6 Powerful Financial Prayers that Really Work

No one is exempted from the burden of financial crises and having to work hard to sustain the daily needs of the family. Even those who are deeply devoted to the Lord may stumble upon financial hardships that test our faith in God and shake the foundation of family and relationships, among many others.

The need to find money can sometimes take control of our lives, including our relationship with the Lord. But our God is a God of provision. He is gracious to His children. All we need to do is to get closer to Him and seek Him through prayer. Here are a collection of divine financial prayers that really work.

Let us pray.


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Prayer for Financial Healing

Dearest Father, You are the God of provision and abundance. You sustain our daily needs. You continue to bless us, especially in times of need. You bring to us miracles beyond what we can fathom. We worship You and we glorify Your Name on all the earth.

Father, we come before You to humbly ask for financial healing. We are in desperate need of money to supply our daily needs. This has been a difficult time for the family. Our source of income is fleeting, and we need a constant source of money to pay for our children’s school fees and expenses, our daily supply of food, the payment for our bills, and maintenance medications. Be with us dearest Father, for with You we have nothing.

We believe in Your miracle. We believe that You have a purpose set for us and that we will overcome our financial problems. In You Lord, we find strength and abundance and we trust Your power. These we ask, in Your Holy Name,


We also have a collection of prayers for financial help and stability.

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Prayer for Financial Breakthrough

Almighty God, we thank You for helping us overcome the storms in our lives. We are grateful for all the blessings You have given us. We are humbled by every good work You’ve done in our lives.

Lord, we seek Your presence in this difficult time. We ask for a financial breakthrough in our lives today. We declare that with Your miraculous wonder, there will be an overflow of financial blessings no matter how difficult the situation may be. Father, we have made mistakes and wrong decisions in terms of handling our resources. We have financial debts that we can no longer control. But we know, Lord, that You are a strong fortress. You never failed us, your children. Nothing can overcome our faith in You.

We depend on You, Father. We cannot do this alone. Forgive us for all our shortcomings and doubts. Be with us, Lord. These we pray,


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Prayer to Overcome Financial Hardship

Heavenly Father, we worship You amidst our problems and troubles. We call upon Your Name, for we have no other source of strength, wisdom, and love but You alone, Father. We thank You for listening to our prayers and for revealing miracles in our daily lives.

Father, we ask for Your mercy and grace, as we are going through a financial struggle that has shaken our family, almost destroyed relationships with others, and made us doubt in You along the way. Forgive us, for all the wrong decisions that we have made, for all the failures we have done, and for the hurt that we have caused. Father, help us to overcome this financial hardship and help us restore the wounds in our relationships that resulted from this. Forgive us, for doubting You. Be with us, Lord.

We believe in Your power and glory. With You, nothing is impossible.

In Jesus’ Name,


Scripture for Financial Help

Prayer for Financial Stability

Dearest Lord, our Savior and a great source of help, we are grateful for Your kindness. You are ever-present to sustain our daily needs, to pull us out from being drowned in financial debt, and open many doors of opportunities for financial growth.

We thank You, Lord, for giving us the guidance and direction, to set our goals in terms of managing our finances, and taking care of our business and our source of income. Father, we pray that You continue to guide us to be more responsible for these blessings that You have given us. May we be good stewards of Your glory, that we may become a vessel of blessing for others. We pray for financial stability, that even if we meet challenges along the way, we will still be able to overcome them in good faith and courage.

Thank You, Father, for Your unfailing love and amazing grace. We bring back all the glory and honor to You Lord. In Jesus’ Name,


Prayer to Overcome Financial Debt

Almighty Father,

Dearest Jesus, in Your Most Holy Name, we declare Your miraculous power to take control in this time of struggle. We give our praises and our trust in You, Lord. We worship You in all our days and we are in awe of Your amazing glory.

We humbly ask, Father, that You give ear to our prayer. We are greatly humbled by our problems. We are deeply troubled and depressed because of our financial debt. We have no other source of money, Father, to sustain our daily necessities and provide for our urgent needs. We are drowning in debt, Father. We cry out to You, for help, mercy, and understanding. Be our guide in this time of trouble. Reveal to us, Lord, Your healing power, and help us overcome our debt.

We glorify Your Name, and we declare a miracle. In Your Name,


Bible Verse for Financial Help

Prayer of Gratitude for Financial Miracle

Our Lord and Savior, we thank You for all the things You have done for us. We thank You for the financial miracle You brought us in this desperate time.

Thank You for blessing us with the people who have helped us. They have been our instrument of blessing and a reminder of Your love and grace for us. You have given us an opportunity to grow from this and to be closer to You, Lord. We are grateful for the financial healing, Father.

We praise You, Lord, in all our days. Amen.

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Prayer to Overcome Financial Debt

Prayer for Financial Help

The blessing of the Lord brings wealth, without painful toil for it – Proverbs 10:22

This verse from Proverbs tells us that if we put our trust in the Lord, he will bless us with wealth. This doesn’t mean that we won’t have to work hard for what we want, but it does mean that our efforts will be rewarded. A prayer for money asks the Lord to help us financially, but true Christians need to remember that our father knows exactly what we need in life.

The Bible is full of verses about financial help and how we should trust in the Lord to provide for us.

Carefully follow the terms of this covenant, so that you may prosper in everything you do – Deuteronomy 29:9

The Bible tells us that we will prosper in everything we do if we carefully follow the terms of the covenant. This covenant is an agreement between God and his people, and it contains specific instructions on how we are to live our lives.

One of the most important aspects of the covenant is that it includes God’s promise to financially help those who obey his commands. Throughout the Bible, we see examples of God providing for his people in times of need.

He is always faithful to his promises, and he will do the same for us if we follow his instructions. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your finances, take comfort in knowing that God is always there to help those who obey him and follow His word.

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