6 Powerful Prayers For My Son In Trouble

These powerful prayers for my son in trouble ask the Lord God to look over him in times of trouble and strife.

There is no greater struggle for a parent than the one of watching their child in trouble. All parents want to do is protect and comfort their children all the days of their lives. That is not possible for us to do – but it is possible for the Heavenly Father.

If you are dealing with a son who is having trouble in their life, you will often feel utterly helpless from addiction to puberty. Young men face so many temptations and pressures that often you feel them pulling away as they head down a path that scares you.

If you have lost hope, remember that you can turn your trouble over to the Lord, and he will help you. Here are six prayers for a son in a crisis that may help you start the conversation with the Lord above.

Let us pray.


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Prayer For Son In Danger

Oh, Lord, I come to you today as a parent. My Son is in danger, my Lord. His life is threatened by his actions and those agents seeking to corrupt and defame him against you. Please, God, hear my prayer and act as quickly as you can, my Lord. Let your angels seek him out and keep him safe in the ways that I am unable to do so.

I am unable to keep him safe at this time in life, Lord, and have reached an impasse. My Son needs you to keep him safe. Please stay with him in this time of greatest need, Lord.

Watch over him and guide him all the days of his life.

In Jesus’ Name, amen.

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Prayer For Son Having A Hard Time

Dear God Above, first Lord, Let me give you thanks for my Son. Sadly, he is experiencing a hard time that is placing him in trouble. Please, Lord, be with my Son during this time and help him see your plan at the end of the road. Lord, I know that you let nothing happen that we can not handle and that all things will lead us to where you want us to be.

Please, God, show him the way and help him hold onto his faith and goodness, no matter how bad the path gets.

I pray that your Son, The Lord Jesus Christ, will be there to guide his movements through this turbulent time. Help him to see Jesus in all he does and to always act with the grace and compassion that the Lord Christ did. Let him draw from your strength and love, Lord. Keep his heart and soul peaceful, no matter the evil around him. I ask you this as my Father, the

Almighty God, and in the name of your Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you, Lord, God,


Prayer For Young Son In Trouble

God, since the times of the first man Adam and the first woman Eve, you have known the trouble young men can have. Hoping that your Son will do right and fearing that the Devil will trap him is something all parents have to go through.

Please be with our Son now as he is experiencing that rebellious time in his young life. He is experiencing new things and having new feelings that open him to anger and fear.

That way can lead to poor choices and a soul able to be corrupted. Please, Lord, we see our Son heading down the wrong path. Help him see the light, Lord. Lead him back to you and, by extension us.

Please, God, watch out for him and let him feel your love and guidance now more than ever.


Prayer For Son In Trouble

Praying A Son Dealing With Addiction

God, I stand here today as a parent praying for my Son. My Son is dealing with many demons inside of him and battling those with drugs and alcohol.

Please help him, Lord. Give him the strength to survive the physical and mental anguish that goes hand in hand with substance abuse Lord. Show him the hurt and destruction he wreaks amongst those that he loves as he lies, steals, and uses to satisfy his addictions.

Please, Lord, show him the dangerous path he is on before we lose him forever. Give him the knowledge he needs to choose to turn away and begin his road to recovery.

Please, Lord, still his mind and let his soul have peace. Let his body survive the ravages of addiction and allow him to emerge on the other side.


Praying to Relieve Son’s Anxiety

Oh, Lord, my Son is suffering from impairing anxiety. The anxiety is controlling him and his life. He can not work through it, suffers from panic attacks, and often finds himself debilitated by his anxious feelings. Please, Lord, please help him learn how to deal with his anxiety and not let it control his life anymore.

Help him to see you as his guide in all things, show him how to let go and lift up his worries to you to heal his heart.

Thank you for everything in existence, Lord.


Praying for Good Influences For My Son

Lord in Heaven, hear my prayer. My Son is very impressionable, and I come to you now to ask you to watch over him. Please, Lord, steer him to those who only want to lift him up and be nothing but good for him.

Let him see the evil and wicked hearts of those who would seek to tear him down or draw him onto a path away from the light.

Let him see those that will help him and those that will hurt him. Give him the strength to cast out anyone who strives to tear him down and the wisdom to keep those who build him up close.

Let him know that you have a plan for him and show him the ones marked to be his companions on the path to fulfilling that plan. In Jesus’ name,


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