8 Divine Prayers for Peace and Comfort for the Dying

Praying for someone who is dying can be an extremely surreal and vulnerable moment. In this moment, death will seem more real than you ever thought possible. Dealing with death can be really scary for the person who is reaching the end of their life.

It is also incredibly hard for the loved ones of that person. One way to help yourself and your loved one find comfort is to pray for them. Here you will find seven prayers for peace and comfort for the dying.

Let us pray.

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Prayer to Know Jesus Before Dying

Lord Jesus,

Please come into my life and protect me during this extremely difficult time I am experiencing. I believe that You resurrected. I believe that You are living in Heaven. I ask that you wash away all of my mistakes. Forgive me for my sins. I am asking you to come into my heart.

I beg you to be my Savior. I am forever grateful for the sacrifice you made to protect me. Please allow me to live with you eternally in Heaven.


(This prayer can also be altered to pray for a loved one who has not known Jesus.)

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Prayer for the Dying


Thank you for being with us during this extremely difficult time. We must confess that we do not understand why things happen the way that they do. We do not understand why illness comes into our lives. However, we do know that You walk through every path with us that our life presents.

Remind (name) that You are with them, that You love them no matter what they are going through. I also pray for their family. Give this family Your strength as they care for (name). God, we are thankful that You never leave us, that You never forsake us, and that You love us. We trust You and pray this in Your name.


Comforting Prayer for the Dying


Please help (name) find comfort in the peace You provide. Let them Your love during this time when they need it the most. Help them by reminding them that You will be there to accept them into Your arms and that You love them.

Provide them with calm feelings as they depart. May You keep them close in Your presence.


Prayer for Those Who are Sick

Lord Jesus,

We pray for (name) and commend him/her to Your mercy. We pray that You will come down from Your Kingdom to retrieve their soul to take back with You. Although he/she has sinned in the past, he/she has never denied the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

They have believed in You, God, and worshipped You during all of their days. May (name) who is suffering in pain and illness and disease realize that they have been chosen by You to join You for their eternity.


Prayer for Those in the Midst of Tragedy


Our hearts are mourning those who are dealing with this great tragedy right now. We ask that You be there for (name) and their family as their comfort. We ask that You shield them and protect them with Your grace and mercy. Surround them with peace during this incredibly dark time. We thank You for always being there when You are needed the most. We are grateful that You are always in control and evil cannot stand against You.

We ask that with Your power, You bring down the darkness that (name) and their family are going through. We know that everything happens for a reason and You always have a plan even if we may not understand why things happen the way they do.

We thank You, God, for surely You are with (name) during this most difficult tragedy they are fighting. We thank You that You are always close and in our hearts. We know that Your love will never fail.


Prayer for Peaceful Passing


I commend (name) to You and pray that they will entrust You. May You allow their soul to return to be with you once again, for You formed them Yourself. May You send Mary, the angels, and all the saints to greet (name) as they peacefully pass over to their new eternity.

May You allow (name) to find comfort, and peace as they say goodbye to their loved ones. Lord, may You forgive them for all of their sins and set them among the others that You have chosen, allow them to meet You face to face and enjoy the vision of Your face as You call them home.


Prayer for the Comfort of the Family Members


I pray that you bring peace to the family of (name). Offer Your comfort to them as they prepare for what will me the most difficult moment in their lifetime. Allow for them to feel peace knowing that their loved on is moving on to a better place. Make sure they feel their loved one will be safe with you. Provide peace and comfort to this family.

Thank you for the gift of life that (name) brought to the world. May he/she rest peacefully with You for the rest of their eternity.


Prayer for All of the Tears

Dear God,

Today, we all cry so many tears that have a hundred meanings all at once. We feel sorrow, desperate, hopeful, and somewhat happy knowing (name) will not feel any more pain soon.

I trust You to sort our tears as You catch them and to hear the prayer each tear holds. I cry for the loved ones (name) is leaving behind so soon. I ask that You provide comfort, peace, and hope to all of us who have been crying so many tears for so long. Lavish us all with Your love, especially (name) who needs it the most right now.

Please, God, let us find comfort as the tears continue to roll down our faces during these difficult times.


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Comforting Prayer for the Dying

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