7 Miracle Prayers for Getting Pregnant

These 7 miracle prayers for getting pregnant are a great way to share your worries and concerns with the Lord. If you are trying to conceive and it just isn’t happening, it can be absolutely heartbreaking. If you feel that your spirit is starting to break from the process, praying to get pregnant can help you feel more relaxed and calmer.

The prayers in this article will help you express your feelings to God in a way that allows Him to heal you. Praying for pregnancy will help you feel more in touch with God and with yourself, allowing you to feel a stronger sense of faith.

Let us pray.


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Prayer to be Blessed with a Baby

Dear Lord,

As I am sure You are already aware, conception has not been an easy process for me. I have struggled with becoming pregnant. I am ready to experience the miracle of creating a new life to bring into this world.

Becoming pregnant will be the biggest miracle I could ever imagine. I pray that when I do finally conceive, You will protect the baby and me during the whole pregnancy. I pray that You will watch over both us of and allow me to carry the baby to full term. I pray that I will be fertile enough to conceive and end this longing that I feel to become a mother.

I place my faith and trust in You.


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Prayer for Fertility


I am praying to ask You to bless me with the miracle of fertility. This has been a huge issue for me when it comes to becoming pregnant. So many doctors have said I am experiencing fertility issues.

I pray that You will keep me in Your mind and that You will not forget about me, just as Sarah did in the Bible. I am trying to be patient because I know You have a plan for everyone. I have had an uncontrollable feeling of doubt and hopelessness that I am hoping You will be able to wash away for me. I want to thank You for the life You have provided me with, and I am certain You will hear my prayer and grant it.

I am eternally grateful for You and Your love.


Bible Verse for Getting Pregnant

Prayer for a First Time Mother

Dear Lord,

Thank You for giving me this wonderful life that I am living. Thank You for taking care of me all my life as You have. As You know, my biggest longing and my strongest desire is to carry my own child. I want to be able to feel my child growing inside of me, feeling each little kick or hiccup.

I long to be able to hold my baby. I pray that You will help me conceive a child and bring a new life into this world with the person I love and cherish. I vow to raise my child in Your light. I place my faith in You, Lord, and I allow You to take control of my situation.

I know when the time is right, You will not let me down.


You could offer up other prayers for new parents to ask God to watch over your shoulder.

Prayer for a Second Child


I thank You for the blessing of my first child every day. I am so grateful that You have allowed me to become a mother once before. I am forever thankful that You have placed my firstborn into my life to raise, love, and hold forever. I pray to ask You to grant me the opportunity to be a mother to a second child.

It has been difficult to conceive this time, and I pray that You give me the strength to not give up. I want this child for my first, so they have a sibling to grow with, play with, and make memories with.

I place my faith in You and pray that You allow me to conceive for a second time.


Bible Verse for Getting Pregnant

Prayer for Conception

Dear God,

I pray to explain to You the problems I am having with my ovaries. My ovaries are causing issues that are making it incredibly difficult to conceive. I have been to several doctors to try to figure out a solution that could allow me to conceive naturally.

I pray that You heal my ovaries so that I will not need to have a surgical procedure. Lord, I ask that You fill my body with the Holy Spirit so that I can feel faith stronger than I have ever felt.

I pray that You can perform a miracle to help me conceive.


Prayer for Your Own Family

Dear Lord,

My husband/wife and I are here to pray together. We have decided that we are ready to conceive a child, but we are experiencing issues conceiving.

We pray to let You know how important it is for the two of us to start a family together. We pray that You can help us find out what is preventing conception so that You can heal us and allow us to conceive. It would be such an incredible miracle for us to become parents.

We pray to You for the opportunity to move past husband and wife to become a family.


Prayer After a Miscarriage


I pray that You lift my spirits during this extremely difficult time. I pray that You can give me hope and excitement to conceive again in the future. I am experiencing pain and hurt that I never even knew was possible.

I pray that I can be healed and be blessed with the opportunity to conceive again and carry the baby to full term. I ask that You provide me with the courage I need to keep moving forward, and the strength I need to try to conceive again in the future.

I pray that You always provide me with hope, no matter how hard and difficult things may seem. I trust You and trust that You have a plan for me.


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Bible Verses for Getting Pregnant

He settles the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. Praise the Lord – Psalm 113:9

The bible verse Psalm 113:9 is a promise from God that He will settle the childless woman in her home as a happy mother of children. This verse is a great comfort to those who are struggling to conceive, as it reminds them that God is able and willing to bless them with children.

This verse also serves as a reminder that God is sovereign and in control of all things, including the womb. For those who are struggling with infertility, this verse can be a source of hope and encouragement, reminding them that God has a plan for their life and that He will ultimately give them the desires of their hearts.

If you’ve been struggling with this fear, you could also offer up a prayer for fertility.

Then God remembered Rachel; he listened to her and enabled her to conceive. – Genesis 30:22

For many couples, the decision to start a family is a joyful one. However, for some couples who have difficulty conceiving, the path to parenthood can be a difficult one. Many couples who have struggled with infertility have found comfort in this bible verse.

The story of Rachel and her husband Jacob is one that is familiar to many people. After years of waiting, Rachel finally became pregnant and gave birth to two sons. This story provides hope for couples who are struggling with fertility issues.

It reassures them that God is listening to their prayers and that He will eventually answer them. This verse also reminds couples that they are not alone in their struggle. There are many other couples who have gone through the same thing.

Prayer for Fertility

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