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Supportive Prayer for My Struggling Son

Prayer for My Struggling Son

Offering this prayer for a struggling son is so important, it may be your son who is in need, or offered up for someone you know who has a son in need. It is from a place of love that we offer this prayer. We all struggle at times, and the greatest thing about prayer … Read more

Protective Prayer for Healthy Pregnancy

Prayer for Healthy Pregnancy

Let us share together this prayer for a healthy pregnancy. This is one of the most glorious and joyful prayers we can say together. There is nothing more miraculous than pregnancy and childbirth and it is natural to worry that all will go well and mother and child will be safe. It is a lovely … Read more

Blessed Prayer for Souls in Purgatory

Blessed Prayer for Souls in Purgatory

This is a prayer for souls in purgatory. You can join me in this prayer for those who have passed and are in some good grace with the Lord but still have a way to go to join God in heaven. This prayer is a way of allowing you to support those who desperately need … Read more

Protective Prayer for Police Officers

Protective Prayer for Police Officers

Lord, I offer this prayer for police officers as a way of honoring the men and women who serve you by protecting us unwaveringly with steadfast care. They put themselves at risk daily so that we are safe from evil and wrongdoing. I am reminded by stories on the news of the need for these … Read more

Blessed Prayer for Healing

Prayer for Healing

When you offer up a prayer for healing, you are asking God to pay attention to the healing that is needed in a time of suffering. This healing can be physical and or emotional. This prayer will help you ask for the strength you need through suffering and for health and well-being. Let us pray. … Read more

Powerful Prayer for Love

Prayer for Love

This prayer for Love asks the Lord God to bring someone special into your life. We have prayers for reconciliations of relationships that have gone awry or prayers to stop divorce. This prayer asks for a real connection in your life. We’re asking the Lord to invite your one true love into your life. The kind of love … Read more

Divine Prayer for a New Job

Prayer for a New Job

When you want to send a prayer for a new Job to God, it is important that you understand that he will help you in a number of ways. He may simply bring the best job to your attention, or let you meet someone who gives you a new job, or he may help you … Read more

6 Thoughtful Prayers for Someone Dying of Cancer

Prayers for Someone Dying of Cancer

Cancer is a heartbreaking disease. It affects our lives in so many ways. The person who is ill is far from the only one affected, and the effects can last for years. As you offer these prayers for someone dying of cancer, remember that God loves you and hears your prayers. Peace may not be … Read more

7 Guiding Prayers for a Meeting at Work

Guiding Prayers for a Meeting at Work

With God on our side, anything is possible. If we invite Him and His power into our work life, amazing things can happen. He can calm our minds and guide us to the best ways to solve problems. Use these prayers for a meeting at work to help you prepare, present, and follow through with … Read more

6 Helpful Prayers for Church Leadership

Prayers for Church Leadership

Our church leaders do so much to help their community. They donate to those in need. They offer a shoulder to cry on. They prepare sermons and lessons to guide us. As you pray for everyone else in your community, do not forget to pray for the ecclesiastical leaders in your life. As we offer … Read more

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