7 Miracle Prayers to Stop Divorce

Marriage problems are common. All couples will go through it. Sometimes, it can get very challenging, and spouses may think that divorce is the best solution. Before you decide to break the knot, seek God’s help and direction through private prayer. May these miracle prayers to stop divorce help you both overcome this difficult time in your marriage.

Through the Lord all things are possible. He can bring both of you back closer than before and through prayer, he can save a marriage from divorce. All things are possible through God, especially in love.

Let us pray.


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Miracle Prayers to Stop Divorce By Renewing Love

God of love, Author of true love, teach me to love as you love. I admit I have not been selfless. My self-centeredness has brought troubles in this marriage. I became so focused on my needs. I magnified offenses out of proportion. I’ve become resentful, even vengeful for things I could have easily forgiven my spouse for.

Lord, forgive me for my sins. Help me learn Agape love and shower my spouse with Christ-like love. I also pray for my spouse to choose to love me once more. Father, please empower us and unleash your grace in this marriage. Help us renew our love for one another. Help us let go of the hate. Help us surrender our pride.

Give us a miracle today, Father. Amen.

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Prayer for Forgiveness in a Marriage

God of mercy, I seek your help with my marriage today. Things have become too painful that we are now on the brink of divorce. Father, work in our hearts. Let your forgiving heart enable us to forgive each other for the mistakes we’ve both made in this relationship.

Oh, Lord, nothing is impossible with you. By your grace, we can forgive the unforgivable. Let your grace overflow in our hearts and help us find the strength to let go of any resentment, bitterness, and anger. Help us realize that we are both imperfect, but we still deserve a chance to restore whatever has been broken in this marriage.

Help us, Father. We need your grace.


Bible Advice to Stop Divorce

Prayer for Change in a Marriage

God, you make all things new. You make pathways where there is none. You create out of nothing. You can help us change things for the better in this marriage. I yield my marital problems to you today. I commit my marriage and my spouse to you.

Father, work in us. Revive this marriage. Create in our hearts a clean heart that is committed to strengthening our relationship as husband and wife. Father, whatever it is that I need to change, help me do it. Help me see where I fail, where I fall short. Give me the wisdom to understand the needs of my spouse and help me make changes so I can meet those needs and become what I need to be for the good of my spouse and this marriage. Only you can help me. Come to my rescue.

Save us from divorce,


Bible Verses to Stop Divorce

Prayer for Closeness in Marriage

Blessed Father, you know all my ways. My problems are not hidden from you. Please intervene in my marriage today. Save it from divorce. Bring happiness and peace back into our relationship. Help us rebuild our friendship. Let us draw closer to each other and learn to be the best of friends once more. Break down any walls that prevent honesty and trust from growing. Merciful God, work things out for us.

Let everything turn out for good. Help us stay committed to our marital vows. Lead us to thoughts and ways that will enable us to rediscover our similarities. Give us wisdom to see the good in our differences and uniqueness, so that we don’t resent each other for the different ways we think and act.

Father, help us today.


Prayer for Communication in a Marriage

All-knowing God, you know our thoughts and intents. You know what is in our heart to speak before we say it. Father, help us with our communication problems today. It is a major cause of stress in our marriage. We’ve forgotten how to communicate with one another. Please help us form the right words to say so that the other person may understand. Keep us from saying things that will only hurt and not help each other. Give us the wisdom to know how to communicate effectively and resolve conflicts rightly.

Oh patient God, help us be patient with one another. May we learn to listen without being judgmental. And may we be truly willing to do whatever it takes not only for this marriage to work but for us to find true joy and fulfillment in it.


Prayer for Intimacy in Marriage

Creator of all things, you’ve made us for intimacy. You instituted marriage for people to bond together for life. Father, help us save this marriage today. We don’t want to divorce. I don’t want to quit on my spouse.

Lead us back to each other’s arms and work a miracle so that intimacy can happen once more. Help us deal with marital issues one by one. Whatever it is that caused us to drift apart, break them all down, Father. Work in our hearts and move us to desire each other as we used to. Show us ways we can nurture intimacy. Free up our time so we can be together and just enjoy each other’s companionship. God, nothing is too difficult for you.

Please, shine your healing light upon our marriage today. Amen.

Prayer of Thankfulness in Marriage

My Faithful Father, I thank you that you hear our prayers. I thank you that you are a miracle worker. I know you can help us and you will. Things seem hopeless but I know you are not uncaring, you will make a way for us to stay together. Lord, I am worried, but I choose to trust in you and praise you for what you are going to do.

This is a great challenge, one that is hard to bear. Yet I feel your Spirit hovering over us, comforting us, and protecting this marriage from divorce. Thank you, God. Because you are watching over us, we know we can survive this ordeal. We submit to your help. We call on the great God who overcomes, please help us overcome.


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