7 Divine Prayers for Protection from my Enemies at Work

Christians can offer a prayer for protection from their enemies at work to ask God to drive their enemies from them at the workplace.

The workplace is one of the most challenging areas in our lives that we need to pray for, especially when there are people in your work environment that do not support you or maybe are against you. You may be losing strength and confidence because of this.

Let God be your refuge and light as you deal with enemies at work. Here are seven prayers for protection from enemies at work.

Let us pray.


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Praying for Patience in Dealing with Enemies at Work

Almighty Father, You are my guiding light. You are my rock and my refuge. I praise you with all my heart. Lord, I surrender to you my enemies in my workplace. Help me to be patient, amidst the negativity and the toxic environment.

Allow me to be more understanding of these people who are against me. I pray for them too that You will also guide them, Lord. I trust you

Father with Your plans for me. In Jesus’ Name, we pray.


If your enemies work against you outside of the workplace you can say a prayer for protection from enemies. Or perhaps a prayer to destroy your enemies.

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Praying for Guidance in Dealing with Conflict at Work

Dearest Lord, I am grateful that you have blessed me with this job. This has become an opportunity for me to learn and discover my skills and my potential, all for your glory.

But Lord, I am struggling in my workplace at this moment. I have a conflict with my co-worker and I do not know how to deal with it. I am deeply bothered and anxious because of this problem.

Lord, I will always depend on You. You are my source of wisdom and guidance. Guide me Father and help me overcome this trial with Your Grace. May Your Spirit be with me in all my undertakings.

In Your Holy Name,


Scripture for Protection from my Enemies at Work

Praying for Finding Peace in a Toxic Workplace

Almighty Father, You are my fortress and my strength in times of hardship. I thank You for giving me thousands of reasons in life to keep moving forward, especially the blessing of family, friends, and work.

Lord, as I offer You my worries and fears, I pray that I may find my peace even in a toxic environment at work. I have encountered enemies that speak against me, co-workers that are plotting to destroy my character and seniors who don’t believe in what I can do. Lord, I need Your light, help me not to worry and to keep moving forward so that I may celebrate Your glory.

Help me go back to my reasons why I loved this job. Allow me to recall my purpose so that I can peacefully overcome this obstacle with a courageous, yet calm heart. Be with me all my days.

In Jesus’ Name,


Prayer for Refuge from Enemies at Work

Heavenly Father, You have showered me with love and grace. I was able to overcome any obstacle and self-doubt, especially at work. Father, I am struggling with anxiety because of my enemies at work. I feel like drowning in a toxic environment where the spirit of laziness, envy, and hatred seem to thrive.

I fear God that I may be too weak to handle this. But I always believed that in times like these, my strength does not come from mine alone but Yours too. You are my only refuge and source of courage Father. You are the one who can save me from this obstacle.

I trust You Lord that you will protect me from all my enemies. I can overcome this. I can face my enemies with Your courage as my shield. Thank you Father for all Your grace.

In Your Name,


Bible Verse for Protection from Enemies at Work

Prayer for a Hopeful Spirit in the Midst of Conflict

Dearest Lord, Your love strengthens me in times of sadness. It reminds me that I am blessed every single day and that I am not left behind. Your love is my light in everything that I choose to do.

Father, I am struggling with conflict with my co-workers. I am in deep sorrow that I could not find a way to solve this problem at this moment. It burdens my heart that there are people who don’t believe in my capabilities and who do not trust me in big projects.

I pray Father that You bless me with a hopeful spirit in the middle of this conflict. I know that there is a reason why I need to overcome this. Be present in my everyday Father, wherever I may go, whatever I may do, and whoever I may be dealing with.

I ask this, in the Name of Jesus,


Prayer for Forgiveness

Dearest Almighty Father, I may not deserve Your love and all the blessings I have now, yet You never left me. You embraced me and provided me with everything that I need.

Thank you, Lord, for being with me in all the good and bad times in my life.
Lord, I ask for forgiveness for planting seeds of anger and hatred against my enemies at work. My anger consumed me that I forgot how it is to live with a peaceful and loving heart. It has affected my work and my dealings with others. I pray Father that I learn to overcome my negative emotions and deal with this trial with good courage and kindness. I also ask that You forgive my enemies at work for their evil thoughts, their negative words, and their unforgiving heart.

Lord, in Your time, everything will fall into place, continue to guide me at work so that I may be productive and remain goal-oriented, patient, and forgiving.

This I ask, in Jesus’ Name,


Prayer for Courage to Overcome Struggle with Enemies

Heavenly Father, I live to worship You. I praise You with all my heart. Father, I ask that You strengthen my soul in my struggle at work. I am having difficulty communicating with my co-workers leading to conflict. They doubt my capabilities and are always against my suggestions.

Lord, please help me find the courage to speak my thoughts and my ideas so that they will understand my intentions and purpose. Please let them know that You are with me.

Father, You are my source of courage. With You by my side, I can withstand anything.

This I pray,

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