Prayer to St Michael for Personal Protection

Prayer to St Michael for Personal Protection

This prayer to St Michael for personal protection is an appeal to one of the most important saints, he is in fact an archangel. Saint Michael is the leader of all angels and of the army of God. This is what the title “Archangel” means, that he is above all the others in rank. He … Read more

3 Loving Prayers to Soften My Husband’s Heart

Prayer to Soften My Husband's Heart

This prayer to soften my husband’s heart comes straight from my heart. The bible tells us that husbands are meant to love their wives earnestly. This prayer asks God to intercede and bring that earnest love back. When a husband is harsh and has hardened his heart it is incredibly difficult and hard to find … Read more

8 Fast Prayers for Pain Relief

Fast Prayer for Pain Relief

A prayer for pain relief is the most natural response we can have when we love God. We turn to God in our most terrible moments for solace and strength. Let us turn now to the Lord God Almighty as he heals the sick and brings strength and peace to us in desperate moments. Let … Read more

4 Protective and Forgiving Prayers for Prisoners

Prayer for Prisoners

A prayer for prisoners may not seem like the first priority for prayer we should be made to the Lord, but when we think of his capacity for forgiveness and love it is obvious that we too should extend our prayers for those in prison without judgment and blame. This is a prayer for hope, … Read more

Powerful Friday Morning Prayer

Powerful Friday Morning Prayer

A Friday morning prayer is such a wonderful start to the day. For most people it is the end of the working week, for others, it is another day at work with a few more days to go without a break. For most of us, a Friday has a routine of its own, if it … Read more

Supportive Prayers for Stress at Work

Supportive Prayers for Stress at Work

Prayers for stress at work are so needed in these difficult times. Work can be hard for a whole range of reasons and the stress from work spills over into our home lives, losing sleep and joy in our lives. We offer this prayer for all those who find themselves in tough work situations and … Read more

4 Caring Prayers for Self-Love

Caring Prayer for Self Love

This prayer for self-love is incredibly important, God understands love for he is love and he does not want any self-loathing or harsh judgment of self to harm us. We are told clearly in John that ‘we love because he first loved us’. We cannot deny God’s love for us by denying our love for … Read more

5 Supportive Prayers for Teachers

Supportive Prayer for Teachers

Offering God a prayer for teachers asks God to help support those who hold the future of our children in their hands. We all rely on teachers not only to educate and take care of our children but to guide their moral code. We expect our teachers to turn up rain or shine with the … Read more

4 Fast Prayers to Remove a Curse

Fast Prayer to Remove a Curse

Saying a prayer to remove a curse is a loving approach to removing harm from your life. It tells us in the bible to ‘bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse them‘. God can drive the evil work of others from us. None can stand before his will and protection. Through prayer, … Read more

3 Holy Prayers for Peace in the Workplace

Holy Prayer for Peace in the Workplace

Offering God a prayer for peace in the workplace asks the Lord to remove stress and friction from our work. When we pray for God’s blessing on our job, it can make all the difference. With God’s help, we can find peace and calm even amidst the busiest days. It is a prayer that is … Read more