7 Passionate Prayers for Teenage Sons

A son’s teenage years can be tricky to navigate. To your son who is full of energy and creativity, life presents a lot of options. And it is so easy to get distracted or become misled.

Besides guiding your son with words of wisdom and acts of support, seek God’s intervention and direction through personal prayer. May these 7 prayers for teenage sons guide you into passionately praying for the welfare of your cherished boy.

Let us pray.


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Prayer for Health of Teenage Sons

Immortal God, you bless our bodies with good health. You keep us free from sickness. You cause us to grow strong and tall. Please bless our son with a healthy, growing body. Make him physically strong. Keep his defenses up against viruses and infections.

Don’t let him catch any sickness from other people who may be carrying an infectious disease. Cause his cells to repair themselves in times of weakness. Great God, please grant my son optimum mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Lord, nothing is impossible with you.

I know you are able. Thank you for your answers. Amen.

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Prayer for Sons Growth and Maturity

God of all blessing, I commit my teenage son to you today. Bless him with growth and maturity. Sometimes, teenagers think they know everything. And sometimes, they feel so confused. I ask that you will guide Him into all truth with your Spirit. May he learn to maintain the right frame of mind as he goes through the stages of life, especially the teenage years. Bless him with growth in all aspects.

Enrich him with experiences that will nurture his talents and gifts. Fill him with opportunities to learn new skills and master old ones. Empower him with mental clarity as he listens to school instructions. Increase his ability to retain new knowledge. And provide venues for him to apply what he knows in real-life situations.

Prepare him for life one day at a time, Lord. This I pray in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Prayer for Good Friendships for Son

Dear God, you are awesome in your ways. You work the details of our lives and lead us to your perfect plans. Father, even accidental meetings will serve your good purposes if we stay yielded to you. So, Lord, I pray for my son’s social life today. He goes out most of the time.

He interacts with different people on a daily basis. I ask that you will lead him to good and beneficial friendships. Keep him away from bad influences.

Connect him to people who will teach him new things that will be helpful to his life. Lead him to a group of supportive friends who will encourage him to persevere and not quit and to do right, never wrong. Answer my prayer today, Amen.

Prayers for Teenage Sons Spirituality

Holy Father, you desire worshippers that worship in spirit and in truth. You call all people to draw near to you, and you promise to draw near to them. Oh, Father, please work in my son’s life today.

Let my teenage son know that his most important relationship on this earth is with you. Let your spirit draw him close. In his youthful years, may he burn in a desire to know you through your word. May he make time for the church to worship and fellowship with other believers. May he discover you personally as he sees you at work in his life on a daily basis. Father, communicate and connect with him in a personal way.

Let him sense your mighty hand watching over him and guiding him.


Prayer for Protection

Our able Shepherd, You are strong and mighty in all your ways. We will never be in need, and we will always be safe under your watchful care. We know our son is safe with you, and to you, we give his life.

Keep him safe from physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental harm. Dear God, let your angels minister to him when he is out and about. Let them keep his ways straight and safe. Lead our teenage son away from paths that lead to accidents and danger. I rebuke all evil and ask that your Spirit stay close to him and guide him on his ways at school, at work, with his friends, and when he is alone.

Wherever he may be, Father, please keep him protected at all times. Amen.

Prayer for Closeness With My Teenage Son

My God, you are not bound by time nor space. You are the keeper of our souls. Please give me time with my teenage son. May I draw closer to him in spite of the generational gap between us. He lives in a time that is so different from the one I grew up in. May we mutually learn to understand each other and communicate on a good level.

Help me understand him and bond with him even when we don’t see eye to eye. Remove any hindrance or fear that might prevent him from coming to me in times of need, sadness, discouragement, and fear. May he trust and respect me as his parent.

May he refuse to imitate those self-seekers who disregard other people’s advice. Father in heaven, please bless me with a close relationship with my son. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Prayer of Thanks for Your Son

Giver of life, I pause to lift a prayer of thanksgiving for my teenage son. Thank you for the gift of his life. You brought him into our lives, and you filled our homes with even more joy and laughter.

You’ve given us blessing upon blessing. While you have delayed in answering other couple’s prayers for children, you have been quick to bless us with a son. O generous Father, there is no one as gracious as you. Thank you for the wonderful life you have planned for him.

Help us be faithful stewards of the life you have entrusted into our hands. We lean on your spirit and yield to your direction. God, be praised in all we do. Amen.

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