5 Holy Prayers to Have a Baby

Offering a prayer to have a baby asks God to bless your life with the gift of parenthood and a child. This is one of the most heartfelt and meaningful prayers.

One of the simplest and best-known verses in the bible that talks about having a baby is from Samuel, ‘I prayed for this child and the Lord granted me what I asked of him’. This gives us all the reason we need to ask for this blessing in a prayer Lord.

Lord God Almighty, I offer the same plea to grant me what I ask of you.

Let us pray.


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Short Prayer to Have a Baby

Heavenly Father, I come to you today with a humble heart.

I am longing to be a mother, and I know that this is Your will for my life.

Please grant me a child, God. Send a baby into my life soon.

I pray for Your blessing as I embark on this journey of parenthood. Give me wisdom and patience as I raise this child in Your ways. most of all, help me to always remember that this child is a gift from You.


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Prayer to Have a Baby Soon

Heavenly God, I come to you in prayer with a humble heart.

I am in accordance with Your will, waiting to start my family. I know that Your timing is perfect, but I also grow impatient waiting for the gift of a baby soon.

Please grant me the desires of my heart and let me conceive quickly. I am grateful for all the children in this world, and I long to raise one of my own. Thank you for all the blessings you have already bestowed upon me. I love You and trust in Your plan for my life.


Bible Verse to Have a Baby

Prayer for New Baby

Oh dearest God of Heaven and Earth,

I come to you in prayer for the blessing and gift of a new baby. Please, Lord, you can see into my heart and know of my deepest desire and ability to be a parent. Please grant me this gift, as I know that with your help I can raise a happy, healthy and devout child.


Prayer to Conceive a Baby

Heavenly God above, I come to you in prayer with a humble heart.

I am trusting that you will bless me with a child, and I am grateful for all the children that you have already blessed others with. I know that you have a plan for my life, and I am trusting that your plan includes becoming a mother.

I pray for your guidance as I try to conceive a child. Grant me wisdom as I navigate this process, and strengthen my faith when I feel discouraged.

I ask all of these things in Jesus’s name.


Scripture for a Baby

Powerful Prayer for a Baby

This longer prayer was originally shared with our YouTube congregation. You can watch the video to have us say this prayer on your behalf or if you’d prefer shorter prayers, we have prayers for a healthy pregnancy or prayers for getting pregnant.

Lord God, there is nothing so precious as life itself and the miracle of childbirth is something we cannot begin to fully understand. To give the gift of life to another person is a miracle. I am asking you to bless me with this gift to allow me to become the vessel for one of your precious flock.

I want nothing more in my life than to have a baby. There is nothing more important to me and I know that you will grace me with this blessing if I ask it of you.

The love bond between mother and child is something that everyone sees when they look upon the Madonna and child and everywhere in their own lives. I want to be that mother that people see and know that the love bond exists and that I love my baby more than life itself.

I am asking you to bestow upon me that miracle, that love through childbirth and having a baby in my arms. I long for this more than anything Lord.

I know that you granted this to Mary when you chose her to be the mother of Jesus for she is the symbol of motherhood and undying love for her son. I understand that she sacrificed everything to be the mother of Jesus and I want to give everything to my child too.

I am pleading with you to grant me the grace of a baby. I want above all else in life to have a baby to cherish and love. I know this is the biggest gift that can be bestowed upon a woman that she can bear a child and bring a new baby into the world.

I know that I am asking for that grace right now in my life. Bless me with a baby and I will bring my child up in your warmth and love. I will bring my child up to know you God and I will be thankful for every day in the child’s life that I get to see my child become an adult and follow your word.

Lord, I honor you for all that is to the world, for your love and justice and wisdom. You care for all of us and gave your only son to us to show us how we can live and love and gain entrance into heaven. You made the ultimate sacrifice through your son so that we could all have a place at your side.

Lord you know what it is to have a son, to watch them grow, you allowed Mary through a visitation of the Holy Spirit to bear your son, to bring baby Jesus into the world. That mother and child became a symbol of hope and love for all of us and will do for eternity.

