6 Healing Prayers Before Surgery for A Child

These healing prayers before surgery for a child asks the Lord God to watch over a child going into surgery. Ask Him to watch over the child and bring them safely through the surgery and heal them back to strength.

Let us pray.


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Prayer for Surgery to Go Smoothly

Faithful Lord, we trust you with this child’s life, and we ask your richest blessings on the patient, the medical team, and all those that love this dear one.  Would you please oversee every moment and every movement during this surgical procedure?

Would you bless this little patient’s body to respond well to the sedation or anesthesia?  Please provide the right medication to manage pain, fight infection, or otherwise support this recovery.  Let it all work exactly as it is designed to work.

Jesus, we ask you to touch each instrument, each person, each machine, and each medication that will help bring healing to this young body.  We pray for sharp minds, quick and right reactions, for no problems, complications, or setbacks of any kind.

We love you, Lord, and we pray that, as our great physician, you will be in each detail of this surgery.


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Prayer for Complete Recovery

We praise you, oh Lord, for your healing power and your loving touch.  We thank you for your continual work in our hearts, minds, emotions, and physical bodies.  We ask you now to touch this child and bring every cell, every system in this young body into perfect alignment.

We pray in faith, asking for complete healing in this young patient’s body and full recovery with no adverse effects, no obstacles and no problems.  Please minimize pain and discomfort and maximize faith and hope.

God, we ask and trust that you’ll surround this child and provide the protection, peace, and patience needed for recovery and healing.  We ask this in the beautiful name of our Lord.


Bible Verse for Before Surgery for A Child

Prayer for Peace for the Child

Merciful Lord, we thank you for the everlasting love you have for us.  We thank you for your promise never to leave us, forsake us, or leave us comfortless.  We know that the peace you give is not as the world gives, and we are asking you for an extraordinary measure of your peace as this child faces surgery.

Surround this child with your presence, your comfort, your love.  Let the peace of God be so real in this precious little life that it down out all worries, settles all anxieties, and chases away all fear.

May a sense of holy serenity go before this child leading up to surgery, go with this child into the operating room, and follow this child through to a full recovery.  It’s in the name of our Lord and comforter we ask for peace.


Prayer for Those That Love the Child

You, oh God, are a loving Father.  You love your children with a pure and perfect love that is greater than any love we could ever imagine.  And having created us in your image, you have given us a great capacity to love our children.

Almighty Father, would you please strengthen and guide this child’s parents, grandparents, guardians, or other caregivers as they prepare for this surgery?  To everyone that loves this precious child of yours, deliver a double portion of faith, peace, wisdom, provision, and comfort right now.

For any siblings, cousins, friends, classmates, or teammates that might not fully understand what is happening, please comfort and keep them close to your heart, Lord.  If they are fearful of the unknown, please ease their worries.

Let them experience your presence and feel the prayer cover of others that care for them.  Let them trust you to meet every need that arises during this time.

Thank you, Jesus.  We ask these things in your name.


Prayer for Child’s Recovery at Home

God of creation, God of heaven and earth, we come to you now to pray for all the details at home leading up to this child’s surgery, during the time of having medical treatment and recovering, and either back to a regular daily routine or on to an even better one.

We are often comforted by our patterns and routines and by the familiarity of our daily lives and activities.  But during times like this, when a child faces surgery and recovery, our sense of normalcy is disrupted.

We ask you, Father, to let things run as smoothly as possible at home.  Protect against outside and unexpected stressors, like plumbing problems or electrical outages, or storm damage.  God, while this family focuses on the surgery and recovery of their dear child, please prevent anything that would add to their worry or cause them anxiety.

For any other children in the home or family members impacted by this surgery and the needs of the young patient, please meet their needs too, ease their uncertainties, and help strengthen and equip them to maintain a comfortable routine and to feel the love and support of you, our loving God, and of their parents, grandparents, or guardians.  Let them realize they are loved and important, too, and are not being forgotten during this time.

We thank you for keeping the home life of this family home life as calm and comfortable as possible, in the mighty name of Jesus.


Prayer for the Medical Team

Dear God, our creator and great physician, we ask that you grant wisdom and understanding to the medical team caring for this child.  They have trained and prepared for this very moment, this exact procedure with this unique patient.

Bless the doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, therapists, and all other medical professionals involved in this surgery and this child’s care with hands that are steady and sure.  Bless them with hearts that are caring and compassionate, with minds that are clear and sharp.  Bless them with ideas and plans inspired by you and with execution that is precise and effective.

Guide their hearts, dear Father, and guide their hands.  Superintend every move they make and bless each of them with favor for the work they do.  In Jesus’ name, we pray for this team.


May the words of these six prayers before surgery for a child bring comfort and peace.

Prayer for Surgery to Go Smoothly

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Bible Verses for Before Surgery for A Child

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. – Isaiah 41:10

For a child going into surgery (or others worried for them), Isaiah 41:10 offers a message of hope and comfort.

The verse reminds us that God is with us always and that He will never forsake us. He will help us through all of our trials, including surgery. This verse also tells us that God will strengthen us and uphold us with His righteous right hand. He will be with us every step of the way, and we can always rely on Him for strength and support.

This verse is often used to offer words of comfort or when offering a prayer for a sick child to get well.

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. – Peter 5:7

When you put your trust in God, you can know that he will take care of you. He knows what you’re going through, and he cares about you deeply. So when you’re feeling anxious, remember to cast all your cares on him. Whether it’s a big surgery or a small test, God will be with you every step of the way. So don’t be afraid to lean on him for strength and comfort. He is always there for you, ready to help

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