6 Holy Prayers for the Safety of a Loved One

These prayers for the safety of a loved one asks the Lord to bring someone back to you safely

The people that we love are always in our thoughts and prayers. They may be a friend, a family member, or a special someone.

No matter the situation or the distance, we will always care for them and think of their well-being and safety. God’s love for each of His children extends beyond measure, including people we love. Pray for the safety and protection of your loved ones in their journey. To help You in reaching out to the Lord, here are six divine prayers for the safety of a loved one.

Let us pray.


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Prayer for the Safety of a Family Member

Dearest Lord, we thank You for the gift of family. Your presence in our family has kept us safe and sound. You provided us with our daily needs and have showered us with so much favor.

Lord, we are praying for the safety and protection of each member of our family while they are outside home or wherever they may be. We pray that they will be safe from any danger or sickness.

Protect them from any possible harm. Guard them with Your angels, dear Father, as they move forward in their journey of faith. We rebuke any evil spirit that may surround our family members.

Let Your light shine in their midst to overcome the darkness that may put them in danger. You have strengthened our household and have done great miracles in our family. We trust You. We depend on You in all our days.

These we ask, in Your Holy Name,


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Prayer for the Safety of a Friend

Almighty Father, our loving Lord and Saviour who is gracious and merciful, I come to You with a heart that desires for Your presence in our lives. Thank You for always being there for us no matter what. Father, I am praying for my friend’s safety and protection wherever he may be.

Guide his way Father and protect him from any danger while he is at work. May Your grace be his shield from any harm that may come along the way. I declare that Your constant love and protection will remain in him. You are our fortress and our refuge Father.

Nothing can harm us under Your wings. We pray,


Prayer for the Safety of a Loved One Away from Home

Our Gracious and Loving God, we will be forever grateful for all the things You have blessed us with. We praise Your name, and we worship You in all our days.

I come to You, God, honoring Your presence in my life and the lives of my loved ones. We humbly ask that You protect our loved one who is far away from home. Be his rock that will protect him from any harm. Surround him with angels that will guard and accompany him while he is away from us. Continue to guide him and strengthen him so that he can overcome any struggle along the way.

Thank You for hearing our prayer, Lord. We ask in Your Name,


Prayer for the safety of a loved one

Prayer for the Safety of a Loved One who will Undergo a Surgery

Heavenly Father, who listens deeply to our prayers, we cannot thank You enough for granting us the longings of our hearts. You fill us with Your wisdom and grace. Father, as we worship You today and for the rest of our lives. We humbly come to You to ask for Your love and compassion for a loved one who is about to undergo major surgery. Take away his fears and anxiety. Fill his heart with Your goodness and grace.

Keep him safe from any possible risk. We pray that nothing wrong will happen while the procedure is ongoing. We ask for Your protection and healing. Bless the hands of the surgeons, anesthesiologists, and nurses who will be taking care of him during the surgery. Remove any possible hindrances and complications that may come along the way. No evil can withstand the power of Your grace, Lord.

We also pray for his speedy recovery. With You, Father, we remain hopeful and dependent on Your strength and power. We ask this, in the Mighty Name of Jesus,


Prayer for the Safety of a Loved One while at Work

Our Dearest Lord and Saviour, we are in awe of Your great love. We live in peace because of Your love that shelters us. Truly, You never forsake us. You are ever-present, without fail, in our lives. Father, we fervently pray for Your divine protection for our loved ones who are at work. Keep them safe from harm as they go through another day at work. Keep them away from the work of the devil. Let Your love remain in their midst.

Give them courage and strength while they are at work, and do not let any danger get close to them. We believe, Lord, that You love us, Your children, and we will not doubt.

We trust You, Lord, that we will always be safe, for we are covered by Your unfailing love. In Jesus’ Name,


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