10 Best Prayers For Good News

Prayers For Good News

Whether it is a personal matter or something that impacts the world, we all hope for good news. Christians should especially pray for good news, as our faith is based on the promise of good news. These prayers invite good news and positivity into any situation. A simple prayer can bring so much light into … Read more

11 Pure Prayers For Musicians

Prayers For Musicians

Music is a beautiful way to honor and worship God. It offers a voice to the feelings of our souls. The Bible is full of stories of people rejoicing through righteous music and dance. Inviting God into your music-making gives you a chance to elevate your worship. Praying for musicians who worship God will help … Read more

11 Sanctified Prayers for Kidney Healing

Prayers For Kidney Healing

These prayers for kidney healing ask our Lord God to divinely intervene and heal us. Often, kidney troubles can lead to dialysis, painful kidney stones, or even a transplant. These are no small trials to bear. Luckily, with the help of God, you can find comfort and He can help comfort you through your pain. … Read more

9 Sanctified Sleep Prayers For Insomnia

Prayers For Insomnia

Insomnia is a common problem that can affect anyone at any time. Sometimes, all we need is some divine intervention to help us get a good night’s sleep. Here are some Bible prayers for insomnia that you can pray to help you get the rest you need. This collection of prayers for insomnia asks our … Read more

11 Devout Prayers for Lost Souls

Prayers For Lost Souls

This collection of prayers for lost souls asks the Lord God to help those who are adrift and in need of His love. If someone is a lost soul, they need love, guidance, and help from God. Many people who feel as though they are “lost souls” struggle with feeling like they do not belong. … Read more

11 Hallowed Prayers for Spirit Cleansing

Prayers For Spirit Cleansing

If negative energy and bad influences have entered your life, it is important to invite God to heal and cleanse you. Through the power of Jesus Christ, God can purify your spirit and sanctify your energy and these protective prayers for spirit cleansing do just that. Inviting God into your life will bring you a … Read more

14 Devout Prayers For My Parents

Prayers For My Parents

God has commanded us to honor our parents. A prayer for your parents is one of the easiest and most profound ways to express your love. A heartfelt prayer invites God’s omnipotent power into someone’s life. It also increases your personal faith and connection to God and your parents. These prayers focus on bringing light … Read more

8 Sacrosanct Prayers for Pregnant Daughter

Prayers For Pregnant Daughter

Offering God a prayer for a pregnant daughter asks the Lord to keep both mother and child safe. These prayers can be incredibly helpful as you support your daughter through this special time in her life. May they provide guidance and comfort as you seek to uphold your faith while welcoming a new child into … Read more

11 Protective Prayers for Truck Drivers

Prayers For Truck Drivers

Saying a prayer for truck drivers ask God to watch over them as they go about their work. Truck drivers have one of the most important jobs in our economy. They keep our country running by delivering goods and services across the nation. As Christians, we should pray for them regularly, so that they would … Read more

7 Supportive Prayers For New Parents

Prayers For New Parents

As Christians, we know that God is always with us but offering a prayer for new parents asks the Lord to watch over both the parents and the newborn. He provides guidance and support through every stage of life, including the beginning of a new one. If you know a new parent or have just … Read more