6 Faithful Prayers for Safe Road Trips

Prayers for Safe Road Trips

God protects us in all that we do. He wants to help us with the things that matter in our lives. If you are traveling, you may worry about difficulties you may face on the road. These prayers for a safe road trip ask God to watch over everyone involved. The prayers in this list … Read more

6 Blessed Prayers for God’s Help

Prayers for God's Help

These prayers for God’s help can be used in any area of your life or on behalf of another to ask the Lord to intervene in our lives. God is all-powerful and He loves all of His children. He wants to help us when we ask for His help and influence in our lives. He will … Read more

8 Consecrated Prayers for Special Intention

Prayers for Special Intention

Every time you pray, God hears your requests and accepts your gratitude and these prayers for special intentions invite the Lord into various parts of your life. When you have something particular in mind that you want, you can ask God for help. Whether you have a goal you would like to accomplish or a … Read more

7 Pious Prayers for Healing A Friend

Prayers for Healing A Friend

As Christians, we as called to watch over others and these prayers for healing a friend invite the Lord God to watch over them. Caring for your friends is an important aspect of this life. It helps you develop important relationships that can bring you closer to Jesus Christ. On top of that, caring for … Read more

5 Pure Afternoon Prayers

Afternoon Prayers

The scripture tells us to pray continually and these afternoon prayers allow you to connect with God as you go about your day. Praying throughout the day is a powerful way to help you tune into your spiritual power and realign with the values you would like to emphasize. Praying in the afternoon can also … Read more

7 Guiding Prayers for Unbelievers

Prayers for Unbelievers

As true Christians, we are called to spread the word of God to those who need to hear it and these prayers for unbelievers empower us to be able to do so. We all have family and friends who don’t personally know God. While we talk to them about our Heavenly Father and His love … Read more

12 Powerful Prayers for Good Luck and God’s Favor

Prayers for Good Luck

As true Christians and followers of Christ, we know that all things are within His control and these prayers for good luck ask for God’s favor as we follow our day. So much of life can feel like it requires good luck. We cannot control many circumstances in our life, and we often feel that we … Read more

5 Divine Daily Prayers to Offer God

Daily Prayers

Regular prayer is important for maintaining your spiritual health. It ensures that you are communing with God and tuning into His desires for your life. Praying every day can help protect you from temptation and sin. The following prayers will help guide you in your daily prayer. Be sure to pray regularly and trust in … Read more

5 Devout Prayers For Miscarriages

Prayers For Miscarriages

Miscarriages are heartbreaking. They can be disheartening, discouraging, and devastating for hopeful parents. They can make women feel isolated, afraid, and depressed. God’s powerful love and comfort can help women find strength and hope again after a miscarriage. The following prayers for miscarriages will help you invite God’s power into your life and the lives … Read more

5 Angelic Prayers For The Loss Of A Brother

Prayers For The Loss Of A Brother

These prayers for the loss of a brother ask the Lord to welcome him into the kingdom of heaven and to console you in the pain of your loss. The Bible tells us: The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. – Psalm 34:18 He will not leave us in … Read more