7 Divine Prayers To Win Big Money

These powerful prayers to win big money ask the Lord God to help you out of financial hardship.

When you have fallen upon hard times, there is nothing else to do than give your hopes and needs up to the Lord. He is the one you must humble yourself before and repeatedly ask to bless you with riches – whether they be spiritual or monetary.

Going to the Lord in the hope and faith for such a big ask may seem like an impossible task. However, only the Almighty Father can change your sense of fortune to help you win what you need to set you and your family back on track.

Below you will find seven prayers to use for winning big money.

Let us pray.


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Prayer For Winning The Lottery

Dear Lord, First Jesus, let me thank you for your exceeding kindness and generosity. Today I come before you to you on my knees, asking for one more big prayer to be granted.

Please, oh Lord, bless me tonight with the jackpot in the (name of the lottery). Please, tonight, let them call (lottery number) and grant me the financial security to focus on my pursuit of knowing your love. I swear that I will use this money to raise

You and the truth of Your Life and Grace to all that I meet. Thank you for all your goodness and kindness while granting me all that my family and I have needed in life.

Thanks be to God,


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Prayer To Win Big Money

Lord In Heaven, hear my prayer. Every day I am in awe of how amazingly generous you are to those of us down here, God. As we faithful toil down here to earn the finances we need to survive, today I send up a prayer for you, generous Father, to watch over us and help us as we enter into games of chance.

We are looking to play big and win big, kind Lord. I am not just asking for handouts; however, winning a big pot would immensely help relieve stress and anxiety. Having a safety amount in reserve would do so much to aid me in being able to exalt you above all.

Thank you, Lord, God,


Bible Verse for Winning Big Money

Prayer For Abundance

Dear Father, As always, thank you. Thank you for every single blessing you have bestowed upon us. Thank you for still leading us to the correct and right actions here on the earth you so generously gave us. We are coming to you with nothing but joy, and thanks in our hearts for everything you have done for us.

We praise you and acknowledge you as our all-powerful Father. We admire and respect all your strength and love. We celebrate your ongoing generosity. Today we are merely asking you to grant us nothing but abundance. Abundance for me, my family, and all our friends and brothers and sisters in Christ.

This is not a prayer where I am merely asking for monetary abundance. Please, also grant us all here the moral abundance of knowing the story of Your Son and his selflessness. We lift up a thank you for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, the Holy Trinity.

We pray that you will guide us to the abundance of wealth that we need in all ways and forms that it may take here on earth. Praise be Lord, thank you for your guiding light in this and all things.

In Your Name, Lord, Alleluia


Bible Verse for Winning Big Money

Prayer for Prosperity

My Lord Father, thank you. Thank you for all you have given us, Lord. Because of you, we have a home here. We have an atmosphere that protects us, buildings that house us, food that nourishes us, and you, Lord, who love us and guides us. For all of this and innumerable more, Father, Thank you.

Please allow us to keep these blessings for the rest of our lives.


Prayer for Prosperity

Praying to Win Money To Relieve Anxiety

Oh, Lord, my God, I come to you asking for help. We have fallen on rough times, and money has gotten stretched beyond all its capability. Right now, bills and debts continue to grow, but income doesn’t. Please, Lord, hear my prayer and show me a way to deal with these financial difficulties.

Please, Lord, please help me win big money in some way, always rising the glory up to you and thanking you for all that we are lucky enough to have.

Thank you for hearing my prayer Lord. In Your name, always.

Praying for A Monetary Win

Lord in Heaven, hear my prayer. Please, Lord, know that no matter the ills that have come upon me, I thank and praise you for my family and friends. Thank you, God, for giving us life, each other, and the knowledge of you and your Son, the one and only Lord Jesus Christ.

Now, I am coming to you to lift up in prayer my hope that you will grant me a monetary win. I am experiencing a lot of financial strife and need to be able to pay bills and fast.

I am not shy about working for my money but I can not work fast or long enough to earn what is needed to keep my family and me safe and sound, with food in our bellies and a roof over our heads.

For this, I implore you to shine your grace upon us once more and allow us to win big money. I ask this with no greed or deviance in my heart and soul, Lord, just with a desire to keep my family and myself safe, sound, and able to continue. Thank you for your grace, as always, my Lord.

In Jesus’ name,


Praying to Win to Get out of Debt

Dear Lord. I know that in you, all things are possible. I come to you today with the request that you see it in your infinite wisdom to allow me to gain enough money to get out of debt. I’ve been held back and I seek to move onward under your guiding light.

Thank you for all you do. Glory be.


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Bible Verses for Winning Big Money

And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus – Philippians 4:19

Philippians 4:19 is a Bible verse that offers hope and comfort to Christians who are struggling financially. The verse begins with the promise that “God will meet all your needs.” This is a reassuring statement for those who are struggling to make ends meet.

The rest of the verse goes on to say that God will provide for us “according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” In other words, God is not only capable of meeting our needs, but he is also willing to do so abundantly. This is good news for those who are hoping to win big money, as it means that God is able and willing to provide the financial resources needed to do so. Therefore, Christians who are praying for a financial miracle can have confidence that God will answer their request.

Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth. – Proverbs 10:4

The book of Proverbs is full of wisdom for living a prosperous life, and this verse is no exception. It is often easy to take the path of least resistance and to be content with what we have, but true wealth comes from those who are willing to work hard for it.

Diligent hands are not afraid of putting in the effort required to achieve success. They are constantly seeking out new opportunities and working towards their goals. In contrast, lazy hands are content to sit idle, letting opportunities pass them by. It is fine to pray for immediate financial blessing but we need to follow our prayer with action.

The book of Proverbs is clear: if we want to win big money, we need to be diligent in our efforts. Only then will we be rewarded with the wealth that we desire.

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