8 Sacred Saint Gabriel Prayers

St. Gabriel prayers are a powerful aid in our spiritual life, and can greatly enrich our prayer life. St. Gabriel is one of the three Archangels, and his role is to serve as God’s messenger. He is commonly portrayed in art as wearing blue or white and carrying a lily.

St. Gabriel

In the Bible, he appears in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. In the Old Testament, he appears to Daniel and explains his visions while Daniel is sleeping.

In the New Testament St. Gabriel appears at some very important times. First, he appears to Zacharias and tells him that his prayers for a child have been heard and that his wife Elisabeth will have a child.

The child that is born to Zacharias and Elisabeth is John the Baptist, who announced the coming of Jesus. But before John is even born, Gabriel comes to deliver a message again, this time to Elisabeth’s cousin, Mary. This time Gabriel gives the most important message of all. He tells Mary that she is to bear a child. Because of these appearances, St. Gabriel is known as the messenger of God. He delivers many messages about faith. He is the patron saint of messengers, telecommunications workers, and postal workers. His feast day is celebrated on March 24.

Let us pray.

Prayers to St. Gabriel the Archangel

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Prayer of Praise to St. Gabriel

St. Gabriel, the glorious and powerful messenger of God,

We thank you and praise you for your role in bringing salvation to a sinful world. You helped the prophet, Daniel, to understand and proclaim God’s word.

You foretold the birth of John the Baptist and announced to Mary the birth of her Son, Jesus, who came to save the world.

You showed the shepherds the way to the cradle on that great night when Jesus was born, and sang His praises to the world with all the choirs of angels.

You stand before the throne of God and proclaim His greatness to us ceaselessly, and you reveal to us the great mysteries of His Divine Life.

You pray for us unceasingly and lead our souls to heaven.

May God be ever praised and glorified through your name, Oh St. Gabriel, now and forever,


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Prayer to St. Gabriel for Faith

Dear St. Gabriel, you stand at the throne of God and worship Him unceasingly with songs of praise and thanksgiving, along with the choirs of angels.

Most fortunate are you to be forever in the presence of God and bask in the glory of His light. You see Him face to face and share His goodness with us poor sinners on earth.

You never doubt in God’s goodness and love; help us to have that same confidence and to praise God as you do. Grant us faith, though we are blind to the greatness of God’s love for us.

Carry our prayers to the throne of God, and lead us on the path of salvation. We ask this in the Name of Jesus.


Bible Verse For Archangel Gabriel Protection

Intercessory Prayer to St. Gabriel

Glorious St. Gabriel, the powerful messenger of God,

You announced to Mary the birth of our Savior and in doing so brought hope to the world. We pray that you would intercede for us with God the Father.

Through your intercession may we receive the strength of mind and heart to fulfill our mission here on earth, so that we may one day praise the Heavenly Father with all of the angels and saints in heaven.


Prayer to St. Gabriel in Time of Need

Oh dear St. Gabriel, the messenger of God, you who are so close to the Almighty Father’s ear, help us in our time of need.

You brought good news to a world in darkness with the annunciation of Jesus’ birth; bring us the good news we need in this time of trial and grant us peace and consolation.

We ask this through Christ, our Lord.


Prayer to St. Gabriel for Protection

If it is protection you seek, we have a more complete list of Archangel Gabriel prayers for protection.

Oh powerful St. Gabriel, a warrior in the army of God, come to my aid and protect me against the traps and snares of the evil one. Shield me beneath your wings, and banish the powers of evil.

Open my ears to hear your warnings against anything that might harm me, and grant me the courage to withstand temptation.

I ask this through Christ, our Lord.


Prayer to St. Gabriel for the Right Words

Glorious St. Gabriel, who speaks God’s words to mankind, grant, I pray you, the wisdom and understanding to know what to say. Open my mind and my heart to hear God’s voice, and give me the words to speak charitably to those around me.

May all that I say be said with a true love for God and my neighbor, for His glory and my sanctification.


Prayer to St. Gabriel for Conceiving a Child

Blessed St. Gabriel, I come to you in praise and thanksgiving for your great assistance in announcing the birth of our Savior to the world.

Dear St. Gabriel, intercede with God for me that He may grant my desire of conceiving a child.

You who gave Elisabeth and Mary the news of St. John the Baptist and Jesus, help me in asking God for the same good news for me.


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Prayer of Thanksgiving to St. Gabriel for the Birth of a Child

Dearest St. Gabriel, you announced to Mary the birth of her son, Jesus, and brought great joy to the world. You were present at the birth of our Savior on Christmas day and throughout His life on earth. Now I ask that you be present with my newborn child as he/she begins his/her life on earth.

Guide him/her on the right path, and keep him/her safe from all harms that threaten him/her. Lead him/her to the eternal glory of heaven, so that he/she may one day praise God with all of His saints and angels for all eternity.

I ask this in the name of Jesus Christ.


Intercessory Prayer to St. Gabriel

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