Gentle Prayer to Break a Soul Tie

A prayer to break a soul tie asks God to end a connection that is no longer serving you. A soul tie can feel like a gift and a curse at the same time. When it is not a healthy and respectful connection where both are committed and honorable in their dealings with each other, breaking the tie and moving on is better for everyone.

Let us pray.


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Prayer to Break Soul Ties

Heavenly Father, I come to You in the name of Your son Jesus.

I repent for all the ways that I have allowed myself to become bound to others through soul ties.

I renounce any and all ungodly soul ties that I have formed with anyone, living or dead. I bind the enemy from using these soul ties against me and declare that they are broken in Jesus’s name.

I ask for Your forgiveness and healing, Lord.

Cleanse me with Your blood and set me free from every chain that has been holding me back. I thank You that I am a new creation in Christ, and I pray that You would help me to walk in obedience to Your Word.

In Jesus’s name.


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Prayer to Break Soul Ties for Someone Else

Heavenly Father above, I come to You in the name of Jesus.

I ask that You would break any and all soul ties that ___ has with anyone and anything that is not of You. Lord, I pray that ___ would be free from the bondage of this tie.

Fill ___ with Your Holy Spirit so he/she will be hungering and thirsting after righteousness. Give ___ a heart for You Lord and surround him/her with Christian friends and accountability partners.

Hold them close and support them, Lord God, as one of your own. I pray this on their behalf.


Scripture to Break Soul Tie

Soul Tie Breaking Prayer

This was a longer prayer shared with our YouTube congregation. You can have us share this prayer on your behalf on the video above or if you prefer shorter prayers, you might consider offering god a prayer for true love or a prayer for your soulmate.

This prayer to break a soul tie is unbelievably important, when something is wrong with a relationship, the end of that link and that relationship is the right thing to seek.

Dear Lord through your words we learn the value of love. This is the most important of all human virtues. You are clear in the Bible what you mean by love. It isn’t proud and boastful it isn’t selfish. Love is selfless and kind.

Bible Verse to Break a Soul TieIf a soul tie is not resulting in all of those things then breaking that tie honors you. This prayer is not disrespectful to the gift of love, rather this prayer is all about finding and honoring the kind of love you preach about and want for us.

You talk of love often in the bible as love between a husband and a wife. Since your time on earth, the world has shifted slightly and many of us find love outside of this definition. In the end, we all understand that when you talk about love between man and wife you mean all different kinds of relationships.

For all relationships, we know that you mean for us to love each other in the same way, married or not. You ask us to live for each other and to serve each other in every way. You command that we pay attention to every need of the other.

You describe an equal life and love, where both put the other above themselves.

Sometimes a soul tie comes into being that results in a very uneven relationship, where it is all one-sided and the love and attention is not reciprocated.

This kind of soul tie which is uneven or fully one way in favor of the other is not something you advocate or value. This is not what you preach.

This prayer to break a soul tie is because it is a harmful connection, not a healthy one.

This kind of soul tie which allows dishonor and emotional pain on one side is awful to behold and experience. You want love and honor between those who connect to each other, not this dysfunctional state.

This is not something you want for any of your flock to experience, and yet sadly it happens and we stay connected for all kinds of reasons.

A soul tie is very difficult to disconnect from, there is heat and pain at the same time, It is incredibly difficult to break and walk away from, hence this plea for your help.

Your version of love is selfless and seeks no gain from the other person, it is really about honoring the other person. The love you talk about is not angry or vain or harmful to either party.

You describe selfless love, offering kindness to each other. You ask husband and wife to submit to one another. This submission is completely mutual not one-sided, nor is it with a third person outside the relationship.

All of this is wrong and very definitely where the soul tie must be broken before any further damage is done.

The resulting bond from the kind of love you describe is one made up of respect and kindness. The soul tie we need freeing from is the opposite of this. It is one of subjugation and emotional emptiness.

This kind of soul tie can be dangerous to the bearer. It can lead to damage to the heart and soul.

This kind of soul tie relationship leaves one half feeling lonely and emotionally abandoned.

This prayer to break this kind of soul tie is fundamentally important.

Committing to breaking this kind of soul tie is difficult and sustaining the break is even harder, it is easy to say you will do it and to make that resolve, it can feel impossible to feel capable of following through with the intent.

The nature of a soul tie is that it can feel deep and powerful and at times actually unbreakable, it can feel like it is meant to be, and it can even feel like it is sent from the Lord, blessed and meant to be.

It can feel right for a while, in fact, it can feel that the only thing that matters in life, and the start to a whole new life and love. Slowly though whilst a lot of the soul tie remains, doubt and reality can creep in. The tie slowly erodes but does not fully fade away or leave.

What you thought was a burning soul tie connecting two people for life, making your connection special and above and harm, turns slowly to be a very one-sided thing, or worse a third party gets in the middle of the connection.

For whatever reasons when one part of this soul tie stops treating the other like they should, then it is time for it to end. It is so painful to accept this realization and this is where your help is needed, Lord.

You are all wisdom and strength and some of that is needed in coming to the decision to end the connection and to move on. It takes wisdom and strength to really believe that it is the best thing to do.

It takes wisdom and strength to know how to walk away from the connection, and it takes complete strength to stay away and not to soften and start to see only the good and to forget the pain and the poor behaviors.

This prayer to break a soul tie is offered so that the tie is truly broken so that the pain and suffering of the loss are borne. Accepting that this soul tie is not all of your life and that there is a future without it takes amazing strength.

Help me see the first steps I must take Lord and help me see a future without this connection. I find it painful to think of life without it.

I do not want to live in anger and resentment, I want to live a life with love and peace.

Help me to accept this and to commit to living without it in the sure and certain knowledge that there is someone better waiting to hold my heart and soul.

This soul tie has been a false one. Though it pains me to admit it and say it out loud, it also helps me to truly believe it and trust myself to do the right thing.

Help me to learn from this experience and to move on with trust and care for myself and trust in you Lord for the love you have in store for me.

Bring strength, tenacity and healing throughout this journey to break the soul tie. Stay with me and help me see the truth through your eyes, Lord. Stay with me every step of the way, keeping me steadfast in my resolve.

Keep me on the right path to a new love that has honor and decency at its core.

Help me break this soul tie forever and never look backward. Stay with me Lord, let me lean on your strength when I need it most and help me move to a stronger place.

In you, I trust Lord Jesus Christ. Hear my Prayer.


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Scripture to Break a Soul Tie

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”

Psalm 34:18

This is wonderful to read in Psalms, comforting to know that healing the sick is not all that God takes time for. It is a recognition that the heart and the spirit are just as important and that he is there for us in these times.

I read this and I know that it is right to offer prayers for broken hearts, and for mending, it speaks to his care for us, it speaks to our need for him in times like these and his acknowledgment of that.

“Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand firm”

Ephesians 6:13

It feels so bad asking for such a strong, what felt like an unbreakable bond, to be broken. For it not to have the immense hold in you it once did, to turn to God and ask for help with this is right. This verse from the Romans reminds us that we may not always understand why things happen to us but that he has a purpose and will lend us his shield so that we can withstand the pain.

In this prayer it is really a prayer to stand firm in a resolve to break something that felt so right at one point, so resolve can weaken and this reminds us to stand firm.


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