6 Prayers to Saint Anthony for a Miracle

Anthony of Padua, known to us as St. Anthony, is one of the church’s most beloved patron saints, and with good reason. Anthony of Padua was kind and forgiving, he was a doctor, and his compassion knew no bounds. That is also why is he referred to as the patron of the poor and the sick, though he is most known for being the patron saint of stolen or lost things.

Our beloved St. Anthony is a man of the people who had a strong bond with Christ. He continues his work even after his death. Turn to St. Anthony in times of worry, illness, or when you can’t find what you are looking for (whether that’s literally, spiritually, or emotionally).

Below are some powerful prayers to Saint Anthony for a miracle.

Let us pray.

If you’re praying for something truly important to you, you might also want to share a prayer to Mother Mary for a miracle.


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Saint Anthony Prayer for A Miracle to Happen to Me

Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, I pray a miracle come to me. I am not blind to all the blessings that surround me. I am happy, I am healthy and so grateful, but lately, I’ve been feeling stagnant.

I feel like I’m working hard and giving this wonderful life of mine my all, but I am now finding myself in a tough position that feels out of my control. Oh beloved and wise patron saint, help me move forward with my life. Accept my worship and my prayers and guide me to a miracle.

I will continue to work hard, I will continue to be a loving, caring, and faithful child of God. Oh, heavenly Saint Anthony, I put my life in your ever-generous hands.

Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, I pray a miracle come to me.


Bible Verse to Lost or stolen items (1)

Saint Anthony Prayer for A Miracle to Happen to Someone Else

Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, I pray a miracle come to be. Today, patron Saint, this prayer is not for me, but for someone else. Someone who has been struggling, someone who deserves enlightenment and joy. They are good people, faithful and kind, and have always been there in my time of need.

Now they find themselves in a position where my powers of guidance and aid are limited. And so, I call to you, I ask you to watch over them when I can’t, I ask you to comfort them when I can’t, and I ask you to guide them through this. Let them feel the power of our Lord’s mercy, let them bathe in his healing light. Show them the way out of the darkness and bring them a blessed miracle.

Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, I pray a miracle come to be.


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Saint Anthony Prayer to Return Lost People

Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, return my loved one back to me. Oh wonderful and compassionate patron, I need your love today. I am worried and scared for the person I love.

Amidst this crisis, I know not what to do or how to act. I feel helpless and small, and so I turn to you, I put all my worries and fears in your hands. Help me through this, guide me through this for I know not where else to turn. I know I am so blessed, and I am so grateful for all the blessings I have received.

I am a humble child of God and right now my faith in the Lord our God is all I can hold on to. Protect my loved ones wherever they are, watch over them, and please help them find their way home.

Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, return my loved one back to me.


Prayer to Saint Anthony for a Miracle

Prayer to Saint Anthony to Heal the Sick

Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, please heal the sick in my family. We are so blessed with good fortune; God has truly shone his merciful light down on us.

I turn to you today to ask you, oh glorious patron of the ill and sick, to be there for my loved ones who are not well. Comfort them through their sickness and lead them back to health. Strengthen their love and dependence of our almighty God and let them bask in his healing light.

Ease their worries, give them hope, and lead them to recovery. We are so humbled and grateful for all the compassion and kindness you have shown us.

Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, heal the sick in my family.


Saint Anthony Prayer to Return Lost Things

We also have a collection of specific prayers to Saint Anthony for lost things you could use.

Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, return what has been lost to me. Beloved Saint Anthony, hear my call for help. I have looked everywhere, I have retraced my steps, yet I simply cannot find what I have misplaced. I can feel myself growing worrisome and agitated, patron saint, come to my aid.

I am growing tired and nothing is bringing me closer to finding what I have lost. Help me find what I am looking for, help me ease my distress. Guide me towards what I seek, I pray. I will be eternally grateful.

Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, help me find what has been lost to me.


Saint Anthony Prayer to Return Something Stolen

If you are praying for something that was important to you, you could share some other prayers for lost or stolen things.

Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, return what has been stolen from me. Oh, glorious patron, I turn to you for I know not what else to do. I know not why I fell victim to this crime, and this is all out of my hands.

I feel helpless and stressed, Saint Anthony, comfort me with your presence, guide me with your wisdom, and recover what has been stolen. I would also like to send out a prayer to the person who stole that which wasn’t his.

I hope they come to understand what they have done; I pray they find success and health in their lives through our almighty God. I hope that whatever struggles have led them to steal will improve.

Show them kindness so that they may pass it on. I know how fortunate and blessed I am, and I know others are not. I send my thoughts and prayers to the person who stole from me and hope they find peace.

Saint Anthony, Saint Anthony, return what has been stolen from me.


Short Saint Anthony for a Miracle

Oh, Saint Anthony,

I am in need of your help. I ask that you send angels to help guide me on my search. Help me to find what has been lost beyond sight.


