8 Divine Prayers for Peace and Comfort for the Dying

Prayers for Peace and Comfort for the Dying

Praying for someone who is dying can be an extremely surreal and vulnerable moment. At this moment, death will seem more real than you ever thought possible. Dealing with death can be really scary for the person who is reaching the end of their life. It is also incredibly hard for the loved ones of … Read more

8 Prayers for Speedy Recovery for a Friend

Prayers for Speedy Recovery for a Friend

When someone you love gets sick or has some kind of accident, you want the best for them. You want them to recover and feel better quickly, and it can be frustrating if you feel like there is nothing that you can do to help them. You can always tell them personally that you hope … Read more

7 Miracle Prayers for Getting Pregnant

miracle prayer getting pregnant

These 7 miracle prayers for getting pregnant are a great way to share your worries and concerns with the Lord. If you are trying to conceive and it just isn’t happening, it can be absolutely heartbreaking. If you feel that your spirit is starting to break from the process, praying to get pregnant can help … Read more

7 Prayers for Lost or Stolen Items

Prayers for Lost or Stolen Items

It’s such an upsetting thing when you lose something of yours. Even more so when it’s something you really had a special attachment to. Having something stolen from you is such an invasion of your privacy. It can make you feel violated and so upset that someone else would be so selfish. When you find … Read more

5 Healing Prayers For Loss of Mother

prayers for loss of mother

The following prayers for the loss of a mother call upon the Lord for aid and guidance in a time of sorrow and grief. A parent, particularly a mother passing away, is a very difficult life event for anyone to go through. While everyone processes grief differently, it is important to remember that you are … Read more

7 Angelic Prayers for Faith and Trust in God

Prayers for Faith and Trust in God

These prayers for faith and trust in God will greatly help you in your personal walk with the Lord. We all stumble at times, but how sweet it is to return to His loving arms and ask for His help and guidance to trust Him all the more. We need God’s divine help In order … Read more

7 Powerful Prayers for the Family of the Dead

prayers for the family of the dead

Offering up a prayer for the family of the dead asks the Lord God to console and help the family and loved ones of someone who has returned to Him. When someone you care about is suffering from loss, your heart breaks with them. You want to do everything in your power to guide them … Read more

6 Miracle Prayers for Marriage Restoration

miracle prayers for marriage restoration

Many couples find themselves in difficult situations, where it feels like their marriage is falling apart. A miracle prayer for marriage restoration asks God to bring you back together often closer than before. There is always power in prayer. Prayer can be a powerful tool to help restore your marriage. These prayers are based on … Read more

7 Holy Prayers to the Holy Spirit for Guidance

Prayers to the Holy Spirit for Guidance

If you are looking for guidance during difficult times, it could be hard to see the path that’s right in front of you. You could be so busy and so caught up looking for the answers that you can’t see it when the answer is right in front of your face. If you get into … Read more

6 Powerful Prayers for Protection Against EnemiesĀ 

Prayers for Protection Against Enemies

Christians can use prayer for protection against enemies to ask God to stop their enemies from standing against them. Each day we may have different encounters. Not all days are good, and there are days when we are challenged by the difficulties and obstacles at home, at work, in our relationships, and even in our … Read more

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