6 Holy Prayers for Surgery to Go Well 

Christians offer a prayer for surgery to go well ask the Lord to watch over themselves or a loved one as they undergo surgery. Undergoing a major surgery not only demands physical strength but also requires emotional, mental, and spiritual stability. For many, preparing for surgery may be stressful and may cause fears, doubts, or panic.

There is a need for utmost support during the preparation and even after the procedure. No matter how difficult circumstances are, God is a mighty protector and a powerful healer. He listens to every prayer and provides strength to those who need Him.

These prayers for surgery to go well ask God to assist in the healing process. You might also offer a prayer for healing after surgery at the same time.

Let us pray.


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Prayer for a Someone Who Will be Undergoing a Surgery

Dearest Father, we thank You for the gift of life and for allowing us to live fully each day. We are grateful for Your everlasting love and wonderful miracles in our lives. We believe, Father, that in whatever circumstances, You will be our source of strength and courage.

We come before You today, Father, to ask for Your presence during our friend’s surgery. Help him to find strength and without fear as he is about to go through a major procedure. Protect him from any risk or harm and keep him safe and secure in the hands of the surgeon and the rest of the team who will be handling his case. We pray, Lord, that the surgery will go well and smoothly. No work of evil can dominate Your divine power in our friend’s body. We declare that there will be no complications while the surgery is ongoing.

Lord, help our friend fully grasp the wonders of Your grace. For in You we find hope and complete healing of wounds. May the scars after the surgery remind him of the goodness of your love.

We trust in You and we offer You everything.

In Jesus’ Name,


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Prayer for the Doctors and Nurses Who Will be Doing the Surgery

Almighty God, we praise You, Lord, for a brand new day and every blessing. You have been a God of provision and mercy. Even in ordinary things, You still reveal Your greatness. Though we may not be worthy, You still shelter us through the storms in our lives.

Father, we pray for our loved one as he is about to undergo surgery. We ask that You bless the hands of the doctors and nurses who will take over the surgery. Let them be a vessel of Your gracious healing power. Provide them enough strength, wisdom, and clarity in their minds so that they may not lose focus and can carry out the procedure without any problems or complications.

Guide them, Father, and make them instruments of Your love. Use them mightily as we entrust our friend’s health and safety to their hands.

We trust Your Name, o Lord, and we give You our highest praises and thanksgiving for all the awesome works You’ve done in our lives. We ask these, through Christ, our Lord,


Bible Verse for Surgery to Go Well

Prayer to Overcome Fear Before Going Through a Surgery

Heavenly Father, we worship You amidst all the hardships and trials. We can never overcome our battles without Your presence. We are grateful, Father, that no matter what we go through, You remain our constant source of courage and strength.

Father, we pray for our loved one who is about to go through a major operation. Give him the courage to overcome his fears, triggered by uncertainty and the risks involved in the procedure. Father, we believe that Your ways are greater than what we can comprehend.

We have faith that You will provide our loved one with a surgical team that will take care of him during the procedure. We believe that You will be his assurance amid uncertainty.

We thank You for listening to our fervent prayer.

We depend on You, Lord. These we ask,


Prayer for a Successful Surgery

Dearest Lord, our great source of healing, we are grateful for Your unconditional love and kindness. You are ever-present to pull us out from any obstacle, any doubt, any negative emotion that may drown us. You have showered us with so much love and compassion, even when we are not worthy.

Without You, Lord, we are weak and fragile. It is by Your grace that we receive all the strength and stability. Father, we are praying deeply for the successful surgery of our friend. We may not be in control of what is going to happen, but Your presence assures our hearts that the surgery will go well.

Forgive us, Father, for all the doubts that blind us from seeing Your gentle love. Allow us to witness more of Your glory, Father, especially in this time of need. Thank you for giving our friend, another chance in life, to live fully after the successful surgery. Continue to guide and protect Him all his life.

This we pray, in Your Holy Name,


Scripture for Surgery to Go Well

Prayer for Recovery From Surgery

Father, we adore You and we worship You in all our days. We are grateful for the success of our friend’s surgery. We cannot thank you enough for loving him so much without any conditions.

Lord, we are praying for the speedy recovery of our friend from surgery. May there be less pain, no complications, and faster healing of all his wounds. In this battle, he is not fighting alone, he has You, Father, not only in this difficult time but all through his life.

May he overcome the process of recovery from anesthesia, from the temporary effects of the surgery, and the stress he is going through in this time of his life.

We honor You, Father, for all that You’ve done. We ask these, in Jesus’ Name,


Prayer for Comfort and Healing After Surgery

Dear God, we pray for the comfort and complete healing of our friend who underwent a major procedure today. Nothing can stop Your grace from overflowing, o Lord. Keep him in good health and help him recover from this. Take away the fears and doubts that hinder him to see Your grace that never fails. Comfort his heart father so that he will remain strong.

We surrender to You, Lord, all our worries and fears. Replace them with Your courage that will overcome any circumstances that may head our way. In Jesus’ Name,


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