6 Prayers to the Holy Spirit for a Favor

Prayers to the Holy Spirit for a favor are some of the most cherished prayers among Christians. When we need help or assistance, we turn to the Holy Spirit for guidance and support in any aspect of our lives.

Let us pray.


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These are some general prayers to the Holy Spirit we shared with our YouTube congregation. We do have a more specific collection of prayers for favor you could also use.

A Prayer to Love Yourself

Dear Holy Spirit, my ever-loving praises to You. I am grateful for what You have given me and for what I am. In Your light, I am flawless, I am your child, I am loved. As I’ve embarked on this journey in self-discovery and how to love myself, I come before You so that You may guide me to the way. Holy Spirit, I pray that You shine Your light within me and show me how to truly appreciate the gift You have given me.

The gift of life, the gift of a human body, and the gift of a mind to speak with You. Holy Spirit at this time, I ask that You bring forth the Love that You provide for me endlessly and show me how to provide it for myself.

With this gift, Holy Spirit I will be able to love and cherish the body You have given me and treat it like the temple it is. I am now able to shower my life with the love that You have given me and I can continue to do all things through You and Your love.


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A Prayer to Help Those in Need

Holy Spirit, I thank You for giving me the light of life and the truth of Your words. I am grateful for the life You have provided and the company You have offered. In place of Your physical presence, I can find companionship in those that I meet on my journey. Dear Holy Spirit, guide me in the way of loving my neighbor like my family, and my friend like my brother.

I humbly come before You to ask that wherever they go, and whomever they may meet, they will always be protected by Your love and mine. Holy Spirit, I pray that the love that You have bestowed upon me prevails in the company that I keep. I ask that my neighbors always feel touched by Your grace, kindness, and love.

In Your name, I pray.


You could combine this by offering a prayer for the homeless.

A Prayer for Forgiveness

Holy Spirit, I am grateful for the life that You have given me and the path that You have chosen. Some days it gets more difficult than others and sadly, I come before You because today is one of those days. The company that I keep may not have my best interests in mind but Dear Holy Spirit, You do. Father, I pray that the evil eye that has been cast upon me is disintegrated by the endless love that You have for me. Your love will carry me through these trying times and once again prevail above others.

I come before You to ask that those who wish evil upon others are not bashed and tormented but, may they experience Your love and kindness. Holy Spirit, I ask that those who feel the need to bring others down can feel what it’s like to be uplifted by You. Your spirit is within all of us and as Your child, I pray they find their way to You. May You bless them with Your love, guide them with Your light, and protect them with Your Angels.

It is in Your sacred name that we pray.


A Prayer to Love Unconditionally

Dear Holy Spirit, I am grateful to be Your child. I am honored to be in Your presence every day. I am thankful to be Yours. Holy Spirit, I pray that I can love others as much as You do. You love unconditionally and without question.

Your love is above everything on this Earth. I pray so that my heart may open and bring me the joy that is loving my neighbor as my brother. I ask that You show me the way to loving the company that You have bestowed upon me and cherish the times that we spend together.

With Your love, Dear Holy Spirit, I can open my heart as well as my home to those who need it and to those who I can call a brother. I beg that You show me the way to love every detail that You have created for my company and I wish to love Your creations as endlessly as You do.

In Your holy name, we pray.


Scripture for Receiving the Holy Spirit

A Prayer to Find Your Path

Dear Holy Spirit, I was lost. I am on my way to finding myself again and I ask that You guide me through this difficult time. I was astray for too long and I feel as though I have lost sight of my path. Holy Spirit, I am asking as Your child to bring forth Your kindness and shower me with love.

You created me to exist as Your child who loves with their whole heart and prays with their whole being. I pray that You help guide me so that I can love the journey I am on. Though I may have lost sight of our goals, it is only You who can help me achieve them. I pray that You help me through this time and teach me how to love again.

In Your name, we pray.


A Prayer for Guidance

Dear Holy Spirit, it is You who is love. As things get more difficult, I pray that You let Your light shine deep inside me so that I may find the way to love.

Holy Spirit, I pray that You show me how to appreciate the things that You have created and allowed me to find the love within them. I humbly ask for Your guidance to show me the way to appreciate what You have created and what You will continue to create. I am thankful for what You did, are doing, and will keep doing for Your children.

It is in Your faithful, loving, powerful name that we pray.


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