7 Earnest Daughter’s Prayers for Her Mother

Are you looking for a way to pray for your mother? Maybe you want to pray for her health or her spiritual well-being. Prayer can help you stay connected with her, help her and remind you of your relationship with God. Let these 7 daughters’ prayers for her mother guide you as you earnestly pour out your heart to God on behalf of your mom.

Say them often, and allow the prayers to fill your heart with peace and joy.

Let us pray.

We also have more specific prayers for a mother and daughter relationship if that is what you are looking for.


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Prayer for Mother’s Strength

Mighty God, you are forever able. From you come the life and strength of every man. I commit my mom to you. Please strengthen her every day. As she goes about doing household chores, please keep her strength up. As she performs her responsibilities in the workplace, please empower her.

As she serves other people’s needs in the church and in the home, please strengthen her hands and heart mightily. Let her find renewed vigor and enduring strength in you who strengthens her. Whatever challenges arise, keep her mind strong against discouragement and fatigue. And direct her to rest when she needs to be still and lean on you. Let her find wisdom in waiting on you so that she can rise with wings as eagles.

Thank you for your answer,


If you are worried about the safety of your mother, our prayers for parents list has some prayers for safety that you could offer to God.

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Prayer for Mother’s Blessing

Loving Creator, your word says that a virtuous woman is blessed. And truly my mother is. You have been so good to her all these years. I know that your generous heart will keep on providing for her needs and honoring her godly desires. Faithful father, bless her with a supportive family.

We need the wisdom to know how to best help her whenever she needs us. May my father be her guide, strength, and support in times of discouragement and whenever something needs to be done.

May we, her children, learn to be obedient. And in times when we don’t see eye to eye, bless us all with hearts that are willing to listen and compromise. Dear Lord, bless her in the office with a well-deserved promotion and pay raise. And whatever business she may have her mind to invest in, please give her good profits.


Prayer for Rest for Mother

God of peace and rest, I think of my mother tonight. I ask that you would give her a good night’s rest. She usually leads a very busy day, and it can be hard for her to stop working and stressing about so many things, even at night. Gift her with peaceful rest, O Lord. Cause her mind and body to relax so that she may ease into a good slumber. Direct her thoughts toward you and help her find satisfaction in all that she has accomplished for this day.

If there be unsettled matters, may she trust in you for resolution. If there is unfinished work, may she learn to pace herself and depend on you for wisdom to plan and strength to execute. Oh God, let her enjoy undisturbed hours of sleep.

In Jesus’ Name.


Scripture for Mother and Daughter Relationship

Daughter’s Prayers for Her Mother for Wisdom

All-loving and wise God, I think of my mother right now and ask that you would please give her wisdom. She makes decisions on a daily basis, and I pray that she will depend on you to make good judgment calls in all of them.

Father, let her know all the facts she needs before she undertakes any investment, project, or even activity. Lead her to your fountain of knowledge so that she may be fully aware of situations and issues before she forms an opinion or makes a decision.

Thank you for your grace.


Prayer for Time for Mother

God of ages, you hold time in your hands. You see the past as clearly as you see the future. Your unfailing wisdom has planned life with perfection. I pray that you would give my mom more time for herself. May she be able to enjoy times of relaxation as much as possible.

Free her from duties that can be done by other people at work and at home. Open up her schedule so she can pursue personal hobbies and passions in life. Bless her with synchronized schedules with her friends so they can meet up and enjoy a cup of coffee regularly.

Dear God, also, please enable her to manage her time well. At times, she may get overwhelmed with so many things to do and take care of. May she learn to prioritize rightly and carefully. Help her make the most of every day.

I pray this in Jesus’ Name.


Prayer for Closeness With Mother

Everlasting God, you are ever-present. You look to your children’s affairs and care for each one of us. Lord, please help my mom and I draw closer to each other. As years go by, it is easy for people to drift apart. Please protect our family time together. I pray that we will bond even stronger as time goes on.

Watch over our schedules and cause us to always find time to talk and just be together. As we both keep maturing and growing in our separate lives, still unite us in mind and heart, oh God. Let no dividing opinion cause a rift between us. Let no fault or mistake weaken our love and trust in one another. Dear Father, thank you for your agape love.

Help us to love like you.


Prayer of Thankfulness for Your Mother

Dear God, right now, I take this time to thank you for the gift of my mom. In a world where many are motherless, you’ve given me the love and care of a spiritual and diligent mother. You’ve blessed me with her life and example. You have used her to be your visible evidence of love, guidance, and support.

You’ve enabled her to raise us with godly fear, selflessness, and gentleness. Loving Father, I know we all make mistakes. And so I thank you for your goodness and grace at work in our lives. Thank you for giving her to me. And thank you for giving me to her. I am in the right family because you are there watching over us.

Lord, you never fail, and you’ve always been faithful.

I give you praise,


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