6 Divine Prayers To Make Someone Go Away

These divine prayers to make someone go away asks the Lord God to remove negative people from your life or the life of those you love.

Have you had someone attach themselves to you that you maybe would like to go away and not come back? Though you may feel unchristian admitting this, everyone has had this feeling at some point in their lives.

Maybe this person is a bad influence on you or a loved one. Perhaps they are someone who is adding to stress in your life at a time when that is the last thing you need. It may be as simple as the fact that you may not like someone and simply would like to have them fade from you before being driven to say something unkind or outright mean.

Let us pray.


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Prayer To Remove People From Your Life

Holy Father, give me the strength to turn away from those in my life who add no real value. I was hoping you could help me see the true identities of those who are in my life and let me know who is in my life for the right reasons because you placed them there.

I know, Almighty God, that only those who you have destined to help me in my path should be allowed to stay. Please grant me the wisdom and foresight to know this and act accordingly.

In Your Name.


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 Praying for Family Members To Be Rid Of Bad Influences

God, today I pray to you not for myself but for my loved ones. I pray that you will guide them as you have guided your flock since the beginning.

Guide them to see those in their lives for the wrong reasons, those who want to harm them, or turn them from the path you have laid out before them. Heavenly Father, please remove all posers and leave only those good, faithful, and loyal supporters in their lives.

Those that will lift them up when they are down, support them when they are weak, and make them always and forever strive for you.


bible verse to make someone go away

Prayer To Remove Bad Influencers From Own Life

My Father in Heaven, I come to you to help remove all bad influencers in my life. I have lately felt that something or someone in my life has been leading me down the wrong path. I have followed them into sin, breaking under their pressure and influence on me.

I ask that you guide my way back to you and in doing so, cast out of my life all people who would distract me from my real purpose of serving you, God Above.

Thanks are to You, Always, Lord.


Praying for Removing Those Causing You Undue Stress

Lord, I have come here to you, praying for your love and understanding. Though I know you teach us that we always have people put in our lives for a reason, I must implore you to help me. XXX is causing me additional stress in my life, and I do not believe that they are in my life because of you. No matter if this is simply a person who has lost their way or if this is an agent from below, I beseech you to help me.

Show me the truth of this person, their true heart. Let them be removed from my life before I fall into any snares that could drag me down into wickedness.

Please help me to know the truth and joy of you once more, Father. Please help me by removing this additional burden from my life, and forgive me for asking for this removal.

I hope for nothing more than some relief and reduction of stress and anxiety.

In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, I pray.


bible verse to make someone go away

A Prayer For Removing Buddies Who Bring Out Your Worst

Oh, Heavenly Father, hear my prayer. I come to you searching out the strength I myself do not possess. Lately, some of my friends that are currently in my life have been helping to bring out my worst. I realized that this is what is happening, yet I still can not bring myself to turn away from my friends.

I do not wish them any ill and still have a lot of affection for them, but as I sit and recount my recent transgressions, I realize that these transgressions have been happening only when I hang out with specific people.

Though I have tried to change the outcome, each time I am with them, the same things happen. I beg of you to help me have the strength then to turn away from these people. I wish to remove them from my life but have no ill will towards them.

Please help them to see this, and help me understand why this is happening. Help guide me in choosing the people with who I surround myself. Always show me to those who will help me to live my best life.

Let me have those that can help me see You all around me and lead me to the paths that will always end at You, Lord.


Pray For Help Removing Hateful People From Your Life

Oh, Lord, Please help me to remove people from my life who are hateful and spiteful. When wicked people are in my life, it negatively affects all aspects of how I live. I need assistance to show these people out of my life. Please, My Father, I need your help to remove all vestiges of this hate from my life.

I hope you remove all these people with as much haste as you can, so I can bring light and joy back to my life. Help me in my plea, Almighty God, remove them from my life and help to heal my heart from any exposure to the hate it has been exposed to.

In the Name of The Father,


Prayer for Removing People From Your Life

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Bible Verses for Making Someone Go Away

Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.”

Corinthians 15:33

This Bible verse is a reminder that we should not associate ourselves with negative people, because their bad company will only bring down our own moral standards. The Bible itself wants us to stay away from negative people.

