9 Powerful Prayers for Angel Protection

Life’s challenges, tests and tribulations deliver heavy, worrisome burdens and these prayers for angel protection can help bring safety and peace of mind. During those darker times, we need a light to show us the way and keep us aligned with God’s grand plan. Praying to Angels can give us a boost when we most need it, providing guidance and comfort.

It’s important to remember that you do not have to follow these words specifically. If you find they resonate with you, great! But it’s more important to speak from your heart and feel it with your soul. Always be humble and grateful in thought, deed and word when asking for help from angels.

Let us pray.


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Gratitude Prayer to Guardian Angel

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for blessing my life with a guardian angel to guide and protect me every day. I’m so grateful for the gifts I receive and continue to experience. Your Love humbles me, tempers me and keeps me safe under the promise of your Holy Son.

The extension of your spirit burgeons in my heart with love, devotion and respect. There are no words to describe my unending gratitude for your shield and armor. Please continue your protection through difficult times and provide strength when most needed.

In all your glory and majesty, Amen.

Whether you’re praying for something specific (like a prayer to bind an evil spirit) or just seeking general protection for yourself or others in your life, God and his angels are always there for you.

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Protection Prayer to Archangel Michael

Oh, most noble Angel of Angels, he who is the Voice of God, protect me in these tumultuous times.

I ask you for protection and to remove evil from my life. Oh, terror of the rebellious angels, I pray for your strength and valor against Satan and his army.

Defend me and those I love always in the name of the Lord, Amen.

bible verse about angels protection

Protection Prayer to Archangel Gabriel

If you are worried about safety, we have a more complete collection of Archangel Gabriel protection prayers.

Oh, most blessed messenger of Angels, he who is the Warrior of God, he who spoke with Christ’s mother Mary, I ask you now for your blessing.

Please send me the wisdom to understand and accept our Almighty Father and his purpose for my life. Help to remove the confusion of my thinking so that I may follow His path,


Protection Prayer to Archangel Uriel

Prayers for Angel ProtectionOh, most venerated Angel, he who is the Flame of God, I call upon your greatness for guidance and light.

Illuminate proper wisdom and knowledge so that all my choices and decisions align with Our Heavenly Father. Help me to use this knowledge to remove hatred and fear from my heart and replace it with love and understanding,


Protection Prayer to Archangel Raphael

Oh, most renowned Angel of Healing and Health, he who is the great physician of Heaven in the sacred company of God, deliver me from evil.

Please protect my mind, body and spirit from illness and abuse. Divert ill will and evil intentions from myself and others who wish to do me harm. Keep me safe all my days and extend this protection to all whom I love,


Quick Protection Prayer from an Angel

Sometimes, something happens and you can see harm coming right toward you. In fear and shock, we clam up and often forget to begin praying. Memorize and say the following prayer when an immediate danger presents itself. Say it as fast and as much as you can while envisioning an image of white light around you:

Dear Heavenly Father, full of grace and love, I ask your angels to send protection from above.

Bible Verses for Angel Protection

Angelic Prayer for Someone or Group of People in Need

Holy messengers who sit in the great company of the Almighty God in the Kingdom of Heaven, I ask for your protection, guidance and wisdom. I ask for this blessing with all of God’s Will and grace to ___ (full name of person/group).

___ (describe their problem or trouble in detail: illness, addiction, corruption, wicked behavior, violence, and etc). Please, Blessed Angels, send your ___ (list the gifts you wish for the angels to send: love, protection, healing, strength, wisdom, light and etc).

Show them the way to the light and truth of the Heavenly Father.  Please remove these hardships and troubles from their life. Allow them to have a peaceful, fulfilling existence and give them the strength and support they need.  Admonish all evil from their presence and give them the tools necessary to clear negativity from their ___ (previously mentioned problem),


Praying to Angels for Seeing Truth

If you are dealing with others lying or concealing the truth, share a prayer for the truth to be revealed.

Dear Father in Heaven, who gave the world his only Son and keeper of Celestial Messengers, I ask for the infinite wisdom of your Hallowed Angels. Help me to see lies and deception, keeping my eyes on the Truth and the Light of the promise of the World.

Give me the strength and foresight to separate the wheat from the chaff, to decipher when Satan’s temptation is before me and behind me. Provide me with the shield and sword necessary to cut through delusions and defend against those who wish to trespass against me.

Divert evil messages and words from others and give me the wisdom to know the difference. Thank you for your help and guidance, my love and devotion are yours through the power of Our Lord, forever and ever,


Angelic Protection Prayer

To the most sacred who keep the Light of God Almighty, you bless our lives every day. Holy Angels, we pray and wish for blessings for ourselves and the world. We ask that you open your tenderness of heart and eternal wisdom to bestow guidance, love and protection in all things.

Watch over us, keep us on the path to Heaven and provide us the necessary wisdom to keep ourselves from going down the road of sin. Please extend this to the world, to those who are suffering, those who are hungry and those who are facing cruelty and persecution.

Stay with us until we’ve reached our eternal and final salvation. Our praise and love are yours as you watch and protect our children. Always allow your fires of kindness and knowledge to keep us safe and in your care,


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Protection Prayer to Archangel Gabriel

Bible Verses for Angel Protection

For He will give His angels charge concerning you, to guard you in all your ways – Psalm 91:11

Psalm 91:11 is a promise from God that His angels will protect us. This doesn’t mean that bad thing will never happen to us, but it does mean that God will always be with us, even in the midst of difficult times.

We can always rely on his protection and his angel’s watch over our shoulders.

For it is written, ‘He will command His angels concerning you to guard you carefully – Luke 4:10

The Bible is full of stories of angels intervening on behalf of God’s people. From the angel who appeared to Mary to announce the birth of Jesus, to the angels who protected Lot and his family from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah to the angel who ministered to Elijah in the wilderness – time and time again, we see evidence of God’s protective love for His people through the ministry of His angels.

This verse from Luke 4 is a reminder that we, too, are under the care and protection of God’s angels. Though we may not always be aware of their presence, they are constantly guarding us and interceding on our behalf.

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