5 Healing Prayers For Loss of Mother

The following prayers for the loss of a mother call upon the Lord for aid and guidance in a time of sorrow and grief. A parent, particularly a mother passing away, is a very difficult life event for anyone to go through. While everyone processes grief differently, it is important to remember that you are not alone.

You are surrounded by friends and family. Most important of all, God will be there for you in your time of need. With these prayers, God will guide you through your grief. All you need do is open your heart and give thanks to God for all that he has given us.

Take a moment to go through these prayers and recite the one that resonates with you the most. The pain of loss is complex, but with the love of God, you can make it through that pain and become stronger.

Let us pray.


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Loving Prayer for the Loss of a Mother

Our beloved Father, your grace and mercy are boundless and I thank you for each and every blessing you bestow upon me and my loved ones. My dear mother has gone on to join you in your glorious and incredible kingdom of heaven.

Though my heart breaks from her loss, my soul is filled with joy knowing that my dearly beloved mother is now by your side. I am grateful for the blessings you have given to me, for they are the blessings that you gave to my mother.  Your grace and love are a wondrous gift that has been bestowed upon my entire family.

I cherish every memory of my mother. I pray that I will carry this joy with me for all of my life and that through your guidance and love I will be able to join my mother and be by your side as well when I have reached the hour of my passing.


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Prayer Seeking Guidance for the Loss of a Mother

Almighty God, your grace and blessings give us hope where we would have had none. My heart is devastated by the loss of my mother. Where once I was certain and had clarity, I feel that now I am lost and do not know where to go from here. This loss has left me disoriented and I do not know how to carry on your will.

I pray you will guide me through my pain and will help me see clearly once more how I can better serve you in this world. My mother was a light that guided me in my younger days, and without her, the world is not as bright as it once was. Yet through you, God, all is possible and I believe that you can restore that light.

I pray that through your blessing and the teachings of Jesus, I will be able to recover from this devastating loss and be able to return to the blessed life of happiness I once knew. I pray all who knew and loved my mother will receive the same guidance.


Prayer for Grieving from the Loss of a Mother

Oh mighty God in your glorious kingdom, your blessings are great and your love shines radiantly upon us all.  I pray you will hear my plea as I struggle with the grief from the loss of my mother. Grief is both complex and difficult to work through. I fear that I will lose my way and give in to temptation and sin.

I pray that you will shine a radiant path before me that will help me through my grief. I know my mother would not want me to dwell so much on this pain, but I cannot make it through this terrible loss without your love and guidance.


Prayer to Help with Sorrow from the Loss of a Mother

Our beloved Heavenly Father, we are eternally grateful for your forgiveness of our sins and your blessings that you bestow upon us each and every day as we carry out your work on this world. We pray for your grace now in these dark times. Where once there was joy and happiness, my heart is heavy with sorrow.

My beloved mother meant the world to me, and it was through her love and teaching that I discovered my faith in you. Just as she once taught me, I pray to you to help me in these difficult times. I pray that with time and your love, my heart will soar unburdened by this pain and sorrow.


Prayer for Healing from the Loss of a Mother

Great and benevolent Father, every day we are humbled by your infinite grace and love for all people.  Grief and pain have constricted my heart and I plea for your aid in these difficult times. My mother has passed away, and it feels like my world is collapsing.

In spite of my pain, I am grateful for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me. Through your kindness and mercy, I am surrounded by friends and family who will grief with me and celebrate the life of the incredible person that was my mother.  I pray that with your healing love and guidance, we will pull through this grief.


Prayer for Restoring Faith from the Loss of a Mother

Oh mighty God, our great Father, in heaven above. Creator of all that is good in this world. I pray to you now in my greatest hour of need.  The loss of my dear mother has torn my heart and soul asunder. In these dark times, my mind is consumed by grief and anger.

I fear that I am losing my faith in you and that my soul will be laid bare to the corruption of the devil.  I plea for your guidance back to your love and your light in the hopes that I can return to the path that I have strayed from.  I pray that my faith in you will once again be as strong as my mother’s faith.


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