7 Prayers For Someone You Love to Come Back

You can use these prayers for someone you love to come back to ask God for their return to your life. Ask the Lord to lead them back to you and choose the prayer which suits your circumstances.

God can help intercede in our love life and bring us so much happiness and joy.

Depending on where your relationship currently stands you could offer some general prayers for love to invite deeper love into your life or pray for the reconciliation of a relationship if you’re currently separated.

Let us pray.


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Prayer for Them to Miss You

Dear Lord, I pray for the current pain in my heart. I pray you will send light back into my life and fill my void. I trust you will give them the guidance and the wisdom to walk back onto the correct path. I am asking you to enter into my life and give me the love I have been missing, dear Lord. In Jesus’ name, I ask you to return my loved one to me.

I ask you to bless them with a clear conscience, to show them the right way, to restore their Faith and Hope, and show them that their true love is waiting for them. Lord, please guide them like you have guided me, make them feel loved by our Father like you have made me feel.

In your name, I Pray,

Prayer for the Patience to Wait for Them

Our loving Father, I pray for you to give me strength. I thank you for giving me Faith, now I ask you for you to give me Hope. Thank you, Lord, for never letting me down, for never leaving me and for being with me through every hurdle and bump on the road.

Help me keep my mind clear, and not give up, please Lord. I ask you for patience until the end of this painful road in my life, I ask you for the courage to keep going. Give me a sign that the end of this long road is near, and that my patience will be worth it.

In your name, I Pray,

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Praying to Settle an Argument

Almighty Father, we are grateful for the abundance of love and joy that you allow to come through in our lives. We ask you, as a couple, to give us understanding, compassion, and forgiveness for one another. Let our misunderstandings become lessons rather than punishments, let us learn from our mistakes and let them improve our companionship.

Dear Lord, we ask you to make our unity stronger by each day and let our love for each other grow. Allow us to be each other’s rock like you were for us. We allow you to heal us with your teachings through our conversations and our interactions. In Jesus’ name, let us live in harmony and devotion.

In your name, I Pray.


Prayer to Settle an Argument

Prayer for You Two to Get Married

Our dearest Lord, you have helped us climb back up every time we were down, you have provided us with guidance and with blessings. I now ask you to bless us with the greatest gift of all. I ask you to unite two people, create a divine match, and fill our lives and our hearts with love and joy.

Let our marriage be one filled with passion for love, life, wisdom and Faith. Let us come together through your healing and through your power, almighty Father. Unite us in the name of Jesus and let our hearts burn and melt together into one, like never before. Allow us to serve you together as man and wife, for the rest of our time.

In your name, I Pray,


Prayer to Have a Family With Them

Dear Lord, thank you for the blessings that have come our way, thank you for opening our souls and hearts and letting unconditional love pour through our bodies. We thank you for keeping us together and showing us the meaning of maintaining Faith and Hope in our hearts and minds.

Please, Lord, allow us to expand our loving merger by gifting us with a miracle, a child. So far you have shown us to trust your ways, to maintain the love for our Lord and Savior. Now we ask you to bless us with becoming parents, becoming teachers and showing our child the beauty that is life when God loves you.

In your name, I Pray.


Prayer to Have a House With Them

Our heavenly Father, we thank you for waking us up in good health, we thank you for the food on our plates, and we thank you for the money in our pockets. We pray for you to bless us with a roof over our heads, a home to call our own. In Jesus’ name we ask you for your guidance in finding a place to grow our family, our household, and continue to worship and follow His teachings.

We allow you to enter our hearts and our minds and lead us in the right direction towards our abode. May we be reminded of the blessing coming our way and may we exceed through all aspects of life in our new home.

In your name, I Pray.


Prayer to Be Successful With Them

Dear Lord, every day we honor you and worship you, we allow you to come into our lives and guide us through every obstacle. We ask you to grant us the wisdom we need for our success and abundance. We are committed like we are committed to your teachings, Father.

We want to work hard, we want to succeed. We need you to lead us in the right direction, we need your guidance in making the right choices. May we devote ourselves to our success the same way we devote ourselves to you, with all of our hearts and all of our souls.

In your name, I Pray.


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