7 Blessed Prayers for St. Joseph for A Difficult Problem

Prayers for St. Joseph for A Difficult Problem

Life is full of challenges and difficulties. That is the reality that everyone will face in the world. Fortunately, for Catholics, we can offer a prayer to St. Joseph for a difficult problem to be solved. The earthly father of Jesus faced difficulties of his own and is a worthy figure to approach for help. … Read more

6 Loving Prayers for A Dog In Heaven

Prayers for A Dog In Heaven

Dogs are probably one of the Lord’s best creations. They are loving and faithful, and in many instances, they are considered part of the family. That’s why losing a beloved pet is hard on their masters. Let’s be ready to console them with prayers for a dog in heaven. For some, it may be hard … Read more

7 Trustworthy Prayers for Temptation

Prayers for Temptation

In your Christian walk to become more like Christ, there will be roadblocks that stand in the way. The most dangerous temptations are the ones that seem good and pleasing on the surface. You need to turn to God with a prayer for temptation so that you can resist it. Prayer and the Word of … Read more

7 Sanctified Prayers for Night Protection

Prayers for Night Protection

“For the night is dark and full of terrors.” This is one of the catchphrases In the popular TV series, Game of Thrones. While it might be fiction, there are places in the world that are truly dark, and Christians need to speak a prayer for night protection for their families and the people around … Read more

6 Pure Prayers for Hopelessness

Prayers for Hopelessness

Hopelessness is one of the worst feelings a person could ever have. It’s a deep pit that devours even the strongest. And it takes time to help someone out of it so offering a daily prayer for hopelessness is a powerful tool that Christians can use. Many people are mired in hopelessness with all the … Read more

8 Consecrated Prayers for Relationship Strengthening

Prayers for Relationship Strengthening

God meant for us to be in a loving relationship. But unlike in movies and fairy tales where the couple lives happily ever after, there are ups and downs in a real relationship, even among Christian couples. To prepare for the eventual challenges, lift up a prayer for relationship strengthening with God. Whether you are … Read more

7 Fervent Prayers for Pregnancy Complications

Prayers for Pregnancy Complications

Pregnancy is both a joyous and scary occasion, but it becomes more alarming if there are pregnancy complications. As Christians, we need to be sensitive to the needs of expecting mothers and never hesitate to say a prayer for pregnancy complications. This kind of pregnancy poses a danger for both the mother and unborn child … Read more

7 Ardent Prayers for Getting Closer to God

Prayers for Getting Closer to God

The worst thing that can happen to anyone is to feel far away from the God of the Universe. Can you imagine spending the rest of eternity away from God? So we encourage true Christians to draw near and start to say a prayer for getting closer to God. It’s going to be a lifelong … Read more

8 Expectant Prayers for Reconciliation With An Ex

Prayers for Reconciliation With An Ex

The collapse of a relationship can have a disastrous impact on the people involved. It can make the ones left behind emotionally devastated and longing for a reunion. We believe God answers prayer for reconciliation with an ex if it’s part of His good, pleasing and perfect will. Ask God for discernment. Let Him show … Read more

7 Pious Prayers for Contentment

Prayers for Contentment

We feel bewilderment and sorrow when people file for divorce. Even if they have power, fame, and wealth, their pursuit of more worldly desires still leads them to destroy their families. As Christians. don’t hesitate to offer a prayer for contentment for people that live a life pursuing more earthly possessions. And it’s not just … Read more

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