6 Divine Prayers for My Wife to Love Me Again

If your marriage is facing tough challenges, God is your ready help. He knows what you’re going through. Here are 6 prayers for my wife to love me again. May this help bring courage and wisdom as you come before God for a restored marriage.

Let us pray.


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Prayer for a Second Chance at Marriage

Dear God, my heart weighs so heavily on me today. My marriage is in trouble. Nothing is going right. I can feel my wife drifting away. She is not as attentive to me anymore. We don’t communicate and spend time as we used to. Father, please help me save my marriage.

Give me a second chance with my wife. Open her eyes and heart to me once more. May she give me and our marriage another chance. I know I’ve made so many mistakes but help her see that I’m doing the best that I could. I want my partner back, O God.  Open her mind to the prospect of another try. May she not give up on us. Dear God, please don’t let he quit on me now.

Let Your Spirit speak words of encouragement, forgiveness, and patience into her heart

Dear God, give us a second chance at marriage today, Amen.

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Prayer for God’s Love to Work in My Wife

Father, I come to You broken, frustrated, and discouraged. I have been trying to win my wife back. But I’m not sure if all my actions are bearing fruit. Dear God, You are the God who touches every heart and opens them towards You. I pray that You would touch my wife today. And give her an overflow of Your love.

Human love is imperfect but Your love is perfect and strong. Please let your Spirit work in my wife. Let Your love for her encourage her to renew her love for me. May You help soften her heart once more. May your forgiving love be in her and help her be forgiving in our relationship. May Your patient love to inspire her to have patience in our marriage. Dear God, revive her love for me through Your love for her.

Let Your love work in my wife that she may love me again.


Prayer for Stronger Friendship and Bond With Your Wife

Dear God, every marriage will have its ups and downs. You are the Strong One who upholds our marriage, O God. I give my marriage and my wife to You today. I pray for a stronger friendship and bond between us so that love and devotion may grow once more. Father, my marriage is on the rocks. My relationship with my wife is not strong and open lately.

Help us build friendship and reconnect with each other. We are willing to make this work. We just need Your guidance and help in moving forward. I pray that You would help my wife see me as her best friend and lover once more. Help her see how much I value her even though I fail to show it sometimes. Please dear God, break her stubborn heart and cause her to be loving once more to me.

Touch her heart so that she will give all of her honesty and passion into rebuilding our friendship and marriage.

Answer my prayer today dear God, Amen.

Prayer for My Wife to Come Home

Great God and Father, You know what I’m going through right now. My wife has left me and I haven’t seen her for a long time. Dear God, speak to her. Let Your Spirit work in her heart that she may decide to come back home to me. Please don’t let her stay away too long. Let her see the value of our marriage, our relationship. Help her understand that no marriage is perfect.

No husband is perfect. Make her see that running away from our marital problems won’t solve them. Build-in her a hope that is based on Your love for us. Help her see that You are there and that You will help us get through this. Father, whatever is keeping her from coming back to me, please remove that. Be it shame or anger, fear or uncertainty.

Father, I don’t care about any of that. I just want her back. Help her love me again and let that love strengthen her resolve to come back and love me again.


Prayer for My Wife to Come Home

Prayer for Wife’s Stronger Faith in God

All-loving God, I commit my marriage to You today. We are trying to get over these challenges in our marriage. I pray first of all that my wife and I will grow stronger and deeper in faith and trust in You. Lord, only You can save our marriage.

Only You can cause our relationship to grow and be strong. I commit my wife to You today. Let her prioritize You in her life. Help her draw wisdom and guidance from Your Word. Revive her faith so that her love for me may be revived too. You are the key to this marriage. With You above us and Your love embracing us, we can weather any storm that comes in our marriage. So God, touch my wife’s heart today.

May she keep leaning on You. And may Your Word keep changing her heart so that she can respond positively to my efforts of reconciliation. Help her grow in love for me again, O God.

Answer my plea today. Amen.

Prayer for Unity in Our Marriage

Holy God, You are three yet one. You have perfect unity even in Your distinct Persons. God, help our marriage have that same unity as well. My wife and I are two minds, yet one. Two bodies, yet one body. I pray that You will unite our hearts, minds, and wills.

Help us be one in our priorities, passions, and decisions. I know that my wife and I won’t always see eye to eye. But by Your grace and guidance, we can work through our differences and come out stronger from conflicts that come and go. Dear God, at all times, may Your love fuel us to keep loving one another. May my wife love me again as she has promised the day we got married.

Dear God, only You can help us make this marriage and love relationship work.

Please help and bless us today. Amen.

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5 thoughts on “6 Divine Prayers for My Wife to Love Me Again”

  1. Please pray for my ex-wife that she would come to know Jesus as her Lord and savior and after that humbly return home.

    • Bill
      I am with you brother. I was asked to leave my house in February, the day before my birthday. I have had no contact with her for three months. Finally, I received a tiny response that was positive.

      I am praying for you Bill and like the others in our situation. God has on this trial for a reason, to find our purpose in life!

  2. Please pray for my husband to come back. His daughter needs him and I need him too. Let God help him take a new leave and turn to him.. Disconnect him from every estranged woman in his life and every unfriendly friend and family…

  3. Kindly pray for me my wife Joan left me 2weeks ago and went with everything we had.I need her to come back home so that we can build the love together again.am slowly developing depression and it’s only her come back that can heal me


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