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7 Holy Saint Gerard Prayers

Saint Gerard Prayers

Saint Gerard Majella was born in the early 1700s in Italy and is considered the patron and guard of expectant women. Several Saint Gerard prayers help expecting mothers overcome the difficulties of pregnancy and labor. Such prayers are said to have saved the lives of so many women and have borne them healthy children. Saint … Read more

7 Powerful Prayers For A Cheating Husband

Powerful Prayers For A Cheating Husband

These seven powerful prayers for a cheating husband ask the Almighty Lord for His help in this rough phase of life. No woman can bear that her husband doesn’t love her and cheats on her. In these painful times, most women get stressed out and feel insecure due to their husbands’ lack of attention. These … Read more

6 Intentional Prayers for a Friend in Pain

Prayers for a Friend in Pain

When someone you love is in a difficult season, one of the most loving and supportive ways you can help is by offering sincere and intentional prayers for a friend in pain. Trust in God to provide you with strength and wisdom as you help carry your friend’s burden in prayer. Remember that He loves … Read more

7 Powerful Prayers for Protection From Evil Spirits

Prayers of Protection From Evil Spirits

More than ever, this world can feel dark and fearful. These six prayers for protection from evil spirits invite God to shield us and surround us with shelter and security in His strong and loving arms. Let us offer these prayers in faith, believing that our Father will hear and answer our requests for protection. … Read more

6 Divine Prayers of Remembrance of a Loved One

prayers of remembrance of a loved one

The pain and suffering after a loss of a loved one are incomparable. That period of grief and the void created by such a loss can affect the lives of those who are left behind. Grieving is a process and people have different roads to walk through until they can fully accept and move forward. … Read more

6 Healing Prayers Before Surgery for A Child

Prayers Before Surgery for A Child

These healing prayers before surgery for a child asks the Lord God to watch over a child going into surgery. Ask Him to watch over the child and bring them safely through the surgery and heal them back to strength. Let us pray. Prayers 🙏 Watch The Prayer Video to Pray Alongside Me☝️ Prayer for … Read more

6 Healing Prayers for a Friend’s Sick Child

Prayers for a Friend's Sick Child

If you are a parent, have a parent, or know someone that is a parent, you’ve seen firsthand how fierce and overwhelming the love between a parent and child can be.  You are likely acquainted with how strong the bond and how deep the relationship between parents and their children. You can use these six … Read more

7 Pure Prayers for Someone Who Has Hurt You

Prayers for Someone Who Has Hurt You

Sometimes, we cannot avoid situations where someone can hurt us, may it be a stranger, someone you love, a family member, or a friend. The process of healing from deep wounds caused by someone who has hurt you is not an easy road. Healing from such requires forgiveness for the pain caused. You can only … Read more

6 Powerful Prayers for Restoration of a Broken Relationship

Prayers for Restoration of a Broken Relationship

Relationships with your partner or spouse, friends, and family require time, effort, and commitment. It has to be nurtured with love, respect, and understanding. Without these, relationships may break and become futile. A broken relationship can damage one’s soul and can even harden a heart. God listens to deep and sincere prayer. It is through … Read more

8 Healing Prayers for Someone in the Hospital

Prayers for Someone in the Hospital

If you’ve ever had to be in the hospital, even if it was for something joyous such as the birth of a child, you know that for some reason just walking through the doors can give you a sense of unease. That’s just for the people visiting. If a friend or family member is in … Read more

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