6 Thoughtful Prayers for Someone Dying of Cancer

Cancer is a heartbreaking disease. It affects our lives in so many ways. The person who is ill is far from the only one affected, and the effects can last for years. As you offer these prayers for someone dying of cancer, remember that God loves you and hears your prayers. Peace may not be easy to attain, but it will come.

Let us pray.


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Prayer for Relief from Pain for a Cancer Patient

Dear Father God, I come to you to express my gratitude for the blessings you have bestowed upon me. Thank you for sending me loved ones who are so near and dear to my heart.

I pray now on behalf of my loved one who is gravely ill. If it is in your will that they leave this Earth now, please ease their suffering. Bring peace to their mind so they may sleep. Relieve the aches and pains of their body.

Help them rest peacefully as they prepare to begin the next journey of their soul. Soothe their pains and sorrows.
Thank you for blessing me to know this person. Thank you for your righteous example and influence. I pray now for their peace, Amen.

You could also offer God a prayer for Cancer patients or a prayer for someone going into surgery for Cancer. We also have a prayer for pain relief for those suffering.

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Prayer for the Spirit as it Returns to Heaven

Holy Father, we thank you for giving us bodies that allow us to learn and grow. Thank you for sending us the knowledge of Heaven and your divine power. Thank you for your grace that saves our souls.

As our loved one’s soul prepares to return to Heaven, we come to you in prayer and ask for your blessing on their spirit. Protect their soul from the influence of the devil. Keep their eyes and their hope turned towards your magnificent power.
Please accept their soul in Heaven. Comfort them and welcome them in your loving embrace. Let them find rest in body and soul as they leave their work on this Earth. Send your angels to watch over them and carry them home.

Father, we thank you for your generosity and protection. We offer this prayer in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Scripture for Someone Dying of Cancer

Prayer of Comfort for the Family of a Cancer Patient

Father in Heaven, thank you for your kind blessings. I know that through your divine inspiration, I can overcome any obstacle. I offer praise and thanksgiving for your goodness and grace.

As my loved one prepares to depart from this Earth, please send your comforting angels to their family. Give them shoulders to cry on. Let the kindness of strangers stand witness to them that you are able to influence their lives. Help them as they prepare for ceremonies to celebrate the life of their dear one. Grant them joy and gratitude as they remember their loved one.

Bless them with comfort and divine knowledge. Please help them to remember that their loved one is going to a better place, free of pain and suffering from this world. Speak peace to their hearts as they remember your goodness and kindness.
Bless this family as they carry on that they will always remember with love the memories of their loved one.

Help them to mourn as they need to mourn. Then send them the power to carry on in their lives, never forgetting the love they have felt.

I thank you for letting this family into my life. I humbly express my gratitude for your power and your grace. I offer this prayer in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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Prayer for Those Mourning a Dying Cancer Patient

Holy God, we pray today and offer our thanks for your grace. We express our desire to grow closer to you and your holy Heaven.

As we mourn, we pray for your comfort. We ask you to send your angels to speak peace to our hearts. We beseech you to show us those people who will mourn with us and comfort us.

Please send your guardian angels to watch over us in this time of need. Help us stay spiritually strong, so that we may carry on through our grief. We know that grief is a sign that we loved someone, and we are forever grateful for the chance to be loved.

As we pray today, we ask you to speak peace to our minds. Let us know that our loved one is in Heaven. Let us know that they are free of pain and that we will see them again.

We love you, Father, and we offer this prayer in your name, Amen.

Prayer for Memory of Someone Dying of Cancer

Dear Father God, we thank you for the care and attention you give us through every stage in our lives. We are so grateful for all of the loved ones with whom you have blessed us. Thank you for helping us learn from their experiences. We thank you for the blessing of knowing them.

We pray now as we prepare to lose one of our loved ones. Please help preserve their memory in goodness. Help us remember all for the wonderful experiences we have had with them. Bring to our recollection their smile, their laugh, and their voice.
Please help our memory to stay honest and true. Help us to remember the good times as well as the bad, but help us to always forgive as you would forgive. Bless us to always remember the joy we feel when we are with them.
We thank you for sending someone to bless our lives with their kindness. We offer this prayer in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Prayer for Peaceful Rest of a Cancer Patient

Dear God, thank you for blessing me in so many ways. Thank you for the peace you send to all of us through your strength.
I pray now for my loved one who is ill. As they prepare to return to Heaven and to see you, please bless them with peaceful rest. Ease their pain so they may sleep at night. Calm their worries and assuage their fears.

Bless their soul and body with peaceful rest. Let them know that their family will be protected long after they are gone. Help them know that they have done their best.

I humbly offer this prayer in love, Amen.

Remind them of what the Bible says about everlasting life to help show support in their time of need and ease their worry.

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