6 Miracle Prayers for Marriage Restoration

The gift of marriage entails a commitment to love each other and stay together, even if it meant enduring pain and hardships. But human as we are, there is no perfect marriage nor a perfect spouse, and there will be some instances when our effort to keep a strong relationship may fall short because of wrong decisions and mistakes.

Prayers are a powerful force to rebuild your marriage on solid ground. God hears every prayer and heals broken marriages. Here are seven miracle prayers for marriage restoration.

Let us pray.


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Miracle Prayer for Restoration of Marriage

Heavenly Father, we give you thanks and praises for the gift of marriage you have blessed us with. You have shown us how it is to truly love- a kind of love that exudes kindness and patience, does not keep a record of wrongs, bears all things, endures all things, and hopes all things.

We are fervently praying dear Father, that we may learn to try to love the way You love us. Despite the conflicts and deep wounds, we pray for your miraculous power to restore our relationship as husband and wife, that we may continue to love and hope for each other.

Restore our hardened hearts, that we may learn to listen and understand each other’s thoughts and feelings. May we become more mindful of our priorities and the decisions that we make as we build a harmonious and peaceful home together.

Please be at the center of our relationship, Father, and guide us in this promise, one that we shall keep forever. We surrender to You all our fears, doubts, problems, and we trust you with our relationship.

This we ask, in Your Holy Name,


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Miracle Prayer for Reconciliation

Almighty God, You have brought miracles in our daily life, even in ordinary things. You continue to reveal Your goodness to remind us of Your Holy presence. We believe that You are in control, especially when things are not, and Your mysterious ways are far higher than our ways. Thank you, Lord, for Your grace and love.

Father, we ask for the reconciliation of our marriage. Our relationship is falling apart, and we are losing hope. It seemed difficult for us to trust and understand each other. Help us as we gather ourselves piece by piece and know the more important reasons why we should stay together.

Remind us to love truly and deeply. Help us to forgive and accept the things that we can no longer change. Be our guiding light as we earn each other’s trust and we re-learn to love again.

May we find freedom in loving, Father, and may we find hope in the process of reconciliation. We offer You this prayer and the longings of hearts. May our marriage be a blessing.

In Jesus’ Name, we pray,


Miracle Prayer for Resolution of Marriage Conflict

Dearest Lord, I am in awe of Your amazing grace. Despite my shortcomings as a person and as a husband, You continue to show goodness in this difficult time. Thank You for being my great source of hope, for renewing my spirit and transforming my heart to build our marriage again. Father, I ask for Your guidance and wisdom as my wife and I choose to resolve this conflict. Our hearts are troubled and we are blinded by the pain both of us are going through.

Help me, dearest Lord, to learn to listen to my wife. Allow me to open my heart to her thoughts and emotions, and help me find ways to restore our relationship. May this conflict we have now be resolved without causing too much pain and heartache. Help me to forgive, Father, and free me from the anger and resentment. Renew my heart, Lord, as I seek to restore our marriage.

I trust You, Lord, in Your Most Holy Name,


Miracle Prayer for Positive Change in a Marriage

Heavenly Father, we seek Your presence in this difficult time. As we are facing a challenging time in our marriage, we have decided to stay together and to forgive each other. As we mend the wounds caused by our present problem and regain our trust in each other. We pray, dear Lord, for a positive change. Guide us, Father, as our marriage is tested by conflict and doubt. Allow us to be more patient and forgiving of our flaws and shortcomings.

May we be more understanding of each other’s thoughts, and be more sensitive to each other’s feelings. May our relationship be stronger, built on a solid foundation. Thank you, Father, for helping us as we start fresh. We are grateful for a new day to change our ways so that our marriage will grow with faith, hope, and trust.

We ask this, through Christ,


Miracle Prayer for Healing

Dearest Lord, You are our mighty shield in all our battles. You are our source of strength and hope and our God of restoration and healing. We call upon Your Name, to humbly ask for the miraculous healing of our broken marriage. Help us restore our marriage and renew our promise to love each other unconditionally and to find a new ray of hope beyond all our shortcomings and struggles as a couple.

We ask for forgiveness, Father, in our moments of anger and resentment, especially when we find it hard to forgive because of the hurt we are going through. May we learn to let go of what has been, and see our marriage from a Godly perspective, without fear and doubt. Be with us, Father, in our married life.

These we pray,


Miracle Prayer for Willingness to Restore Marriage

Dear Lord, we thank You for allowing us to become a vessel of Your love. Our marriage is our gift to You, to honor You through this relationship. But Father, we are facing the biggest storm in our married life. We are in the process of recovery from our broken marriage.

We cannot do this without Your help, dear God. We are praying for the willingness to restore our relationship as husband and wife, despite the hurt and the sadness. May we be willing to give our best effort in rebuilding the trust that we once lost and renew the love that we have forgotten along the way. We thank You, Father, for giving us another chance to start anew.

We ask this, in Jesus’ Name,


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Miracle Prayer for Reconciliation

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