6 Holy Prayers for Family Protection and Guidance

These prayers for family protection and guidance ask the Lord God to watch over you and your family. He can lead them on to something better while protecting them from harm.

The value of family in one’s life is incomparable to anything in this world. It is our family that nurtures us to become who we are and keep us whole.

There will be times that our home may be shaken by circumstances, conflicts, and problems. For a family to grow in peace and genuine love, God has to be at the center. He is our source of wisdom and our God of resolution. Here are six divine prayers for family protection and guidance.

Let us pray.


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Prayer for Protection of Family’s Health

Dearest Almighty Father, we thank you Lord for the gift of family. We worship Your Name in this household. You have blessed our family in so many ways. Our family has remained strong and steadfast because of Your mighty presence in our lives.

Father, our Divine protector, and healer, we pray for the protection of our family’s health. We declare in Your Name, that all of us will remain strong and well, so that we may continue to become stewards of Your blessings. Shield us from all sicknesses that can affect our physical, emotional, and mental well-being. We believe, Lord, that Your power and grace will cover us and protect us.

We ask for forgiveness when sometimes we do not care for our body when we abuse the gift of health You have blessed us with. We ask for guidance, so that we may encourage each other to prioritize our health among other things.

Thank you for listening to our family prayer. We trust You in all things. In Jesus’ Name,


You could start the day with a morning prayer for family blessings.

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Prayer for Wisdom and Guidance in a Family Conflict

Dearest Lord, You are our guiding light and our source of wisdom in times of trials and conflict. When we are lost and broken, You are our only source of direction.

Father, we come before You to pray for the resolution of our family conflict. Enlighten all of us, Father, to forgive our family members, and help us learn to seek forgiveness with utmost humility and truthfulness. Father, please do not let anger, hatred, and pride foster in our household. We rebuke the spirit of envy, jealousy, and mistrust. Allow us to see Your presence in our lives. Make us instruments of peace. We ask for wisdom, so that we may discern what is best for the family. Guide us as we mend the wounds brought about by this conflict.

Forgive us, Father, for planting seeds of hate and negativity. We ask for Your mercy and miraculous healing so that our hearts will be open again to listen and forgive.

We trust You, Lord, in Your Name,


Bible Verse for Family Protection

Prayer for Guidance to Overcome Family Problem

Dear Lord, You are our Savior, our Healer, and our Guide. In times of uncertainty and troubles, Your presence and grace lift us. We are grateful, Father, for being a constant source of hope and immeasurable love.

God Almighty, we ask that You save us from drowning in our family problems- financial troubles, family conflicts, spiritual battles, and health problems. Guide us, Lord, and lead us the way to finding peace. Help us understand that all these struggles are fleeting. These are only a test of our faith, and these cannot stop us from worshiping and believing in Your goodness and purpose for our family.

We pray that we can make better decisions, without being affected by our emotions. Help us as we overcome our family problems, Lord. We trust Your Name. These we ask,


Prayer for Family Protection from Danger

Almighty Father, through Your Son, Jesus Christ, we lift all the glory and honor to You. We praise and thank You for the gift of life, and for blessing our family with hope and wisdom.

Father, we ask that You protect each one from any danger- at work, at home, or in school. Cover us with Your love and keep us away from harm. Do not let evil works succeed in putting us in danger. May our family return safe and well. Lord, we trust You with our lives. We surrender to You all our fears, and we ask that You grant us with good courage, so that we may face every day with Your strength and confidence.

We are grateful, Father, for every day of our lives. This we ask,


If you feel like you have a reason to, you could offer a prayer to protect your family from evil.

Prayer for Protection of a Family Member Amidst a Health Crisis

O, Lord, my God, in Your Holy Name, we declare the complete protection of our family in this difficult time. Despite the present situation, we are in, amidst this health crisis, we believe in Your mighty presence. We know, Lord, that You are there to protect each one of us. Our family is under Your wings, where we take refuge and safety. In Your love, we are secure. No contagious disease or illness can harm any of our family members, because of Your Divine power.

As our family member goes to work, we ask for Your protection. Guide him in making the right decisions. Keep his mind alert. Keep his health safe. No health crisis can dismantle our faith in You.

Thank You, Father, for allowing us to witness Your mercy and grace every single day. In Jesus’ Name,


Scripture for Family Guidance

Prayer for Guidance in Keeping the Family Together

Heavenly Father, we thank You for keeping our family intact and at peace. We celebrate the works of Your miraculous power over us. You have kept this household strong, and we were able to overcome storms because You have blessed our family in Your mysterious ways.

Father, continue to guide us, your children, to cultivate the spirit of love and the value of family. Guide us, parents, in nurturing our children, so that they may grow in faith and remain family-oriented. Remain in the hearts of each one, Lord, so that we will always be reminded of kindness, of virtues that will keep our family united.

No worries, problems, and circumstances can affect this household. This we declare  in Your Name, Lord,


Saying a prayer for a broken family can help bring you all closer together again.

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Prayer for Family Protection from Danger

Bible Verses and Scripture for Family Protection and Guidance

We love because he first loved us. – John 4:19

This Biblical verse is often quoted in moments of romantic love, but it can also apply to the love between family.

God is the ultimate example of perfect love, and He shows that love to us by offering protection and guidance. In turn, we are called to show that same love to our own families. We protect them from harm and guide them through life, always with the goal of helping them to grow and be happy. By modeling our behavior after God’s perfect love, we can create strong bonds with our families that will last a lifetime.

Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you. – Exodus 20:12

In the Bible, there is a great emphasis placed on the family unit. The family is the foundation of our society and plays an important role in our lives. This verse from Exodus can be interpreted in two ways.

First, it could be taken literally to mean that we should honor our parents by obeying them and showing them respect. Secondly, it could be interpreted more broadly to mean that we should cherish and protect our families.

In either case, the underlying message is that our families are important to us and we should do everything we can to keep them safe and happy. By honoring our parents and cherishing our families, we are living by the word and teachings of God.

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