7 Powerful Prayers for the Family of the Dead

Offering up a prayer for the family of the dead asks the Lord God to console and help the family and loved ones of someone who has returned to Him.

When someone you care about is suffering from loss, your heart breaks with them. You want to do everything in your power to guide them to comfort and peace. The power of prayer can help bring contentment, healing, and strength to those who need it most. God’s endless power and might can be a monumental force to help your loved ones.

These prayers for the family of the dead will help connect you and those you love to the harmony and refuge found with God.

Let us pray.

These prayers are to help others who have lost a family member. We also have a collection of healing prayers for the passing of a loved one if you have lost someone.


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Prayer for Comfort After Loss

Our merciful father,

Your grace and goodness are ever-present in our lives. As our friends mourn the loss of their family member, we ask for you to send them comfort. Nourish their spirits with Your word and the peace found therein. Send them peace through the Prince of Peace.

Dry their tears and help them to find emotional fortitude in this trying time. Warm their hearts and soothe their aches. We ask you to grant them the knowledge that they are not alone.

We have witnessed Your grace and comfort in our own lives countless times, and we now graciously ask for that same power in the lives of our friends. Grant us your comfort and strength in this trying time.

In Jesus’ name,


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Prayer for Increased Faith After Loss

Dear God,

In Your infinite wisdom, You have blessed us so many times. We have seen Your hand in the workings of our own lives and the lives of those around us. We thank You for all of the blessings You have shared with us.

We thank You for Your mercy and grace. God, our dear friends have lost someone who meant the world to them, and we pray now for Your power to increase in their lives. We pray that they will have a stronger faith in Your divine plan.

We pray that they will notice Your power in every detail of their lives. Bless them to trust that their loved one has gone to a better place and now rests with You. Strengthen their faith and help them trust that the pain will lessen. We thank You again for every blessing You have shared with us, and we thank you for watching over our dear ones.

In Jesus’ sacred name we pray,


Bible Verse for the Family of the Dead

Prayer for Knowledge of How to Help After Loss

Merciful God,

We thank You for sending us comfort in this time of loss. Thank You for listening to and answering our prayers. Your guidance is ever necessary for our lives, and we seek it every day.

As we strive to “mourn with those that mourn,” we ask for Your help. Strengthen us so that we can offer the emotional support that our friends need. Lead us to the things we can do to help ease their suffering. Open our minds to the words they need us to say. Send us Your spirit, so we may know how to serve as instruments in Your hand.

With gratitude, we pray in Jesus’ name,


Prayer for the Power to Forgive After Loss

Heavenly Father,
Thank You for watching over us and protecting us. Thank You for sending comfort to those who are suffering after the death of their loved one. Father, some of our dear ones may be feeling anger after this tremendous loss. They are upset at having someone they love taken away.

Help them to forgive themselves. Ease their minds so that they may take unnecessary pressure off of their spirits. Soften their thoughts, so that they may not be hardened by this tragedy. Extend their patience, so as they deal with the temporal needs associated with loss, they may find spiritual strength and nourishment.

Help us all to forgive as You forgive us, so that we may find rest in Your word. May You continue to ever guide our hearts to Your path.

In the name of Jesus Christ, we pray,


Scripture for the Family of the Dead

Prayer for Rest After Loss

Our gracious God,

We humbly express our gratitude for the blessings You freely give. We thank You for the mercy and grace You extend to everyone we hold dear. As our loved ones grieve, we ask for Your power to help them find rest. Calm their minds, so they may sleep at night. Ease their thoughts, so they may find comfort.

Lift the burdens from their shoulders, so their bodies may heal as well as their spirits. Please alleviate the stress they are experiencing due to the temporal needs associated with this loss. We know that You are the source of all true comfort and rest.

In Jesus’ holy name, we pray,


Prayer for Someone Honoring a Lost Loved One

Our dear, loving Father,

We graciously acknowledge Your wise plan for us and we humbly listen for Your guidance in all of our doings. As our dear one grieves their tremendous loss, we ask for a special blessing to be placed upon them.

Send them joyful memories to comfort their minds. Show them the path to creating a memorial service that will honor and treasure their lost one. Encourage them to savor each moment with gratitude, love, and humility.

Preserve their recollections so they may never forget the love they have felt for this person. We turn our minds and our hearts to You and ask You to extend Your love to our friends who mourn. As always, we yield to Your plan and Your wisdom.

In Jesus Christ’s name,


Prayer for the Mental Health of Mourners

Gracious God,

Humbly we thank You for guiding our thoughts and deeds. Our power comes from You, and we express our gratitude for it. We ask for Your power in aiding our friends who mourn during this time. Bless their minds with resilience. Grant them peace and emotional regulation.

Clear their minds, so they may think and act with Your spirit. Give us understanding so that we may empathize with them and uplift them. Help them understand their feelings and know how to process this loss with poise and strength. Encourage them and provide them with the tools they need to prevail. Thank You for your goodness and mercy in all things.

In Jesus’ name,


You could offer a prayer for a grieving friend in their time of need.

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Prayer for Comfort After Loss

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