6 Holy Prayers for Peace of Mind and Comfort

6 Prayers for Peace of Mind and Comfort

As Christians, we are called to pray for the peace of mind and comfort for ourselves and for others. This can be a difficult task when we are going through a difficult time. God is always listening and he will answer our prayers in his own way and in his own time. God can relax … Read more

Holy Prayer for a Good Day (Short but Powerful)

Prayer for a Good Day

Taking a few minutes out of your morning to say a quick prayer for a good day can set you up for a great new experience and a bright day. Empower your day with the power of Jesus Christ as we ask him for the day ahead to be filled with opportunity and happiness. Let … Read more

8 Morning Prayers to Empower Your Day Ahead

Powerful Morning Prayer

Even just taking a few short minutes for a short morning prayer can have such a huge impact on your day ahead. Empower your morning with the power of Christ as our Heavenly Father lifts us towards the great new day before us. Thank you for joining me in a short prayer this morning. Let us pray. … Read more

26 Intercessory Prayers for Nations

Intercessory Prayers for Nations

If you watch TV, go to any social media site or read any given newspaper, you will see a nation and world filled with peril and evil. But, even in the depths of darkness, when all seems lost, God is there to share His wisdom, forgiveness and victory. Praying during these times can be the … Read more

7 Protective Prayers for Spiritual Warfare

Prayers for Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual warfare requires a lot of strength, courage, and fortitude that can only come from God alone. A prayer for spiritual warfare will ask for His help when battling the constant attacks of the Devil through the temptation of sin. Here are seven prayers to help you arm yourself as God’s warrior and fight for … Read more

5 Holy Prayers for Money Blessing

Holy Prayers for Money Blessing

Christians can offer God a prayer for money blessing, especially in times of real need. God doesn’t want you to suffer and will provide help in ways we don’t always see. Do you ever find yourself worrying about money? Bills piling up and not enough income to cover them? These prayers can help encourage financial … Read more

6 Powerful Thursday Morning Prayers

Thurday Morning Prayers

Thursday morning prayers are a great way to start a Thursday morning, most of us are becoming weary of the week but it is not yet over and remembering midflow in the week to stop and praise the Lord keeps him in our hearts and minds. These morning prayers have been selected to help you … Read more

6 Holy Prayers for a Baby Girl

6 Holy Prayers for a Baby Girl

Ten tiny fingers of a little girl wrapped around your hand are the sum of these prayers for a baby girl. It is talked about in the bible as joyful, ‘joy that a human being has been brought into the world’ as it says in John. Joy and expectation are the essences of these prayers. … Read more

5 Holy Prayers of Humility

Holy Prayers of Humility

It is never a bad thing to offer a prayer of humility. This reminds us to be humble and asking God to support us in remembering this is a good way to seek that humility. We are asked in the Bible to humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God and it can be easy … Read more

6 Healing Prayers for Breakups

Healing Prayers for Breakups

Prayers for breakups are so important as we are emotionally in need of great support and we know that God is there for us in our time of need, he will never turn his back on us. We need strength to bear what is happening to us, and we need the wisdom to know what … Read more