6 Humble Prayers for Healing After Surgery

Surgery is an exhausting procedure. It is coupled with a long recovery process and often a weakness in the mind and body as the body repairs itself. If you involve God in your healing process, it will become easier to regain your fortitude

As you seek to invite God and His power into your healing process, these prayers for healing after surgery will grant you strength and recovery.

Let us pray.


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Prayer for Bodily Strength

Dear God in Heaven, thank you for giving me this body in which my spirit resides. Thank you for creating a vessel that allows me to grow and learn. I express my appreciation for this body and all that it has made possible for me so far.

This body is weaker now, God. I pray to humbly ask you to help grant my body more strength. Let me regain the muscular strength I have lost, so that I may continue with my Earthly work. Give my legs the strength to support me as I stand for the things that are true and good.

God, grant me the strength to carry on in righteous endeavors, even as I recover from this medical procedure.

I pray this in Jesus’ name,


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Prayer of Gratitude for Medicine

Loving Father in Heaven, I humbly acknowledge your hand and your omniscient power in all aspects of my life. I know that with your aid all things are possible. I express my gratitude for all of the help you have already given me in my life.
As I recover from this procedure, I thank you for making it possible.

Thank you for allowing the doctors the training they needed in order to safely perform this procedure. Father, I thank you for the hospital that created an environment where I could receive this surgery and recover.

Father, thank you for the medicine that will help me recover from this surgery. I express my gratitude for the medicine that will help me recover without feeling too much pain.

Father, I thank you for your grace and mercy. I pray to thank you for using your power to help my body remain strong.

I pray this in Jesus’ sacred name,


Prayer for Endurance During Recovery

God our Father, I graciously thank you for your kindness and mercy in all aspects of my life. Thank you for listening to and answering all of my prayers. This surgery was necessary to help my body continue with strength, and I am grateful for everything that made it possible.

Father, I now ask you to grant me endurance as I recover. My body is weaker. On days where it is difficult to do take the necessary steps to recover, give me the stamina to carry on. Help my body to strengthen without growing weary.
Father, I express my gratitude for the strength you have already granted me.

I pray now to ask for mental endurance. Help me to stay positive as I recover. Help me to find comfort in knowing that brighter days will come.

In Jesus’ name,


Prayer for Comfort During Recovery

Holy God, Thank you for your goodness. I recognize it in every part of my life. Thank you for watching over me and all of my loved ones. During this difficult time, I ask for you to send me the Comforter as I recover from this operation.
My body is weaker, and it is in pain from the procedure.

Please relieve my body of this pain. Ease my suffering and soothe my muscles, so that I may fully rest and recover. Help me to press forward without enduring suffering. Thank you for giving my body the strength that it has.

I now express my gratitude for my mind. Thank you for giving my mind the endurance that it feels. Father, I ask for a special blessing of comfort on my mind. As worries creep into my mind, please help me to find peace, comfort, and strength.

With love and adoration and in Jesus’ name I pray,


Prayer for Energy After Surgery

Father in Heaven, may your name be used for good all across the world. As I pray, I know that you listen and that you will answer my prayers to the fulfillment of the desires of my heart.

Father, as I recover from this medical procedure, my body has been weakened. I know that through your goodness, I can recover and become stronger. For now, though, my body is tired and I need energy.

Help me to have the energy to carry out my recovery process. Bless me with the vitality to do the therapy and exercises that I need to do for my recovery. Give me the energy I need in order to return to my former strength, so that I may continue on doing the work of your glory.

I pray this in Jesus’ name,


Prayer for Rest After Surgery

Holy Father in Heaven, I come to you now and express my gratitude for your divine power. Thank you for guiding me in my life every day. Thank you for the comfort and strength you have sent me. I appreciate your help as I strive to grow closer to you.

As I recover from this procedure, I pray that you may grant me rest and relaxation. My Earthly body needs sleep in order to repair itself, and I ask you to grant me the rest that I need in order to continue doing work in your name.
When it is difficult to sleep due to pain or anxiety, Father, I ask you to send peace and comfort to my mind. Let me sleep fully and deeply.

I am grateful for the body you have given me and for its strength. I humbly ask you to grant me the patience needed to let my body recover. I know that my body may need more time to recover than I want to take. I ask you to bless me with the patience to wait while I recuperate fully.

Father, thank you for all of the goodness you have given me in my life. Thank you for hearing my prayers for healing after surgery. In Jesus’ name, I pray,


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