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Prayer Before Exam for Success

Prayer Before Exam

Saying a prayer before an exam is all about asking God for help at a stressful time, and we all know God has encouraged us to come to him for help in our time of need. Exams are important as they lead us forward in our lives, they test us and the results matter for … Read more

Protection for New Baby: Bible Verses for a Newborn

Bible Verses for a Newborn

A new baby is a blessing from the Lord! When you welcome your new bundle of joy into the world, be sure to start reading through these Bible verses for a new baby. This way, God can protect and guide this little one as they grow up in our broken world. There are also some … Read more

Supportive Prayer for Church Growth

Prayer for Church Growth

This prayer for church growth is something we all want because we love God so much we wish to share his word and spread his church in glory. Growing the church means bringing people to the word of the Lord and to the community that is the church. By growing the church we ensure people … Read more

Peaceful Prayer for Unity in the Church

Prayer for Unity in the Church

This prayer for unity in the church is offered because the divisions are small but damaging and our love for you Lord is uniting. We offer this prayer as one, despite our differences in some of our understanding and perspectives. We unite as one in our adoration of you God Almighty Let us pray. Church … Read more

Divine Prayer to Quit Addiction

Divine Prayer to Quit Addiction

This prayer to quit addiction is offered because this is such a serious and difficult problem in life that requires an inordinate amount of strength and support to get through. A prayer at a time like this always comes from a place of desperation and need. It is a time when people can help, and … Read more

Divine Prayer for Success in Life

Divine Prayer for Success in Life

A prayer for success in life is a very important request, it is something we all want in life. When we pray for this we know that in God’s wisdom he gives us what he can. We also know that the bible tells us clearly to ask and we shall receive. Let us pray. Prayer … Read more

Supportive Prayer for My Husband at Work

Prayer for My Husband at Work

This prayer for my husband at work is the most natural prayer to fall from my lips each day when my husband leaves for work. This is essentially a prayer to ask you to keep him safe and well whilst he works. I also ask that he is recognized as a hard worker and is … Read more

Blessed Tuesday Morning Prayer

Blessed Tuesday Morning Prayer

This Tuesday morning prayer is sent to you Lord God Almighty as a way of reminding me to pay attention to you in my life. You are the most important supreme being and we cannot praise you enough for the life you have graced us with. There are always things that you help me with … Read more

Positive Prayer for Success in Business

Prayer for Success in Business

This prayer for success in business can be offered at any time in the growth of a business, at the beginning of a new venture, when major changes have to happen in the business, when trouble hits, and when big decisions make it important to ask for God’s help. God understands how important it is … Read more

Beautiful Prayer for the End of the Day

Prayer for the End of the Day

This prayer for the end of the day is my time to show you my thanks for another day. The prayer is a way of saying I know you were with me Lord and to show gratitude for your presence in my life. I offer this prayer also for all those who are too troubled … Read more

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