Inspiring Monday Morning Prayer

This Monday morning prayer is a great way to start a new week with joy in our hearts and praise for the Lord, it is also the time to ask for help for the week ahead.

Most of us awaken on a Monday morning to start a new work week. The weekend gives us time off to rest and play, and hey presto Monday is back. Offering a Monday morning prayer is the perfect way to get the week off to a great start.

Let us pray.

Prayer for Monday Morning

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This was a longer prayer shared with our YouTube congregation on a Monday morning. If you would like something shorter and easier to use, we have a list of morning prayers or you could offer up a prayer for morning gratitude.

Dear Lord, this Monday morning prayer is being offered for a good week ahead. Stay with us all week and bless me with your constant presence.

We pray for a good week and that is one where God stays with this throughout the week. His presence in our lives will bring us success in all our endeavors.

Remind us also Lord to take time to remember him in everything we do and say throughout the busy days ahead. It is easy to charge through the week without remembering to praise God for the days he gives us and the support he lends us.

A Monday morning prayer habit is a great way for me to stop and say good morning to you Lord, to welcome you into my heart, and to praise you for the rising of the sun on a new week.

We thank you for giving us the weekend to re-energize us for the challenges of the week to come. We ask for your blessing to help us use that energy well and in your service Lord.

Monday morning has a feeling of a new start, not just a new day ahead, but a whole new week. This prayer is my time to ask you to bless me my week ahead, to bring your grace to my heart in all that I take on, and to be with me this week.

This prayer can help give us the strength to face the challenges of the week ahead whatever they are. Make this week the best it can be, and help me bring all my strength to bear to make the best of it.

The Monday morning prayer is for all of us, to help start the week by putting God’s word first in our day no matter what is ahead of us.

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On a Monday morning, we seem to be filled with fresh resolve to achieve more in the coming week than the last week. Monday signifies a new start, a fresh day and week to make good.

This week I am full of energy and determined to make the best of my time at work to do good work in your name Lord. Help me wake with this resolve each day this week, and end each day feeling that I have not strayed from this resolve.

Lord, I know this will all only be possible if you stay with me and guide me in my every step.
I hope I do not let you down Lord or falter in my ways.

Should I falter Lord I know you will be there to catch me and out my path on the straight and narrow. I fully trust you to be there for me Lord and pick me up when I fall as you have done many times in the past. For this I praise you.

My intention is set for the week, I firmly pledge that I will do my utmost to please you and make you proud of me that I have followed your word.

I know you do not advocate idleness, that that way leads to temptations, so my plan is to work hard and offer my hard work as a sacrifice to you God. May this work put food on my table and provide for my every need.

We give you praise for opening our eyes for another week, we thank you for your grace and strength and presence in our lives. We invite you Lord to walk with us as we enter this new day.

We invite you to stay with us every minute of this week reminding us to spread your word and your love as we go about our daily business.

Lord if there are obstacles in our way this week send us the strength to face them and overcome them. If there are temptations set before us give us the wisdom to refuse them and walk away from them.

If we are faced with evil send your archangel Micheal to help us face it down and defeat its influence in our lives. Send evil packing, and show it no place in my week.

Scripture for Monday

Help us follow your teachings Lord as you bade us treat our fellow man with nothing but kindness and respect. Let us be the good samaritans who practice random acts of kindness seeking no reward.

If we face important decisions in the week brings us wisdom to make good strong decisions that bring us success, righteousness and great rewards.

If we have trials to face by way of encounters with other people who seek to make trouble for us, help us turn the other cheek and keep walking the path of righteousness.

Help us overcome all troubles and be successful in all our actions this week. Touch my days with your light and love Lord.

Father, you are the source of all wisdom and strength, watch over me this week and help me stay faithful to your word, and bring wisdom to all my thoughts and actions.

Lord, thank you for the week ahead. Help me be joyful throughout, and successful in all my plans. This is the week I intend to make good on all my plans, work hard and really achieve what I set out to do. Bring me the power to do this Lord.

May you walk side by side with me through this Monday and the rest of the week. May you hold my hand in all my endeavors. You may carry me Lord if you see fit and you know that I need to be lifted up and out of trouble.

This Monday morning prayer is sent in the hope that the week passes without incident or trouble, that we are peaceful and joyous in our week and that we spread that joy to others we encounter in your name Lord.

Bring us stability and comfort in our week. May our endeavors be fruitful and our workdays worthwhile and successful. You bid us work hard and be fulfilled in our days, help us commit to doing that, to bringing our best selves to the workplace and doing the best job we can.

Help us to pay attention to our husbands and wives and to love them and show this love for them as you expect. May our home lives be as you expect them, Lord.

Help us to remember to be thankful for the mornings you give us Lord. To praise you for the gifts you have given us in our lives and to be thankful for the days ahead.

When there are times we need special intercession in the workplace, please be there for us. Make our work lives easier, and bring us success and reward.

For this morning, we thank you, for the breath we take, we thank you, for the days ahead we thank you. We give you praise in all your glory and ask you to bear witness to our undying love and adoration.

We give you our love in full and without condition this Monday morning and ask that you accompany us through the rest of the week and keep us safe.

Help us step forward into the week filled with positivity, gratitude and grace.

Lord graciously hear this Monday morning prayer.


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Scripture for Monday Morning

Scripture for Monday Morning

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God”

Philippians 4:6

This is probably the best-known Bible verse encouraging us to pray. It is clearly inviting us to ask God for whatever healing and help we need. This is as strong a statement as can be made that we should not sit with our anxiety but that we should reach out to God with our troubles.

It is also talking about thanksgiving, if we forever asking, without remembering to thank God for those gifts of help he provides when he answers our prayers, we should chastise ourselves and pay homage to the greatness of the Lord and his grace in listening to us.

“And I tell you, ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and the one who seeks finds, and to the one who knocks it will be opened.”

Luke 11

In this bible story, Jesus is describing to his disciples how to pray. He tells the story of a man knocking on a friend’s door in the middle of the night asking for food and help. Jesus says he will get up in the middle of the night not just because he is a true friend, but because he has been asked. Only if you ask shall you receive.

For those amongst us who pray only for others, this is an honorable and self affecting way to pray, however, Jesus is sending us this message that only by asking do you receive. Our lesson here is that it’s perfectly ok to ask God for help with whatever it is you need in bodily and emotional support.

He is there waiting for us to knock at his door and ask directly for the help we need.

“And he told them a parable to the effect that they ought always to pray and not lose heart”
Luke 18:1

I love the parables because, through these simple stories, Jesus shows us exactly what his word means. In the parable of the persistent widow, he tells us to pray again and again asking for that which we need.

The parable, or story he told was of a judge who wasn’t much of a judge, he feared neither God nor man. And was arrogant and lazy. The widow asked for justice against her adversary, her enemy and the judge ignored her. Eventually, because she kept coming and asking he gave in and gave her justice.

In this way, Jesus tells us to keep asking the same prayer and eventually we will be heard so repeat this prayer and other prayers as often as you need to to get the attention of the Lord. This parable combines with the last piece of scripture the message is clear.

Ask for what you want through prayer, and ask often. Do not be ashamed to ask and be persistent for this is how you will be heard.

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