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Short Saint Anthony for a Miracle

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6 thoughts on “6 Prayers to Saint Anthony for a Miracle”

  1. i do hope that my wish will be granted and i’m not asking for my wants but please pray for me that my intention of necessities will be granted and my prayer for my love ones and relatives and friends and whom i prayed for their problems and sickness will be granted and please pray for my family that my family and me recieve peace and happiness and keep away from injustices and abuses and sickness and grave and offensive crime and even to commit a crimes, a simple thing blessed my Endeavor that me myself will be happy and peace, Please pray for my wife, my son, to my mother,my brother and nieces and sister in- law and me that my good intention will granted and my family and my mother and my brother to keep away from danger and accident and even in sudden death, i do hope that here in this sight can be my partners in apostleship of prayers for ever

  2. Dear Saint Anthony please help me with this miracle and reunite me with Arthur. Please open his heart to love me again

  3. Please Kindly Prayer for us Saint Anthony De Padua, That our prayer of necessities and Immediate prayer to be answer in time of need, in time of confusion and in time grave danger and in time of life and death, ln time of hopelessness and in despair that no own to lend a helping hand please help us to have enlightenment and answer to.our prayers and help us to lift our hand and feet to get away from our problems and miseries and overcome all the trials that lay down to us by God. But lets us learn to stoop down our head and be submissive and yield down our head when God want’ s us to humble ourselves and admit our flaws, failures, mistakes and even he castigate us our wrong deeds. Saint Anthony de Padua Please help us to admit and accept our own mistakes and failures and Please pray for us to break away our stubborness and Please help us to have an open mindedness when we stand to be corrected and acceptance when we are corrected. Saint Anthony de Padua. Open our mind and heart to all things that we accept that when God Correct our understanding and Please kindly pray for us to have meek, kind and humble heart that we can followed God’s will and please Humble us and Help us to control our emotions and anger when we been tested and Please Help us to Over rule by God through out our life that we cannot be astrayed when we are confused when we don’t know where to go but lead us to the right path and guide us to the through path inspite to the people who decieve us and let us be astray us to direct our feet to the right path to lead our feet going to the right path to heaven and follow God’s will and not our will to inherit the kingdom of God. Please Help us to pray Saint Anthony de Padua To have Self Control of Ourself and not to give in Temptation anymore and not to commit sin anymore. Saint Anthony De Padua, Please pray for us for those who are having problems to resolve our problems and give us enlightement on how to resolve our problems.of our necessities to be resolves and keep us away from our detractors, deciever,Abuser,perpetrator not us to be deliver to abuses, and killers who want to kill us and.Please prayer for us Saint Anthony to keep us away with people who dont think good to us and put us in harm and keep us to lead us abuses and even lead us to immorality please keep us away to this people and even those who lead us to temptation or commit a crime and those people who manipulate justice turn into injustice that cause frame up. Saint Anthony de Padua. Please Anthony de Padua please kindly help me to pray to God my Good intention to be answer That i can also praise and thank you for the things that i prayed for special my ( Nursing Board Examination will be passed i can be a licensed nursed and what ever course that we into.Please Help me to resolve my confusion and problems and weight of my cross that i can also carry the heavy laden upon my shoulder and so i can continue my mission and will of God that fulfill my mission that God handed to me.Saint Anthony de Padua, Please Help us to be Safe and Healthty. and Keep us away from our detractor or perpetrator away from them that we will.not be harm and not be abused or even put us in sudden death. Please Kindly pray for us Saint Anthony de.Padua to keep us away from Bad spirit,Bad people or even pray rituals who prayer curse and inflict curse to us and Please help us to be brave and Courageous and strong and let us to strive hard and be patient and open minded and give justice to everyone and Please Help us to pray to be honest, always and be faithful and Loyal.to our spouse and wife and son and daughter and even respect to elders and Please Pray for us and Help us and be near to God Saint Anthony de Padua that we can also follow the will of christ forever and Ever. Amen…

    • I do pray and support your prayers and intentions through the piety and sacrifice it St. Anthony granted by the grace of God , in Jesus Christ’s name.

      Amen, amen.

  4. ma’am Sandi, miracles will come into your heart and soul. Our life is in God and your existing because of Breath of God, he never leave you behind because he is already in you all along since your born, trial come and bad experiences is part of learning and not to hurt but he let you make strong to choose for what is good and evil. if your going to choose evil or good which of which.if they done you evil and your going give them evil as well and which of which going to do. but the time being everything will be weigh by God. Even,how health we are if we choose evil we will never inherit the kingdom of God. Even we see them prosper in this world and when the day comes that we are going to be weigh by God and we will be weighed in accordance what we did. Evil beget evil and Good beget Good. Whatever we do if we put bad seeds on other we will reap bad seeds as well, you’ll earn bad fruit but if you do Good and Plant Good.Seeds, you’ll prosper and you’ll earn Good. God, doesn’t permit to let you experience evil but violates rights of Good and even how good your intention is when evil comes they strike without permission and even
    without a warning as well. But all the things they done to you evil will be weigh when the time come they maybe alive and health and wealth in this world but it will never last because we will all die and day and be decay and leave everything behind and none of this material will be bring to God except your soul to confront your creator and weighed what you done and you will tell everything to God. But you’ll never hid from God because he knows from the bottom of your soul, he knows everything about you and he feels what you feel and he know what is your sorrow. Because among all of us,God is with us all the time and never let you behind, whenever you cries at nights he cries with you because he feels your sadness,happiness, joy and strenght.ma’am Sandi, have you ever felt to be courage and determine that you don’t whatever risk it take but you feel strenght but actually, we are not because God is making a way in you and it is a sign of miracle that make move on, telling that i’m here don’t discourage and i will help you to move on and see’s the people will help you all along. actually, the people we pass on, God, tested them to comply if they going to take advantage of you or not.But God, sees you done to least of your brother and he will weighed you down to the least of your brother for what we did and same thing he
    will way him down what he done unto you and he will be punished as well vice versa. Ma’am Sandi, don’t be dismay that you feel neglected but you should but god let you grow to be strong and trust him with all your heart, God doesn’t trial test that you cannot bear whether it is sickness or violates your rights or lose some part of you. if things has gone in your life but theirs a thing that will come in you life that will wipe tears in your eyes just wait and never loose hope and trust God ma’am and he will never let you live behind…Believed God because he is in you actually. Good day and God Bless…

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