You have taught us the meaning of love and sacrifice, and I like all mothers who would sacrifice everything for their children. Lord, I know you will help me to be a good mother, to bring my child up to follow your word and to do good in the world.

Prayers to Have a BabyYou choose to have your son be born of a woman, you choose to have your son be born in a barn and in human form to be the most exceptional human being to ever walk this earth. Mary was graced to carry this baby and bring her son into the world and nurse and love him into adulthood.

You understand all of that and how important it is for a woman to give birth to a child and to have that bond that is unique and irreplaceable.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, hear my prayer, as you look down on all others and help them on their way, look down upon me with your full grace and grant me this one blessing that I have a baby soon.

This prayer to have a baby is the only prayer I feel in my heart right now and I am prepared to repeat it daily to show how much it means to me deep in my heart.

I have no need for anything else Lord. I have all the love in the world to give and long to give that love to my own child. I long for motherhood more than anything else in the world.

Lord hear my prayer to have a baby and look favorably upon this heartfelt request for your help. Bless me with a child so that I can learn how to love even more and how to sacrifice for the only thing that matters to me.

I am prepared for this Lord, I am prepared to turn my life upside down and consider the needs of my child above my own forever.

I want all the joy and troubles that being a mother means, I understand the work involved and the commitment for the rest of my life.

Please lord see me as a worthy mother and grant me this grace as soon as you feel it is right. I feel that I am ready and am in a good place in every way to welcome a baby into my life.

I can promise Lord that I will give all my love to my child and that I will bring my child up to know your words and live a good life. If you grace me with this favor now I will sing your praises to the highest heavens always. I will be forever grateful that you chose me to bear a child and ever faithful to your commands.

God, you are kind and full of love, you can see straight into my heart and read my true intentions. This prayer comes from a place of real desperation, I know that you will hear my plea and know that I am worthy.

Show me what it is you want me to do to be ready to receive this blessing in my life. I am happy to say this prayer daily in praise of you and in recognition that it is within your gift to grant this to me.

I know that you are all-powerful and just and that you have many asking you for grace and favor every day.

I will keep this prayer close to me until it is my turn to be heard by you Lord. All I ask is that I too am blessed like Mary with a child of my own.

I will cherish and love my baby and protect my child from all harm and evil throughout life. I am prepared to sacrifice myself in every way for this baby, it is the only thing that matters to me.

Dear God as I wake in the morning it is my first thought, as I fall asleep this prayer is on my lips, it is all I dream about. This is the single biggest thing I could ask for in my life and I hope that you find me worthy to receive this blessing of a baby.

I try to follow your commands Lord and to live my life well, I promise that I will continue to praise you as before with this new gift of life inside me.

Bless my body and my heart and with this gift in my life, entrust me to bring a baby into the world and to love and care for it. Trust me to bring my child up well and safely.

I trust that you know me well Lord you see inside my heart and soul and I know you love me with all my imperfections, help me to be a better person and grant me this single prayer in my life above all others.

Dear Lord all I want is to have a baby, to be a good mother to my child, and to honor you with everything I do and say.

Lord hear this single prayer and bless me with a precious child.


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Bible Quotes and Scripture for a Baby

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. – Psalm 127:3

This tells us clearly that children are a blessing from the Lord and confirms to us that the route to this path in life is through prayer. A new baby is a gift from God, a sign of His love and care for His people. This verse from Psalm 127 speaks to the joy and hope that a new child brings into the world.

A newborn baby is a symbol of life and new beginnings, a reminder that we are all loved and cherished by our Heavenly Father. In a time when the world can seem dark and difficult, a new baby is a ray of light and hope.

Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you. Before you were born I set you apart. – Jeremiah 1:5

The Bible verse from Jeremiah is often quoted in reference to newborns. It speaks to the idea that God has a plan for each and every one of us, even before we are born.

This verse is a source of comfort for many parents who are welcoming a new baby into the world. It reassures them that their child is special and loved by God. This verse also serves as a reminder that we are all part of God’s grand design. We are not accidents or mistakes, but rather we are exactly who God intended us to be.

Honor your father and mother – Ephesians 6:2

A simple placement statement of the importance of parenthood. Nothing more needed to be said on this, it is a sacred bond between mother and child.

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