8 Prayers for Speedy Recovery for a Friend

When someone you love gets sick or has some kind of accident, you want the best for them. You want them to recover and feel better quickly, and it can be frustrating if you feel like there is nothing that you can do to help them. You can always tell them personally that you hope they get well soon, but that almost always feels like it’s not enough.

Something you can do for your friend that can help them feel better, and help you feel like you are helping them in some way, is to pray for them.

Recovering from an illness or an injury can be a really hard time, but knowing that someone is saying prayers for you can make a difference.

Let us pray.


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Prayer to Ease Pain

Dear Lord,

I am praying today for (name) who is in need of Your healing touch. They have obtained some serious injuries that they will need to recover from.

Help them find the courage to allow You to ease their pain and heal their hurt when they need You the most. I pray that You help ease their pain so they can get some restful sleep, allowing their bodies to begin the healing process as quickly as possible.


If your friend is really struggling with pain, we have a further collection of prayers for a friend in pain you could offer to God on their behalf.

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Prayer for Recovery from Illness


I pray for (name) in this desperate time of need. May they be made aware that Your hand is holding them and encouraging them to recover. May they be able to rest and begin their healing process. Please provide them with the comfort and reassurance they need to get over this illness.

Heal them of their symptoms and restore them at the cause. Lord, please help them in changing aspects of their life that will aid and promote the healing process. Renew their body, mind, and heart and allow them to find the peace to relax and not worry.


You could combine this with one of our popular prayers for health or a specific prayer for a sick friend.

Scripture for the Speedy Recovery for a Friend

Prayer for a Fast Recovery from an Operation

Dear Lord,

Thank You for being present at this time when (name) needs you most. They experienced an operation and they are now in recovery. I pray that you bless the medical staff that cared for (name) with kindness, skills, and wisdom.

I thank You that the operation went successfully and that there were no complications. I ask that You now personally watch over and bless every step of (name)’s recovery.

Protect their wounds from infection. Heal their bruises. Allow for them to get restful and sound sleep during this recovery when they need it the most.


Prayer for Healing and Quick Recovery


You continue to show unconditional love and support to us when we need it the most. (Name) has fallen ill. I am praying that You can assist them by providing a quick recovery. Your presence makes us all stronger. You touch our lives with Heavenly praise, and You heal with the wings of Your spirit to bring us new hope. I pray that you let (name) be aware of your presence.

Help provide them with what they need to make their healing process as quick and easy as possible.


Bible Verse for the Recovery for a Friend

Prayer for Hope and Strength

Almighty God,

(Name) is starting to lose hope that they will recover. They are starting to lose the strength to keep fighting their illness. I know that You reach into the darkness and provide hope, truth, and light to those who need it the most. You lend Your hand to those who need to share Your strength to keep fighting.

You share unconditional love with everyone. In this dark time, I pray that You breathe Your light into the darkness that (name) is caught in. Provide them with a light that redeems, restores, heals, protects, and saves them from this uncertainty they are experiencing. There is no stronger power than Your love, so I ask that You shine that power on (name) and allow them to find hope and strength.


Prayer for Healing a Loved One

Dear Jesus,

You came down onto this Earth and understood this broken world. You also rose from the dead into a resurrected life. I pray for my loved ones that You will hold them close in your embrace.

Bless the doctors that are working tirelessly and endlessly to help (name) recover and heal. Bless the hospital staff that is taking such great care of (name). I pray that you will fill my loved ones with Your restorative spirit, bringing healing and wellness to their body. May Your love stay with them through this difficult time they are experiencing.


Prayer for a Miracle for a Friend

Dear God,

I am praying to ask You to do what only You can do. You are God, and You perform miracles. I pray that you perform a miracle for (name) in this time of need.

Show them how You fight for them and how You love them. Free them of anxiety and worry. Give (name) the hope and strength to pull through their injuries and be restored to their full health. I pray that You can share with (name) my efforts discussing with You for their miraculous healing.


Prayer for Personal Healing for a Friend

Dear God,

I know that You know (name) better than anyone. You created him/her, You know exactly what thoughts are going through their head at all times. You have told us all that when we need You, we need to ask for You. It’s impossible to know what Your plan for us all in life is, especially in times like these that are so uncertain.

I ask that You allow (name) the opportunity to heal themselves mentally and physically. They have been through so much; they don’t even know themselves anymore. I pray that You can help (name) begin their process of personal healing of their mind, body, and soul. It is important that they can feel confident in their healing process.

Shower them with Your affection so they can gain the confidence they need to succeed.


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Prayer for Recovery from Illness

Bible Verses and Scripture for the Speedy Recovery for a Friend

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. – Psalm 147:3

This verse reminds us that God is always there to help us get back on our feet. No matter how bad things can seem we need to have faith and trust in God.

Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble, and he saved them from their distress. He sent out his word and healed them. – Psalm 107:19-20

God is the provider of all healing. He is always there for us when we need it and calling on his assistance for a speedy recovery invites him into our lives with his healing touch.

He hears and answers our prayers to help us overcome all hurt, illness and injury.

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