10 Nightly Prayers for Protection

Whether you want a routine of saying a nightly prayer or you’re just feeling unsure tonight these 10 nightly prayers for protection ask the Lord God to watch over you while you sleep.

Let us pray.


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Prayer for Protection for Your Home At Night

O Jesus, these four walls are but filled with love for you. Our family stays in faith, joy, hope, and love knowing you are surrounding this home.

We kneel before you to protect this home that we treasure. We hope to find protection and rest in this house, blessed by you. I am thankful for the blessings that I have. Let me not forget all that I have.

We ask this in Jesus’ name.


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Prayer for Blessings While You Sleep

Oh Lord, bless this house while it sleeps. Bless this house while we rest. You keep us safe, graceful God, as we drift off and dream our sweet dreams. Every action is loved and forgiven by you.

You can see when we are weak when we are weary when we are at our worst. You are beside us every day and night, a constant presence. We can rely on you to watch over us all through the night while we sleep. We know that we will wake refreshed with your spirit and ready for the day’s blessings.

We ask this through Jesus’ name.


Prayer for Your Child

Dear Lord, you are the shelter that protects my children, and softly shields them from harm. My children are carefree and know no strife.

Please, Dear Lord, protect them and encircle them in your embrace, and keep them far from harm. Watch over them as I would when they are far from my sight. Please ensure that they walk a safe path until they return to me.

I ask this in your name O Lord.


Prayer for Strength at the End of the Night

Grant to me, O Lord, your protection and strength, knowledge and understanding. In my knowledge and understanding, let that lead to love and justice.

In my love and justice, let that lead to the love of all things that are yours. Let my spirit be comforted in your love. To you alone be the glory. I ask this in your name O Lord.


Prayer for Your Relationship to be Protected

Dear Lord and Savior, please protect my heart and the heart of my spouse against anything seen or unseen that may come against our relationship.

In giving us protection, allow us to remain strong in dealing with anything that comes our way. O Lord, let us wake with renewed joy in our relationship, and let any past burdens be released. Please, Lord, we trust in you to protect our joy. We pray that no threat may come between us. I need you and you are there for me when I call.

We ask this in Jesus’ name.


Prayer for Sleep

Now I lay me down to sleep, cradled in your loving embrace. I exhale out all of my worries and breathe in your holy spirit. I am cared for in your loving shelter.

I now lay me down to sleep.


Prayer for Your Family While They Sleep

Dear Lord, I must thank you first for granting me this amazing family.

Know that I could not possibly keep them from every evil in this world. I ask that you help watch other them when I cannot. Please watch over my precious family while they sleep, when they wake up, and when they step outside of my watchful eye. Let them then be watched by you O Lord until they come home again.

Please keep them safe as they go out in the world so that they may return to me. Thank you for taking this worry from me. I ask this in Jesus’ name.


Prayer for Any Fear in Your Heart

Dear Father, I come before you filled with worries and anxieties. Lord, please help me to be filled with your reassuring Holy Presence. Let me feel the warmth of your loving embrace on my cheek, that I may let you take my worry from me. Let me feel secure and safe in your shadow, that I may know true peace.

I pray to you, Heavenly Father, that you may grant me peace and hope. I put my faith and trust in you alone O Lord. I am thankful that you are here with me Lord, and that you continue to be by my side when I need you most.

In Jesus’ name, I pray.


Prayer for a Good Night’s Sleep

O Lord, grant me the blessing of a good night’s sleep. Let me wake ready to serve you another day. Let me wake grateful for my many blessings. When I wake, let it be with a smile on my lips and happiness in my heart to serve you again. May any anxiety be forgotten and let any distrust be gone from my heart.

May your presence cover me and bring me to your light. Please, dear Lord, keep me safe until the morning light.

I ask this in Jesus’ name.


Prayer for Forgiveness Before Bed

Dear Lord, I know that I have sinned this day, and I beg you for your forgiveness of my actions. I trust in you, my Savior, to help deliver me from any evil.

Help guide me to a better tomorrow that I may push away sin more easily. Please show me the way away from sin and away from evil. I ask this in Jesus’ name.


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