Morning Prayer for Family Blessing

Lord hear this morning prayer for family as we ask you to bless the day ahead for each and every member of the family and ask you to look after each of us as we go about our daily business.

Lord you hold the family dear to your heart in the Bible, you place it high on priority, and you understand how family works. Hear this prayer for this family as you watch over us this day.

Let us pray.

A Morning Prayer for Your Family

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This was a longer prayer shared with our YouTube congregation. If you would like some shorter and easier to use ones, we have a collection of morning prayers here, including a shorter one for blessing.

Gathering your family together for prayer keeps you close as a family and protected throughout the day. Shielded from harm by the shield of God. You could also share a morning prayer of gratitude together.

Dear God Almighty, you chose to send your son to earth, to be made in the likeness of man, born of Mary the mother of God. Jesus was born to a family with no wealth and power, he was one of many children and understood the love of a mother and how to be part of a family.

In this new morning, we ask that you look at this family and bless it anew. This is a new day, with new challenges and joys for each of us. We ask that you stay with each of us as we travel hopefully through the day.

Where there are challenges brings each of us strength to overcome them. Remind us that we have each other to lean on.

Mary the ever-loving mother, hear this prayer to keep the children in this family safe, rain your kisses down upon their brows should they falter and let them feel your loving arms wrap around them as they face any challenges and woes.

Family is all-important to us, and a morning prayer for family is one of the best ways to start the day. Let us remind ourselves that we have each other and that we care and are here for one another, nothing is stronger than the bond of family and love.

On this new day help us enter the day thankful for the family we have, for the love we have and the support we bring each other.

We are thankful too for the new day, for the chance to breathe and smile another day, to feel the sun on our faces, and to enjoy being in the light of your grace Lord.

The morning greets us and reminds us that this is a new day, a new start on the day before a chance to make good on anything we left behind the day before. For those going to work, may this day be trouble-free and full of some joy. May we walk in your grace and bring our best selves to work.

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For those spending the day in learning, may they open their minds to all new information and skills taking as much new information as can be handled and welcoming the opportunity to receive wisdom from others.

For those who spend their day caring for others, both family and elsewhere may they be blessed with the gentleness and care that Mary brought to her child Jesus.

May this bring as much joy back as is poured out. May they keep their energy and their attention on those they care for, but also find a chink in the day where they will find time for themselves and you lord.

For all the family, remind us to be thankful for all that we have, for all the opportunities you give us to be together and to carry on with our lives apart. Help us to be mindful of each other as we are apart, look out for each other, and check-in with each other when we can.

Lord Family is all-important, looking after each other and spending time as a family is incredibly important and it is easy for any one of us to get too carried away by our own lives, either in work or play, so that we forget what is really important.

As we start this new day, let us, each of us promise to keep the others in mind and to commit to being together where we can so that we may work well as a family and show you praise together.

This prayer comes from all of us and is offered for the betterment of all of us as individuals and as a family.

Lord look after this family this new day, hear this prayer for a family and find a way to be with all of us as we spend time in our days on other things.

Keep us safe and well, bring us your protection and love. If one of us falters may you be there to pick us up, if one of us is joyous may you be there to witness that joy and hear our thanks for that success.

This day may bring us a mix of woes and joys, stay with us throughout the day as we face our day in your love. Bring us through any problems we have by letting us lean on you for strength, we know we are loved by you Lord.

Look after this family as the hours pass by, helping us make the right decisions and standing by our side.

When we come back together again as a family, help us to take time to share the contents of our days together. Where we can help each other help us to offer, not just wait to be asked.

Where we need help nudge us to ask each other for that help instead of suffering in silence.

Make us strong individually and even stronger as a family. Help this family stay together through thick and thin, to hold tight when we are battered by storms and to celebrate together when things go well.

We want to be strong together and strong in our love for you. Above all, we do not want to forget to be grateful to you for any help you give us, and just for knowing that you are present with us guiding our footsteps and our hearts.

Help us be a welcoming family extending our love outwards, sharing our kindness and our bounty with others, in this way we will grow in your love Lord.

We are grateful to be part of this family, grateful for the love and strength it brings us and mindful that not all are so lucky to be part of something so good.

We give you praise for holding us to your bosom Lord. We know we can rely on each other because you have filled us with your love, we are thankful for this day and this opportunity to be together in prayer.

Lord hear this prayer


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Morning Scripture for Family

Morning Scripture for Family

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it”

Proverbs 22:6

This is a wonderful powerful bible statement on the power of the influence of family in forming good Christians for life. Praying together and for the family is a wonderful way of reinforcing the role of the family and the influence of habits and Christian practices passed down through the generations.

Once a child has grown the things taught well as a child mean they stay with that person so teaching a child to love and praise God through prayer and doing this regularly with them will bring the habit of prayer and praise into their daily routines for life.

“But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever”

Timothy 5:8

This is a strong message from the bible reminding us of our duties and responsibilities to family, this is above all about the family unit but extends out beyond that to the wider relatives. This demonstrates the power of family ties and responsibilities. We are urged to take care of each other or it is a denial of faith.

This teaches us that to demonstrate faith that we need to offer help to our family and relatives as a matter of course, it is part of our shared faith to do so.

“We love because he first loved us”

John 4:19

One of the shortest and most powerful things the bible can teach us applies to family as much as to each other.

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