6 Angelic Prayers to Save Marriage from Divorce

Marriage is a special gift that God has blessed you with, however, the road isn’t always easy and the Lord knows this. Whatever has come between you since your wedding day, these angelic prayers to save a marriage from divorce can help bring you both back together.

The power of God can bring you both back together stronger than your wedding day. He has the power to fix all things and works wonders when ask.

If your marriage is in trouble, you might find the answer in the teachings of God. You could offer a prayer to stop a divorce or say a prayer for a failing marriage if divorce isn’t on the table but things are just not as good as you would like.

Let us pray.


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Praying for a Source of Hope in Marriage

Heavenly Father, our guiding light and source of strength, we lift Your Name on high, and we praise You for all You’ve done. Thank You, Father, for the gift of marriage and love. Even from the start of our relationship, You have shown us Your overflowing kindness and sheltered us with Your love and grace.

Our journey as husband and wife has not been an easy road, but You have reminded us of so many reasons to keep this promise and continue loving.

Lord, we pray for a new light of hope to come to our lives, so that we can save this marriage from divorce. Help us to find hope each day as we go through the process of getting back together. Lord, we need Your presence in our married life. Be our source of hope so that we will not give up on each other. This we ask, in Your Holy Name,


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Prayer for Forgiveness in Marriage

Almighty Father, You are our refuge and strength in storms and brokenness. Our marriage has fallen apart. Our trust in each other has been broken.

There was too much heartache and doubt that made us regret our relationship. My spouse and I have even thought about divorce. But, we thank You Father for helping us pick up the pieces of our marriage once again. We want to save our marriage Father and become a better version of ourselves all for Your greater glory.

Lord, I ask for forgiveness for planting seeds of hate, jealousy, and doubt. Forgive me and my spouse for all our shortcomings in this relationship. We ask that You help us accept the things we cannot control. Allow us to see ourselves in a different light, that even though we have our flaws, we will be forgiving of our differences. May we love each other more and more each day.

Allow us to forgive each other so that we can set ourselves free from all the regrets and sadness.

This we ask, in Jesus’ Name,


Bible Verses to Stop Divorce

Prayer for Reconciliation of Marriage from Divorce

Our Loving Father, our great source of wisdom and guidance, we are grateful for all the blessings that we have received. We may not be worthy of Your love and forgiveness, but You showered us with the kind of love that is patient, enduring, and not self-seeking.

It is a love that does not keep a record of wrongs and hopes for all things. We pray, Father, that we can love like this.

We ask for Your wisdom so that we may discern well, and make the right decisions as we journey together. Help us to keep moving forward as we go through the process of reconciliation. We believe that by strengthening our faith in You Lord, our love for each other will be stronger.

We ask this, through Christ our Lord,


Prayer for Reconciliation of Marriage from Divorce

Prayer for Strength to Keep Marriage from Falling Apart

Dearest Lord, we offer You all that we are going through in our marriage. We are in a difficult time, Father because we are about to give up our marriage.

Forgive us, Father, but we are planning to get a divorce. We thought that this separation is for our good, but we see that giving up is not a solution to solve our problems. We did not give each other the chance to speak and be listened to, the opportunity to grow as an individual, and most importantly, we failed to truly forgive our flaws and our mistakes.

Father, we ask for strength as we would like to keep our marriage because we believe in our love, the kind of love that You show us. Strengthen our hearts to be more patient and understanding. Let us build a household that will glorify Your love. Do not let our marriage fall apart, Lord.

This we pray, in Jesus’ Name,


Bible Advice to Stop Divorce

Prayer for Marriage Protection and Guidance

Father, You are our rock and our solid fortress, despite all storms and tragedies, You keep us standing on our feet. In the greatness of Your love, there is no fear. Lord, as we face our battle in this difficult time, we ask for the protection of our marriage.

We are faced with doubts and fears that this promise we have persistently worked hard for would end up in a divorce. Protect us, Father, from the doings of evil- loss of hope, unfaithfulness, unforgiving spirit, and temptations. We rebuke the works of evil, Lord. Keep us safe and away from them and allow our marriage to prosper amidst the circumstances.

Guide us with Your grace, Lord, so that we can learn to forgive ourselves and continue this journey with You at the center of our relationship.

While we restore this broken marriage, give us the wisdom to discern and make the right decisions. Guide our path as a married couple and allow us to see our purpose. This we pray,


Prayer for an Open Heart

Dear Lord, thank you for lighting our way. Our marriage is a promise made with You, and should not end in a divorce. As we decide to save our marriage from divorce, we ask that you give us an open heart to listen and communicate with each other as we rebuild the foundation of our relationship with You by our side.

Refresh us, Lord, as we prepare ourselves for a new beginning. We thank You for saving our marriage from divorce, Father. In Your Holy Name,


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Bible Verses to Stop Divorce

What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate. – Mark 10:9

The Bible is very clear that God does not condone divorce. This verse is a strong declaration that once two people are married, they should remain married.

The Bible goes on to say that divorce is only acceptable in the case of adultery (Matthew 19:9). Even then, God still prefers that the couple work through their problems and remain together. We do have prayers for forgiveness of adultery if that is the cause of your marital problems.

God wants us to honor our marriage vows and stay together for better or for worse. Unfortunately, divorce has become all too common in our society. But even in the midst of a difficult marriage, God can help to heal the relationship and provide strength for both of you.

Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh. – Genesis 2:24

This Bible verse is quoted often in relation to marriage. It is a reminder that once two people are married, they become one unit. Their lives are no longer separate, but intertwined.

This is a sacred bond that should not be taken lightly. Through God, we can save a marriage from divorce and bring both of you back together.

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