fertility

Almighty Father, we are grateful that you have blessed us with love and health.

We thank You for this loving relationship that we share and we pray to You, Dear Lord, and ask that You help us to keep love, hope, and trust in our hearts as we open ourselves to the possibility of bringing a child into Your world.

May we accept each step and have faith in You. We know that You will lead us in the right direction even when the path may not seem clear.


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A Prayer for Healthy Fertility

Our Loving Father, we thank You for our health and for bringing us together.

Dear Lord, as we hope for a baby we humbly ask that You grant us good reproductive health, fertility, and compatibility.

We pray to You, Holy Father, to help us to make good choices and to believe in the amazing miracles that may arise from the wonderful bodies that You have bestowed us with.

May our bodies welcome and deliver Your blessings fruitfully.


You could also offer a prayer for a healthy pregnancy to God.

Prayer for a Baby

Dear Lord, we thank You for all the blessings You have generously and kindly showered upon us, we are grateful to You always.

We believe in Your miraculous ways and Your purpose for our lives.

We come to You now to pray that You see fit to bless us with a baby. A baby that we would love wholeheartedly and raise in Your light and presence. A baby that we would forever cherish in our hearts.

We trust in Your grace and Your love, oh Holy Lord.


Scripture for Fertility

A Prayer for Conception

Almighty Father, we offer You our hearts and we honor You with our bodies.

As we open ourselves to Your Holy plan we humbly ask for your help with the conception of new life.

May we have faith that You will grant us the miracle of life when the time is right. Please show us the way.


A Prayer for Maternal Fertility

Holy Mary, Mother of God, I pray to You for the health and vitality to conceive and carry a child.

I look to You Mary, Mother of Jesus as I humbly ask for Your Holy blessing. I offer You my heart as I place my faith in You. Please guide me on the path to motherhood.

May Your strength, patience, and compassion be an inspiration.


A Prayer for Paternal Fertility

Heavenly Father, I offer myself to You as I pray for the health and vitality to father a child.

Dear Lord, I ask in Your Most Holy Name, please guide me on this path and show me Your blessing. I trust in Your Holy plan.
Father, grant me peace, faith, and patience. Please help me to be open to Your gracious gifts in mind, body, and spirit. In Jesus’ name.


A Prayer for Fertility and New Life

Father, we honor You and we worship You. We thank You for Your many blessings. We place our trust and faith in You as we pray for the blessing of a child.

We trust in Your gracious plans and we humbly ask for a baby to be part of our lives if You so wish.

Dear Lord, we pray that You may enlighten our bodies and minds with Your Holy Grace and help us to bring life into Your beautiful world which we are so grateful for.

Thank you, Jesus, in Your name, we pray.


A Prayer for Strength and Patience

Let us pray.

Our Loving Father, we give You thanks and praises for keeping our relationship strong. We feel Your love and Your grace in our marriage and we thank You. May we continue to feel Your Holy presence and lead our lives according to Your Holy plan.

As we open ourselves to starting a family we look to You and pray for strength and patience. May we always have faith in You Holy Father and await Your blessings. In Jesus’ name.


Bible Verse for Fertility

A Prayer for Starting a Family

Dear Lord, we thank You for blessing us with a loving and healthy relationship.

Our Father, we pray for Your wisdom and guidance as we endeavor to start a family. We offer You our goals and our plans and we humbly ask for Your support and blessing.

Father, grant us peace and love. Let Your love shine on our marriage and bless us with children that we may raise with grace in Your Holy Name.


A Prayer for Loving Relations

Let us pray.

Our Loving Father, we give You thanks for a blessed marriage.

Dear Lord, please grant us love and strength in our partnership. May the loving bond of our union stay strong and bring us together frequently and fruitfully.

Please let us show our love to one another openly and honestly. Let us fully embrace one another. May we be open to the miracle of life in our minds, bodies, and souls.

Thank You, Jesus Christ, our Lord.


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A Prayer for Starting a Family

Bible Verses and Scripture for Fertility

You will be blessed more than any other people; none of your men or women will be childless, nor will any of your livestock be without young. – Deuteronomy 7:14

In the Bible, God blesses those who serve Him faithfully. As part of this blessing, He promises that they will be fruitful and have many children. This verse is often interpreted as a promise of physical fertility, and indeed, it can be seen as a sign of God’s favor to have a large family.

However, it is also worth noting that the word “blessed” can also be translated as “happy.” In other words, this verse is not simply a promise of material abundance but also an assurance that those who serve God will find joy and happiness in their lives.

Isaac prayed to the LORD on behalf of his wife, because she was childless. The LORD answered his prayer, and his wife Rebekah became pregnant. – Genesis 25:21

In the Bible, Isaac prayed to God on behalf of his wife, Rebekah, because she was childless. God answered his prayer, and Rebekah became pregnant. This story is often cited in the context of fertility, as it demonstrates the power of prayer in bringing about conception.

The story also teaches that the Lord is faithful to His promises and that He hears and answers the prayers of His people. This is an encouragement to couples who are struggling with infertility, as it reminds them that God is always listening and that He is able to work miracles.

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