6 Prayers for Failing Marriage

For a couple to be married before the Lord is a promise made not only with each other but with the Lord. But, marriage entails more than just speaking your vows before God. Marriage demands taking responsibility, full trust, sincerity, and most of all genuine love.

A failing marriage can be a result of unresolved conflicts, issues of trust, and infidelity. In this challenging time, God has the capability of opening your heart and mind to forgive and listen to your partner. He has all the answers to your questions. Here are six divine prayers for failing marriage.

Let us pray.

Saying a prayer for marriage restoration can have a bigger impact than, perhaps, anything else. We’ve seen countless stories from our YouTube congregation of God interceding in a relationship and bringing you both closer together than before.


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Prayer for Surrendering  Your Marriage to God

Almighty Father, we thank You for the gift of marriage and the gift of promise. We thank You for Your unfailing love and awesome grace. Here we are, Father, at Your feet, surrendering our troubles in this challenging time. We are in the midst of a failing marriage, Lord, and we are losing this fight.

Father, as husband and wife, our hearts have been filled with regrets, hatred, and deep sadness. We have been depressed because of the problems we have encountered and the conflicts we failed to resolve. We cannot forgive each other, especially now, and we feel trapped in the dark, lost, and broken. We have questions that are left unanswered and we are not prepared to listen to each other.

Lord, we ask for forgiveness for allowing our marriage to be consumed by so many negative things. We pray that in Your own time and purpose, we will find a way to find a resolution. In these moments of brokenness, we trust in You, God, and we surrender to You everything that has been, whatever is happening now, and what could happen in our future. Be our guiding light and our source of wisdom as we fix our hearts, ourselves, to become whole and ready again.

Thank You, Father, for Your grace and compassion. In Jesus’ Name,


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Prayer for Reconciliation of Marriage

Dear God, You are my refuge and our rock. We thank You, Father, for being my constant source of strength. I reach out to You, Lord, to ask for Your mercy. Help me, Father, for I am in great distress. My marriage is failing. There had been too many broken promises and unsettled conflicts that have led us to lose each other’s trust. I still love my spouse, but I am not certain if this is the kind of love that can conquer this obstacle and a great threat to our marriage.

But, Lord, we believe in Your healing power. Allow us to forgive and find beauty and acceptance in the wounds that have caused us so much hurt. I ask, Father, for Your wisdom, so that I can discern the next steps I need to make for the reconciliation of marriage.

We thank You for the gift of forgiveness and honesty. Help us to be more forgiving and more loving than ever before. Help me understand my partner’s needs first before putting my own needs first. Teach us to love the same way that You do, to love patiently without keeping a record of wrongs, to endure, and hope in Your Holy Name. These we ask,


If you feel like your relationship needs it, we have a more specific collection of prayers for the reconciliation of a relationship. You could offer these prayers as well.

Bible Verse for A Failing Marriage

Prayer to Overcome Conflict in a Failing Marriage

Heavenly Father, we worship You amidst all the storms in our married life. Your presence has allowed me and my spouse to overcome battles. We are thankful, Father, that no matter what the circumstances are, You have remained steadfast and merciful.

Father, we are fervently praying that You help us overcome this in our marriage. We seek your courage to overcome all our fears and doubts, caused by this unresolved problem. Father, we know that Your plans for our lives are beyond our understanding. We believe that You will work Your miracles in our marriage and help us resolve our conflict.
Thank you, Father, for cultivating in us the value of trust and sincerity to love.

This we pray, in Your Most Holy Name,


Bible About Failing Marriages

Prayer for Saving a Failing Marriage

Dearest Father, our savior and omnipotent source of healing, we thank You for continuously loving us with compassion. Your presence in our lives allows us to survive any obstacle or struggle in our marriage. Though we are weak and fragile, You are there to strengthen us and guide us to keep our marriage alive.

Father, our marriage is failing. It is only by Your grace that we find the strength to keep this relationship and promise alive. We ask that You save our failing marriage. Give us the wisdom and guidance to make the right decisions for both of us, without being selfish. Help us rescue this marriage because we want to continue to worship You as husband and wife. We rebuke the spirit of hopelessness and doubt. Give us another chance to make this marriage work.

This we pray, in Your Holy Name,


Prayer for Saving a Failing Marriage

Prayer for Recovery After a Failed Marriage

Heavenly Father, we worship You as husband and wife. Thank You, Father, for the gift of marriage. We are grateful for blessing us with gifts of reconciliation, hope, and recovery.

Lord, we pray for guidance while we are in the process of recovery. We pray for peace within ourselves, acceptance of the things we cannot control, the forgiveness of each other’s mistakes in the past, and the complete healing of our wounded souls. Teach us to see our marriage from a Godly perspective. Help us grow in faith as we grow in our love
Thank You for reminding us that there is always hope.

We ask these, in Jesus’ Name,


Prayer for Comfort from a Failing Marriage

Dear God, we pray for comfort in this difficult time. We cannot cope without You by our side. Help us to regain our strength as we have been exhausted by emotional and mental stress brought by our struggle in this marriage.

We surrender to You, Lord, all that we are and all that we have. Embrace us with Your love. In Jesus’ Name,

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Bible Verses for A Failing Marriage

A gentle answer deflects anger, but harsh words make tempers flare – Proverbs 15:1

The Bible is full of wisdom for living a good life, and this verse from Proverbs is no exception. The Message translation puts it this way: “A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.”

In other words, when we are confronted with anger, we should respond in a way that diffuses the situation, rather than making it worse. This is good advice in any situation, but it is particularly relevant in marriages.

All marriages go through difficult times, and it can be tempting to lash out at our spouse when we are feeling hurt or frustrated. However, this will only make the situation worse. Instead, we need to learn to communicate with respect and kindness, even when we are feeling angry.

What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate – Mark 10:9

Marriage is a sacred bond that should not be taken lightly or ended lightly. The Bible teaches us that marriages are not meant to be temporary; they are meant to last a lifetime.

However, we live in a fallen world, and marriages do sometimes fail. When this happens, it is often because the husband and wife have not been giving their marriage the attention and effort it deserves. They may have been taking each other for granted or neglecting to communicate effectively.

Thankfully, even when marriages are on the verge of failure, God can still bring husband and wife back together again.

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