6 Holy Prayers to Get Rid of Bad Spirits

These prayers to get rid of bad spirits will help to remove and protect you and your loved ones from bad spirits that may want to do you harm or lead you down a path of temptation and sin. These prayers to get rid of bad spirits are strong and will help to guide God’s light back into your life.

Use these prayers to reach out to God so that he can expel any demons or bad spirits from your life. God’s light is bright and he protects all that walk his path. Pray to God for the removal of any bad spirits that are in this world.

Let us pray.

You might also want to offer up a prayer to keep evil away. A combination of the two asks God to get rid of spirits and keep them away.


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A Prayer to Remove the Devil From Your Life

Almighty Father, I pray that you will remove the Devil from my life. Your power can triumph over him and I pray that you will protect me from his wicked thoughts and temptations that may lead me to a path of evil. I wish that he was no longer a foreboding presence in my life.

His power cannot touch me if your strength is shielding me. I fight against the Devil, but I need your help to finally rid him of my life. My faith in you God is strong against the evil of the Devil because you have blessed me with your love and kindness.

Remove the Devil from my life so that I may shine in your light once again.


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A Prayer to Remove a Bad Spirit from Your House

We also have a collection of prayers for demons to leave your home.

Oh, Dear Lord, I pray that you will always watch over me and guide me on my journey through this life. I will always spread your word and your love to those who need guidance and support. Please, Oh Might Father in Heaven, I pray that you will cast out the bad spirit that is in my house.

Whenever I am home I can feel its presence. When I sleep, I am worried that it will do me harm. I can feel the dark shadows of the spirit invading my mind and soul. It is trying to tempt me off your path and towards sin.

Please Holy Father, I pray that you will use your strength and power to rid my house of this evil spirit.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Scripture for Getting Rid of Bad Spirits

A Prayer for a Bad Spirit to be Removed From Your Neighbor’s House

Almighty Father in Heaven, I pray that you will protect my neighbors from harm. They are wonderful and kind people, but they have an evil spirit in their house and I pray that you will use your power and strength to rid their house of this bad presence.

You can feel the evil spirit in their house and I am worried that it will cause them harm, especially while they sleep. Please, protect them from harm, and cast this spirit straight into Hell.

I wish my neighbors to live next door in peace, under your watchful eye.

Thank you, God. Amen.

A Prayer to keep Bad Spirits Away From Your Children

Oh Mighty Father, I am forever grateful for the blessing you have bestowed upon me by providing me with my wonderful children. However, I do worry about them being overtaken by evil spirits that are on this Earth. I pray that you will watch over and protect my children.

Please shield them from harm and any bad spirits that may want to possess them. Protect their minds and bodies from any evil demon who may want to use my innocent children as a vessel into our world. I fear that my children will be possessed by a bad, evil spirit, and I need your strength and ever-watchful eye to look out for them as they journey along the path you have laid out for them.

Please, Lord, do not let my children be taken from me by bad spirits. Keep them in your light, always.

In the name of the Holy Spirit.


Bible Verse for Getting Rid of Bad Spirits

A Prayer to Cleanse Yourself of a Bad Spirit

Dear Lord, I am in conflict and I beg for your help. I have a malevolent spirit who resides in me and I pray that you will use your divine strength and power to rid it from my flesh and soul.

It haunts and tempts me to commit sins. It is like a plague, both on my body and in my mind. I pray to you, God, that you will cleanse me so that I no longer have this bad spirit infecting my soul and body. I want to be free so that I can continue down the path that you have laid out for me.

I want to walk in your light, free of the bad spirit that holds me back from you.

In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

A Prayer to Cleanse Your Husband of a Bad Spirit

Oh Father in Heaven, I am so blessed that you have guided me to my wonderful life with my kind and loving husband. I trust in your plan for me and am always grateful for your guidance.

However, I am conflicted about the change in my husband. I believe that his body, mind and soul have been possessed by a bad spirit and I pray to you that you will help him find his way back to me. This evil possession has turned him away from me and into a different person.

I am afraid that he will be tempted by this evil spirit down a path of destruction and sin. He is a different person from the man I married which is why I beg of you, Dear Lord, that you use your powerful strength to remove this spirit from my husband and cleanse him so that he can shed the evil this demon has planted within him.

My husband needs you now more than even God, and I pray that you will save his soul and rid this bad spirit from him.


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Prayer to Remove a Bad Spirit from Your House

Bible Verses for Getting Rid of Bad Spirits

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. – Romans 12:21

This is a powerful message that reminds us that we have the ability to choose how we react to the bad things that happen in life. We can let evil defeat us, or we can rise up and defeat evil with our acts of kindness and love.

This does not mean you have to face Evil spirits with happiness or be glad to see them. We are warned to be wary of the tricks and schemes of the devil and to guard our hearts and minds against his influence. However, we are also promised that God is always with us and that His power is greater than any other.

If we follow the word and teachings of God and follow His path for us, we do not have to fear the work of evil.

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. – James 4:7

This Bible verse tells us that we need to submit ourselves to God and resist the devil. The devil will then flee from us.

We need to obey God’s commands in order to make the devil leave us alone. The Bible also tells us that we should not give in to temptation. When we are tempted, we should resist it and the devil will flee from us. This verse is telling us that we need to be strong in our faith.

If we place our faith in God and His protection we have nothing more to fear.

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