3 Holy Prayers for Peace in the Workplace

Offering God a prayer for peace in the workplace asks the Lord to remove stress and friction from our work. When we pray for God’s blessing on our job, it can make all the difference. With God’s help, we can find peace and calm even amidst the busiest days.

It is a prayer that is most relevant for those who are feeling stressed at work, not because of workload or demands of the job but because of the in-fighting and stress of personalities clashing. Many of us have worked in these toxic environments, and have been drawn into the arguments and stress. All this spills over into our home lives and makes us miserable and joyless.

Let us pray.


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Prayer to Get on with Coworkers

Lord, I am so grateful for this job. It’s not perfect, but it provides for me and my family, and I am so thankful.

I know that the workplace can be stressful, and I pray for your peace and guidance. help me to get along with my coworkers, even when we don’t see eye to eye.

Help me to be patient and kind, even when I’m feeling stressed. And help me to remember that you are always with me, no matter what.

Thank you, Lord.


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Encouragement Workplace Prayer

Heavenly Father God,

I come to you asking for some encouragement and motivation at work. Things are stressful but with Your help, I can get by any obstacle.

I ask that you give me the strength to stay positive no matter what or who I come up against. Help me become the light in my workplace and allow my positive attitude to shine through, helping us all.


Scripture for Peace in the Workplace

Prayer for Workplace Peace

This is a longer prayer we shared with our YouTube congregation. You can watch along with the video above if you’d like us to pray on your behalf.

If you wanted something shorter we have collections of prayers for stress at work and prayers for protection at work. These prayers are shorter and easier to repeat if you would rather offer them yourself.

Lord, it is important to me that my place of work is peaceful and that the people I work with honor your commands. You ask us to work hard and to be kind to others, this doesn’t always happen where I work and it can cause misery.

I want my work to honor you and I can only do that when I am amongst those who act in a way that is true to what you ask of us.

Simple things like loving one another become so hard in the workplace when all there is fighting and division. This means that the atmosphere is low and people have a distrust of others.

A lot of the trouble has its roots in pride and vanity, Ecclesiastes tells us that all is vanity and that we should concentrate on the important things, we are not the important things, yet many work colleagues vie to be in a better position than others.

Much of the bad behavior has its roots in selfishness and greed. I find all of this hard to cope with and struggle to keep my mind on my work.

I want to go to work and do my best in the job I can. This means working with no hassle and grief in a place where God’s commands are followed. I am happy to follow your command Lord and need your help in staying true to you, honoring you with my work.

It is possible to be drawn into the intrigues and misery and in-fighting without being aware that you are stepping into the affray. Help me to avoid this Lord by keeping me focused on performing well in my work and avoiding any temptation to stray from that objective.

I am asking you to listen to my prayer to let me find peace in the workplace. I need to be less stressed when I come home from work, and I realize that most of my stress comes from other people making work unhappy, not the work itself.

I am finding this tough Lord and can’t find a way to fix it or avoid it.

The devil will find work for idle hands and it is true that most of those involved in any drama at work will not be focused on their jobs, Thessalonians refers to these people as ‘busybodies’

Help me to avoid such people and to keep my head down and follow my own path honoring God by doing good work.

It does help me to calm my thoughts when I take a few minutes during the day to pray to you and praise you Lord for through that praise I find some joy and peace.

The scripture tells us to seek joy through our love of the Lord. It is possible for our work to bring us some joy and for us to honor your command “a cheerful heart is good medicine” as we are told in the Proverbs.

I try to go into work with a smile on my face and to spread a bit of positivity and love as I work, I try to do the best job I can and to keep my head down and away from those that would cause trouble.

Lord if there is anything else I can do to create a better workplace please guide my thoughts to find it.

Help the managers to spot the troublemakers and to sort out the problems with skills and love in their hearts.

Any intervention you can give usLord would be much appreciated. I know in your wisdom and love that you will guide those who disrupt the workplace in other ways. I pray that you enter their hearts and calm their minds so that they are filled with your love and grace.

For my part, I try to listen to your word, as it advises in Romans “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good”. When anyone at work does me or others a bad turn deliberately, I do not try to undermine them in return, I act with as much kindness as possible to try and show the way you want us to act Lord.

Please give me the strength to continue in this way Lord.

I pray that the unimportant petty fighting and vying for position becomes clear and those responsible see the error of their ways.

Lord, I will continue to offer my prayer for peace in the workplace until your work is done here, and offer the same prayer for all workplaces where most people just want to do a good job.

Lord hear this prayer.


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Bible Verses and Scripture for Peace in the Workplace

And to aspire to live quietly, and to mind your own affairs, and to work with your hands, as we instructed you. – Thessalonians 4:11

Often workplace arguments start because people do not keep to their own business, focus on their work, they get drawn into gossip and chat that only stirs trouble. Keep quiet in these times and do not be drawn in.

For we hear that some among you walk in idleness, not busy at work, but busybodies. Now such persons we command and encourage in the Lord Jesus Christ to do their work quietly and to earn their own living. –  Thessalonians 3: 11-12

A similar but more direct indication in Thessalonians again that keeping to yourself and becoming focused on doing a good job will be the only way to keep out of trouble and keep peace at work.

So as to walk in a manner worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing to him, bearing fruit in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God. – Colossians 1:10

We have many references in the bible such as this which shows us that we should obey the Lord and walk humbly in his name, doing his good work.

You who are servants who are owned by someone, obey your owners. Work hard for them all the time, not just when they are watching you. Work for them as you would for the Lord because you honor God. – Colossians 3:22

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