7 Holy Saint Gerard Prayers

Saint Gerard Majella was born in the early 1700s in Italy and is considered the patron and guard of expectant women. Several Saint Gerard prayers help expecting mothers overcome the difficulties of pregnancy and labor.

Such prayers are said to have saved the lives of so many women and have borne them healthy children. Saint Gerard is also sometimes referred to by his nickname, the Saint of Happy Deliveries.

Below are some Saint Gerard prayers that you can recite to ask for his help and mercy in a difficult pregnancy and childbearing process. Some of these prayers can be made by everyone, irrespective of pregnancy.

Let us pray.


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Prayer to Saint Gerard for Becoming a Mother

O my worthy Saint Gerard, you are the great intermediary before God. I put my trust in you and seek your blessings. You have always fulfilled God’s plans on this earth.

I now seek your help so I can be blessed through the will of God. I beg your mercy Almighty, the master of everything; by whose will all the matters of parenthood proceed, to bestow me with the fruitfulness of an offspring so that I can bring up my children in a way that they become the servants of God.

I pray for them to become the successors of God’s Kingdom and his greatness in the future.


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Powerful Prayer to Saint Gerard for Safe Birth

O worthy Saint Gerard, when you were accused falsely of a crime, you did not complain or croon, just like your Divine Master did. You patiently faced the defamations made by those wicked men. God has raised you to be the kind protector of all the expectant mothers.

I beg your perseverance from the pains and excessive dangers that come along with childbirth. I pray that you shield the child I carry in my womb so that it is blessed to see the daylight and receive the pious waters of baptism.


Saint Gerard Prayers For Both Mother And Her Newborn

O the almighty and everlasting God, you are the one who sent a holy spirit to bless the magnificent Virgin Mary. Your heaven-sent spirit blessed the glorious Mary and prepared her body and soul to make them worthy enough to carry the divine Jesus Christ and be a good dwelling place for him.

You sent a Holy angel so that he can sanctify and purify Saint John the Baptist in his mother’s body and before he was born. I, your humble servants, plead you to hear my prayers. I call upon and intervene Saint Gerard and implore you to protect me and shower me with your blessings when I am surrounded by the dangers of childbearing.

I also implore you, with the same intervention, to keep your blessed watch over the soul you are blessing me with in the form of my child. I pray that my child is blessed by the same pure and holy water of baptism and pray that we both, the mother and the child, after leading a pious life in Christianity in this world, become you delightful servants in heavenly realms.


Prayer for a Child’s Health to Saint Gerard

Our beloved Saint Gerard, you loved all the children just like our precious Jesus Christ. Your prayers were the source of freeing many children from many diseases and death. We beg you to listen as we plead for the health and wellbeing of our sick child.

We are thankful to God for the greatest gift He bestowed us with in the form of our child and ask for the mercy of God in restoring our child to health with His holy will and blessings. We are begging you for such a favor for your love for all children and their mothers.


Saint Gerard Prayer to Make in Times of Tribulations and Problems

O our Savior Saint Gerard, you have pain for the unfortunate ones in your heart. You are the one who eased the troubles of many of those with nothing at their hands.

You have healed numerous sick and unhealthy and have comforted many distressed. I beg you to listen to my worried heart as I bow in front of you, helpless and distressed. Seeking consolation and help from men turned in vain; therefore, I am coming back to you, knowing your powerful blessings will mend my ways.

Help me with your grace, Saint Gerard, may it be in freeing me of all my tribulations or making me strong in bearing it as I do it out of my regard and faith in God.


Saint Gerard Prayer to Obtain Patience

O our beloved and Omnipotent God, you once endowed our Holy Saint Gerard with all the patience and faith he needed. Your gift to him made him so invincible and strong as he was amid illogicalities and persecutions, defamations and weaknesses, thereby turning him into your blessed crucified son for the people to come.

Grant Lord, we now beseech you that with our eyes fixated on the Holy Crucifix, just as Saint Gerard’s did, we may stop sinning, get purified of the previous ones, and are worthy of claiming our regard for you through patience and faith and through Jesus Christ, who is our Lord.


Prayer to Make to Saint Gerard in Temporal Needs

O God, you would often bless Saint Gerard with the power to help the poor in their needs, bless us with the gracious mercy that we ask of you (state your need).  We ask your blessings through the intervention of your pious and most blessed Saint Gerard and promise to serve you with our full will when we are helped in our needs and when we get rid of our sufferings.

Our faith in you is the anchor to hold us in time such as these and eternity. May we always show our reverence to you by showering others with kindness and love and making others around us happier.


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Prayer to Saint Gerard for Becoming a Mother

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