6 Powerful Prayers To Saint Anthony For Lost Things

These prayers to Saint Anthony for lost things asks for help in finding that which has been misplaced or stolen.

Part of Saint Anthony’s story is that he had a book of psalms that was very meaningful to him.  When a member of the community departed town, he stole Saint Anthony’s book. Saint Anthony prayed for the return of his book and after that, the thief was ordered to return the book. People use prayers to Saint Anthony for miracles for many things but, most commonly, we pray for help in finding a lost item.

Let us pray.


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Prayer To Saint Anthony For Lost Things

We also have other prayers for lost or stolen items. If you have lost something important you could share multiple prayers to help recover it.

Saint Anthony, our trusted holy power.

Please come around to help with the loss of (lost item). It has been misplaced and can not be found. I have searched all places in which I thought to be possible, and still no sign of (lost item). Without (lost item) I am left with a lot of stress. I pray to you today in hopes that you may be able to help guide me towards the whereabouts of (lost item).

Thank you for all of the blessings of good health and happiness you have provided my loved ones with. If (lost item) can not be found I pray to you asking that I never lose faith in our lord.

I would rather lose a material item than lose my path with God.

Peace and love eternally, Amen.

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A Prayer To Saint Anthony For A Lost Heirloom

Dear Saint Anthony, our holy Saint who has received the power from God of restoring lost things.

Please grant me the blessing of finding my lost heirloom. This heirloom has been sentimental to my family for many decades past. It was meant to be passed down through all the generations of the future. This loss has affected me because this heirloom holds many memories close to the heart of many family members.

The miracle of finding my lost heirloom would be one that I would be eternally grateful for. With this prayer for my lost heirloom, I ask you for one more heavenly favor. For no matter which material item I lose, please don’t ever let me lose the good faith of our lord and savior.

Thank you for the many blessing you have provided my loved ones with. Amen.

A Holy Prayer To Saint Anthony For A Lost Item

Our Brother, Saint Anthony. The trusted brother of God who has restored the power of luck.

Please enlighten us on our journey to find our missing (name of lost item). You have kindly blessed us many times, helping us find many lost things throughout the years. Your guidance is one we hold dearly in our hearts. I pray to you today to help with the search for my (lost item). Things have been uneasy since it has been missing and your guidance could save us much frustration.

The replacement of (lost item) is not something I can afford right now.

Thank you for everything you do for our family. Amen.

Prayer To Saint Anthony For A Lost Item

Quick Prayer For A Misplaced Item

Blessing of Saint Anthony,

I pray to you in hopes of a favor. My memory is beginning to fade as I age and I have started to misplace important things. It seems as though I have misplaced my (lost item), which I direly need for (event). Please help me with finding (lost item) on this day.

Kind blessings, Amen.

A Prayer To Saint Anthony For Finding A Stolen Item

Our Kind Saint Anthony,

Today I need your guidance more than ever. My (name of stolen item) was stolen by someone with greed in their heart. This (stolen item) was very important to me and the loss has had a significant impact. I ask of you to help me get my (stolen item) back.

I forgive the thief, for I do not understand their intentions. I pray that they find goodwill in their heart and stop partaking in actions that hurt others. While praying for the return of my (stolen item) I ask for the return of any other item this thief may have stolen from others, for nobody deserves this misfortune.

The item stolen was very important to me. If it can not be returned, I pray that I never fall under the circumstances to commit the same actions. I ask of you to never let the faith of God leave my heart.


Prayer To Saint Anthony For Lost Things

Prayer To Saint Anthony For A Lost Document

O’ Holy Saint Anthony, our brotherly saint.

Today I ask for guidance in finding my lost document. I seemed to have misplaced some very important paperwork and can not find it anywhere. If I don’t have this document by (date of event) then a lot of problems will arise. Please help me with finding my lost document, as this will cause stress for others as well.

I would greatly appreciate any guidance you could bless me with for finding the lost document. Your blessings have provided me with the fortune of finding misplaced things in the past. It is something that I will always be grateful for. Please come around once again to help me find the missing document.

Your kind blessings have always given me faith in a higher power. For, if you can not find my document, I ask that you never allow me to lose my place in the good graces of God. Please keep the faith of God strong in my family’s hearts and never allow them to lose their way. Allow us to give back to others as you have given to us.

Our holy spirit, thank you for these blessings upon us. Amen.

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