7 Powerful Prayers for the Truth to Be Revealed

These are seven prayers for the truth to be revealed and ask the Lord to help us in his loving way. When we feel like we are wandering around in the dark, it can be frightening and confusing.

We need the comfort of our Heavenly Father. Let God help you see the truth.

Let us pray.


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Praying for God to Reveal the Truth

Dear Lord, Heavenly Father, we are grateful that you have blessed us with the bounty and richness of our lives. We pray you, God, look down upon us and see fit to share with us the truth of your ways. We wish to know your will, that we may follow it till the end of our days, ever praising you and glorifying your name.

Teach us, for we are but children, sheep of your flock, who stray, and you show your ways again and again. Please show us your mysteries, Almighty Father, that we may be dazzled in your glory.

When we are low, show us your love and compassion, for that is your true face, and take us higher with you that we may adore and praise you until the end of our days, for you are the Lord, the bringer of light.


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Praying for Others to See the Truth

Almighty God, we give thanks for our brothers and sisters in your world. Though we may not always agree, we are all your children, and your love is for all. When they need our truth, we pray you, reveal to them honestly what is right about us, and show them the heart of the matter with love and compassion.

May our actions and words speak for us and speak through you. You are our Holy Father, and you talk with love. May we have love for our brothers and sisters as you commanded and present ourselves as we indeed are to them

May there be no anger between us, only joy. Please guide them, Lord, and guide us. You know our hearts. Reveal the truth to them.

In Jesus’ name, we pray,


Praying for Loved Ones to Reveal the Truth

Our Dearest Lord, our loved ones have comforted us, as you have, on many dark days, and we are grateful to you for them. Now, let them reveal what we need to know and stand by their side and ours.

Guide them and us through this situation and let each one feel free with the other. Trust is ever necessary, Lord, as it is with you. Reach out to them with love and be gentle with all our hearts.

Bring us together in compassion and caring. Thank you, Father. In the name of Jesus,


Praying to See Through Falsehoods

Our Loving Father, give thanks for all you have given and done for us, that you can see when we cannot. We pray that we may see through what might not be the whole truth of the matter in this situation.

Give us clear sight and reveal the truth to us, O Lord. We are but men, and you know all. Please show us what we need to know in this tide of falsehoods, that we may see as you see and know the truth.

Guide our hearts and bless our sight. We thank you for this opportunity, Jesus. In your name, we pray,


Praying to Know the Truth of God’s Love

Our Beloved Lord, you love us as your children and take care of us on your splendid earth. We are eternally grateful and ask that you stay by our side until we join you in your heavenly kingdom.

O Great God, your love is mighty and eternal. We are so small and tempted to stray like sheep. Yet you continue to love us, no matter what. You have given everything for us. We push you away, and you reach for us.

Your love is unending, and you are our shepherd, our Savior. We pray to you, continue to reveal your love to us. Show us your love on our worst days and the days when we shine. Never leave our side, Jesus. We thank you for your sacrifice. In your name, we humbly pray,


Praying for Gratitude for the Truth

Almighty Father, we thank you for what you have given us; your grace has genuinely showered upon us. In this life, you have blessed us, and for that, we are grateful. Holy Jesus, we have been given the truth, and it has changed us; it has made things different.

This might not have been the truth we wanted, and we are struggling. Yet we know you are by our side, offering comfort. Please help us to see the wisdom in this matter; allow us to see your hand in it. Gratitude is what we need.

Let us see with your sight and know that we now have the truth; we no longer have to wonder. There are no falsehoods. Honesty is laid bare, and trust can grow again. Healing can happen.

We will move on from this point, Lord, and we will be thankful for what we now have. Be with us, Jesus, be our strength and comfort, and show us joy and happiness again. In your name, we pray,


Surrendering the Truth into God’s Hands

Father, we are grateful that you should walk with us and strengthen us through our days. We give thanks for your glorious world and our brothers and sisters that walk upon it. Lord, you know our hearts and minds, our comings and goings.

You know the truth of what we have done and said. We surrender the truth to you. It is in your hands now, to do with as you will. We know you have our best interests at heart and will care for us in the way you think is best.
Thank you, Great God, guide us and watch over us to the end of our days. For Jesus Christ’s sake,


Surrendering the Truth into God’s Hands

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