6 Earnest Prayers for Blessing and Favor

Offering God a prayer for blessing and favor invites the Lord to bless and show favor to His people. The Bible says that those who ask will receive it. Following are earnest prayers for blessing and favor to help you express your requests to our Father who promises to hear your prayers.

These prayers can help you to connect with God in a deeper way and open up the door for Him to bestow His blessings on you.

Let us pray.


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Prayer for God’s Blessing and Favor at Work

Dear God, You know all my ways. You see all the efforts I put into my job. You know how important my work is to me, especially in these hard times we’re facing right now. Father, please bless me at work.

Continue to give me wisdom and strength so that I can do my work well. Father, give me favor with my employer so that I can keep my job and maybe even get a raise or a promotion.

Dear Lord, open the eyes of my boss so that he/she can see how honest and hardworking I have been. May my efforts be recognized and rewarded rightly. God of all grace, You promised to provide all I would need. I ask for security in this job so that I can continue to help provide for the needs of my family.

My God, You are our Great Provider. Please use this job to meet my family’s financial needs.


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Prayer for God’s Blessing and Favor at School

God of all wisdom, please fill me with Your grace today. Schoolwork and responsibilities are quite overwhelming lately. I ask that You will help me process all the information that I’m taking in from every class.

Enable me to apply all these learnings and to remember them during tests. Give me the wisdom to complete all my projects and course requirements. Unleash my creativity so that I can produce high-quality work for my professors. Empower me to excel in every course. I pray for good favor with my teachers. May they see the honesty and diligence that I exert in my classes. Dear God, reward my labor with high marks and recognition.

May I bring glory to You and honor to my family.


Prayer for God’s Blessing and Favor in My Marriage

God of all love, I commit my marriage to You today. I ask for Your blessing upon my spouse and me. May our love for one another and for You grow stronger each day. May You bless us with children who will bring joy to our hearts and to Yours. Your Word says that a threefold cord cannot be broken.

Please be in our midst and make our marriage strong. Bless us with happy and prosperous years of marriage. Bless us with more times of togetherness. Don’t let work and outside obligations drive a wedge between us. Pour out Your financial blessing upon us so that we can acquire all the necessities we need for a stable and sufficient home. Lead us to the right place to build our family.

Bless us with the best home property that’s just right for us and that we can afford to pay for. Dear God, please bless my marriage today and give us more and more years of faithful partnership and patient love for one another.


Scripture for Blessing and Favor

Prayer for God’s Blessing and Favor in Friendships

Dear Father, I ask for Your blessing in my life today. Bless me with good and helpful friendships. Please protect me from bad influences that will just lead me astray. Surround me with friends and peers who will help me grow and push me to become better in all I am and do. Help me realize who my real friends are.

Give me wisdom and strength to avoid and cut friendships that are leading me away from You and from pursuing Your will for my life. Dear God, open new friendships for me that will help me reach my goals. Lead me to connections that can open pathways to better jobs or businesses in the future.

Give me favor with those around me and help me draw closer to people who have the same principles and faith in You as I do.

Dear God, bless my friendships today.


Prayer for Blessing and Favor in Life

All-knowing Father, You know everything. Your Word says that nothing is hidden from You, not my thoughts, and not even the future. Dear God, bless my life today.

You know the way it should take. You know the thoughts that I should keep. Please guide me. Steer my life in the right direction at all times. Bless me with a fruitful life. Open doors of opportunities that give me growth and strength of character. Bless my endeavors with good results. Father, favor me with good success in all that I do. I want to live a life that glorifies You, that testifies of Your goodness and grace. So be gracious to me, I pray, O Lord.

Don’t forget me. Remember my needs. Remember my desires. Bless the longings of my heart with answered prayers. Please be gracious in my life, I Pray.


Bible Verse for Blessing and Favor

Prayer for the Blessing of Mental and Physical Health

God of life and death, You hold my life in Your hands. You know my appointed days even before I was born. God, I pray for good health today. In a time when health risks are high, I ask that You would protect me. Shield me from sicknesses and infections that are spreading all around me.

I ask for Your angels to protect me and lead me away from people who are sick. I ask for the blessing of physical strength. Make my body strong and immune to these viruses. Dear God, heal every cell in my body that is out of sorts today. Bless me with a strong body and mind.

Keep me positive at all times. Bless me with a strong will and drive even in times of trials and tribulations. Help me never to give up. Encourage and uphold me with Your presence and love.

Bless me Father with good mental and physical health.


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Prayer for Blessing and Favor in Life

Bible Verses and Scripture for Blessing and Favor

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. – Matthew 5:8

This verse is often interpreted to mean that those who are pure of heart are blessed with favor from God. In other words, if we have clean hearts, free from sin and negativity, we will be blessed with good fortune.

When we have pure hearts, we are able to see God more clearly, and we are more likely to receive His blessings. This verse reminds us that if we want to experience the fullness of God’s blessings, we need to purify our hearts and motives.

Surely, LORD, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favor as with a shield. – Psalm 5:12

This verse is about how God surrounds the righteous with His favor, like a shield. This image conjures up a picture of protection and security. And indeed, that is what the Lord’s blessing and favor offer to His people. We can specifically offer a prayer for the armor of God but his blessings surround us as long as we live by His word and teaching.

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