8 Heartfelt Archangel Gabriel Prayers for Protection

The world can be a frightening place. A powerful prayer can make all of the difference in your own life and the lives of those around you. As you seek protection for yourself and your loved ones, offer to the archangel Gabriel prayers for protection.

Let us pray.

A prayer for an angel’s protection asks God to send one of his angels to watch over your shoulder at all times. Whether for yourself or as a prayer for protecting family, these angels ward away harm and evil.


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Archangel Gabriel Prayer for Protection of Health

Archangel Gabriel, thank you for everything that you do to watch over and protect me and my family. Thank you for helping me do God’s work. At this time, I ask you to protect my health. Watch over my body. Keep my body functioning with strength and ease. Nourish my body so that I may complete the tasks I need.

Keep me strong so that I may continue to do the work of God. Protect me from illness and ailments. Help me heal quickly when I am sick, so that I may continue my time with my family.

I thank you again for all of the protection you have already offered to me, and I ask for this protection over my health.

In Jesus’ holy name, Amen.

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Archangel Gabriel Prayer for Protection Over My Spirit

Archangel Gabriel, thank you for using your power to protect me and my family. Thank you for every instance where you have interceded on my behalf. Thank you for offering guidance from God, just as you did for the Virgin Mary. I ask you now to protect my spirit and its progress.

Help me to hear the voice of God so that I can make choices that will help me grow spiritually. Help me to put myself in situations where I can do the work of God. Guide me to people who need my assistance.

I ask you to invoke God’s power as I study his holy word. Help me to find those scriptures that will guide me in my path. Let me use the word to strengthen my spirit and my faith. I offer this prayer in humility and in the hallowed name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Bible Verse For Archangel Gabriel Protection

Archangel Gabriel Prayer for Protection Against Evil

Archangel Gabriel, thank you for invoking the power of God to protect me. I humbly and graciously offer my gratitude for your defense. I offer this prayer now to ask for your continued protection against evil.

Keep me away from evil influences that distract from the Holy Spirit of God. Keep me in places where I can feel the influence of God’s word. Help me seek out actions that will fortify me against evil.

Protect me from those who would do me harm. Guide me away from those who would influence me to do that which is contrary to the goals of God. I offer my gratitude and close this prayer in the blessed name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Archangel Gabriel Prayer for Protection Over Our House

Archangel Gabriel Prayers for ProtectionArchangel Gabriel, thank you for interceding on our behalf so many times. Thank you for invoking God’s holy power in our lives and on our behalf. We pray to you now to ask for you to invoke that power to protect our family’s house.

Keep our house safe from natural disasters. Help our house stand strong, so that we may keep it as a sanctuary and a place where God is welcome. Protect our house from fire, floods, winds, and other forces of nature that would do it harm.
Protect our family from people with ill will. Keep our doors secure from those who would steal our temporal belongings.

Help us to remember that each of these items is a gift from God and that we should show gratitude. We offer this prayer in

Jesus Christ’s sacred name, Amen.

Archangel Gabriel Prayer for Protection Over My Family

Archangel Gabriel, I thank you for protecting my family. Thank you for watching over our health and wellbeing. Thank you for helping us accomplish the temporal accomplishments that we seek. Thank you for interceding on our behalf.

I pray now to ask for protection over my family. Watch over them and keep them from heartache. Help me know what I can do to aid them in their endeavors. Keep them safe as they are both near and far away from me. Keep them happy and healthy in all that they do.

Protect my family from heartache. Bless them that they will find wholesome connections and sacred activities. Keep them away from danger. Thank you for the protection you so freely give.

In Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

Archangel Gabriel Prayer for Protection Over the Country

Archangel Gabriel, thank you for watching over me every day. Thank you for keeping me safe and happy. I ask you now to protect my country. Guide our leaders to the decisions that will protect the citizens. Show them how to lead with dignity and compassion. Keep our country safe from those who would harm us.

Protect those who serve our country selflessly. Watch over their families and offer them comfort. Bless the citizens of this country that we will act responsibly and protect our neighbors, as God would have us do. Thank you again for your protection and generosity.

We offer this prayer in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Archangel Gabriel Prayer for Protection Over My Mental Health

Archangel Gabriel, you have provided so much guidance in my life. I offer my sincere thanks and appreciation for this guidance and for the protection that you so generously offer. I pray to you now to ask you to protect my mental health. Watch over my mind.

Help keep it strong, so that I can use it for good. Bless me to know what to do to keep my mind functioning with strength and agility. Help me study and learn so that I may enrich my mind in a healthy and sacred way.

Please aid me as I guard my thoughts. Keep my thoughts gentle. Help me to love myself and this body that God has so graciously given me. Help me stay humble and assist me so that I may be kind to myself. Thank you for fulfilling these prayers.

In Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

Archangel Gabriel Prayer for Protection of Health

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Bible Verses For Archangel Gabriel Protection

And there appeared to him an angel from heaven, strengthening him. – Luke 22:43

This Bible verse from the book of Luke tells the story of how the archangel Gabriel appeared to Jesus and strengthened him. The archangel Gabriel is known as a protector and defender, and he is often called upon to help people in times of need.

In this verse, Gabriel appears to Jesus during his time of trials and strengthens him. This shows us that Gabriel is always there to help us, even when we feel like we can’t make it through tough times. He is a powerful force for good, and he helps to protect us from harm and evil.

Then the devil left him, and behold, angels came and were ministering to him. – Matthew 4:11

This Bible verse speaks of the power of God’s angels in protecting us from harm. The story of Matthew 4:11 is a reminder that no matter how dark and difficult our circumstances may be, God always has His angels with us to protect and guide us.

Archangel Gabriel is one of the most well-known angels, and he is especially associated with protection. In the book of Daniel, Gabriel appeared to Daniel in a vision and warned him of the coming persecution. In the book of Luke, Gabriel appeared to Mary and told her that she would bear the Son of God. Throughout Scripture, we see examples of Gabriel interceding on behalf of God’s people, and he continues to do so today. Even if we don’t see it right before our eyes.

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