Leave the presence of a fool, for there you do not meet words of knowledge.

Proverbs 14:7

This Bible verse means that if you are around someone who is foolish, you will not gain any knowledge from them and they might even hold you back. Leave their presence for fear they might lead you astray and prevent you from growing forward in life.

How to Pray for Someone to Leave You Alone

Praying for God to remove a toxic person from your life can be difficult. You may feel like you are asking for too much, or that you shouldn’t be asking for something like this. However, remember that God is always willing to help us, and He wants nothing more than for us to be happy and free from harm.

God doesn’t send people to harm you. No matter how a toxic person entered your life, you can ask God to remove them. You don’t need to wish them harm or negativity, just remove them as an obstacle in your own life. You could even try prayer for immediate help on their behalf to remove the source of their own toxicity.

You can try one of the above prayers or some short prayer points like this:

  1. God, I ask You to please remove this person from my life.
  2. I don’t want them to hurt me anymore.
  3. Please heal the pain they have caused me.
  4. Remove their influence from my life and set me free.

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11 thoughts on “6 Divine Prayers To Make Someone Go Away”

  1. I pray that you reach deep down and pray this man away from me he has raised his hands against me to many times for no reason just cause he has hate so deep in his heart that he brakes the peace in mines ….. My the Lord chastise him for being toxic, perverted and hateful

    • I pray the same for the father of my children in our lives. I prayed this for you and my prayer is that your prayer will be answered as I know what you are going through. There is power in prayer and when more than one gather to pray. Please pray the same for me, friend.

      • I pray for you and the same for my family. The father of my children is hateful and sinister and finds joy in hurting me which in turn hurts my children. I too feel the same if more then one person prays for the same there is more power. I pray for all the women and mothers that feel stuck and scared

        • May God hear your prayers. I too pray that God Almighty removes my ex NLW from my life and the life of my children . This person is verbally abusive, toxic and emotionally abusive. My anxiety has increased . NLW only wants to use my kids as a way to torture me and attempt to maintain control in my life, but I beseech God and pray that NLW Is removed from our lives with haste. May peace be restored to my family in Jesus’ Mighty Name! AMEN

  2. I pray that God removes this man from my life. He is disrespectful, mentally abusive and I don’t trust him.

    Being with him is an emotional roller coaster. Please rid my life of him Lord.

    In Jesus name, Amen.

  3. My husband died 7 years ago and this man came into my life and told me he cares so much about me and all the sudden he turned away from me for no reason in my heart is broken because I want to know what that I do

  4. I pray to remove this heroin addict from my life. He robs me, destroys my home, wipes blood all over my walls and is so spiteful and hate filled. I am under so much stress and so depressed I really cannot take it anymore. Please just remove him somehow he will never leave me alone without devine intervention.

  5. I pray god to remove this man I moved in my place with good intentions to helping him succeed. Turned out to be a nightmare. This man wishes death on me and my family and wickedness. Disrespectful to me call me out my name . Messes up constantly. Bring drugs in my home and I constantly tell him not to I’m at the point I want to give up my place I work hard for because I can’t enjoy it I want him gone tried the police way I had to leave so I feel trapped I almost lost my mind mentally because of this guy all he say is he not not leave till he is ready and nobody can make him . I prayed 2years to get rid of this problem. He is a burden on me and very stressful to me. I prayed for him to leave me for someone else. He has threatened me on several occasions. I don’t trust him he constantly up lurking around while I’m sleeping this been torture . Lord please remove him in a good way since he been here my luck has been one thing after another and he wants to see a witch person lord please send him packing from me and not look back send someone else in his life for him. Remove all the drugs. And alcohol and negative from around me and my home

  6. I strongly pray 🙏🙏🙏🙏 to God that my boyfriend Franklin Davis English 3rd get out of my house 🏠 because he truly has a problem and I truly can’t deal with it it’s too much on me and I truly can’t be with him anymore because all he does is cussing me out all of the time and be mean to me and I truly Lord Jesus don’t need this in my life please 🙏🙏🙏 Jesus help me get him out of my house please 🙏🙏🙏 let him leave on his own in your mighty name in Jesus name amen thank u lord.

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