7 Divine Prayers for Marriage Restoration after Separation

These prayers for marriage restoration after separation asks the Lord to bring you both back together stronger than before.

Restoring marriage after separation is not an easy road for any married couple. The process of forgiveness, rebuilding of trust, and healing will require a strong and enduring heart, a courageous spirit, and good faith. Thankfully, God is gracious and loving to those who seek Him.

Let us pray.


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Praying for Hope for Marriage

Heavenly Father, we praise Your Name in all the earth, for You have favored us with countless blessings. We thank You, Father, for the gift of love, and for binding us together in marriage. Our road as a married couple may not be perfect, but You revealed to us enough reasons to continue loving and growing in our relationship. We pray for hope, Lord, as we slowly find our way back together.

May we see hope each day, so that we will not give up no matter how difficult times might be. Be our light in this journey and be the center of our marriage, Father God. This we ask in Your Holy Name,


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Praying for Forgiveness and Acceptance

Almighty Father, You are our guiding light and our source of hope, especially in times of brokenness. While my spouse and I were falling apart, there were heartaches, moments of doubt, and regretful memories that weakened our spirit. We were losing trust because of unresolved conflicts within our relationship.

Now that we are gathering ourselves piece by piece in this marriage, we ask for forgiveness in those times that we doubted You in our lives and when we allowed anger and hate to grow in us. Help us, dear Lord, to be one again. Help us to accept our imperfections. Allow us to accept the things that we cannot change, and teach us to love without conditions. Allow us to forgive each other so that we can move forward in our marriage.

This we ask, in Jesus’ Name,


Praying for Restoration of Marriage

Our Loving Father, we thank You for showering us with Your unfailing love day by day. Though we do not deserve that love, You continue to show us that we are worthy to be loved.

Thank you for reminding us that loving is all about kindness and forgiveness. Lord, we pray that You strengthen us as we decide to rebuild the foundation of our marriage. We seek your wisdom to guide us in this journey centered in Your love. Help us learn to value our marriage once again.

We ask for Your grace and mercy, Lord, as we move on from our separation. We know that it will not be easy, but allow us to learn from our mistakes in the past and start fresh.

In Your Name, we pray,


Praying for Restoration of Marriage

Prayer for Change and Growth

Dearest Lord, we give You thanks and praises for this new hope, a chance for my spouse and I to restore our marriage after a difficult time of being separated. Through Your overwhelming grace, we were able to overcome the greatest obstacle in our relationship.

Father, we offer You everything, including our brokenness. As we begin restoring our life together, we ask that You help us change for the better, as individuals and as a unified couple. Help us grow from this trial that we may be loving, forgiving, hopeful and understanding to each other.

Protect us from temptations and from seeds of envy, jealousy, and hate. Strengthen our marriage, dear Father, so that we may build a household anchored in faith. Guide our progress and our paths.

We trust in You Lord. In Jesus’ Name,


Prayer for Healing and Protection

Father, You are our refuge and strength in overwhelming storms. Without Your presence, we can never overcome battles. It is through You that we find the courage to endure pain and hardships. Our marriage fell apart because of many things: temptation, mistrust, unforgiving spirit, and selfishness.

We were broken because we didn’t have faith. Dear Lord, as we restore our marriage piece by piece, we pray for protection from the acts of evil. Shield our marriage, Father, with Your steadfast love so that we will not be tempted to commit the same mistakes that led to our separation. Heal our wounds, Father, and let the scars remind us of Your miracle and grace.

This we ask, in Your Mighty Name,


Prayer for Understanding and Communication

Dear Lord, we thank You for the gift of marriage. Thank you for binding us together to become a vessel of Your love. Our marriage is a promise to You- to honor You in our relationship, to reveal Your love through us, and to have You at the center of our marriage.

But Father, we are in the most difficult time of our lives. Our separation has shaken the core of our faith and our trust in each other. As we open our hearts once more to a new start, allow us to be more understanding of each other’s feelings and thoughts as we try to reconnect and set aside our differences. Give us clarity and wisdom so that our hearts may remain open and forgiving.

Father, do not allow us to become selfish and unwilling to accept each other’s thoughts. Guide us as we rebuild and restore our marriage.

This we pray,


Prayer for Gratitude

Heavenly Father, we give You thanks and praises for guiding the reconciliation of our marriage after separation. My spouse and I are truly blessed despite all the problems that we have encountered in our relationship. You have been our strength and our helping hand to overcome this obstacle in our lives.

Thank You, Lord, for allowing us to see love and light in this darkest hour. In Your own time and design, You brought us to a new start, where we have become more loving, selfless, and loyal to each other. May we become more faithful and humble as we go through the process of restoration and healing.

We are grateful for all that You’ve done for us, Father. We can never repay Your loving kindness, Your unfathomable grace, and the favors that You have given us. Lord, may we become good stewards of our renewed love for each other. This we pray,


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