Peaceful Prayer for Unity in the Church

This prayer for unity in the church is offered because the divisions are small but damaging and our love for you Lord is uniting.

We offer this prayer as one, despite our differences in some of our understanding and perspectives. We unite as one in our adoration of you God Almighty

Let us pray.

This prayer is a single, longer prayer we shared with our YouTube congregation. If you want something shorter or a collection of different prayers you could try our prayers for Church growth or prayers for Church leadership.

Church Unity Prayer

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Dear Lord, we come together as one people to bring you our love and adoration. We follow your teachings Lord as best we can and we follow the same God.

Help us find ways to praise you under the same roof, to find understanding for each other and any differences we have in our reading of your word.

Help us to learn to love and accept each other as you asked us to, to find commonalities and to join together through these.

We are all followers of Christ and you preach nothing but love and unity and acceptance of each other. Help us to put our egos behind us and you and you alone in front of us Lord.

If we follow you Lord it means we live our lives according to your teachings and those teachings bade us accept each other and love one another. It is important in this prayer for unity in the church that we respect each other above all else.

When Jesus came upon this earth he was ridiculed and abused and was finally crucified for his teachings. Jesus walked amongst the poor and the lepers, he preached in temples and on the streets.

Jesus treated everyone he dealt with the same, sinners and non-believers as well as those who followed him. This lesson above all shows us how we should treat each other, with the same goal of honoring God Almighty.

In times of stress, we can be pitted against each other and divisions can grow never to be healed and this has the effect of dividing us as a people who honor the same God.

Times are stressful now and if we are united in our faith and our respect for each other instead of fighting our corner, more people will turn to the church as a source of peace and a place of refuge.

It is in times of stress when people are set against each other that we need to heal and come together as one. It is in times of stress that a united strong religion is what people need and will seek out.

If we want more people to join us in prayer and in the church we need a unified front.

Where there is division and strife there is weakness and man’s avarice and ego get in the way of worship and putting the worship of God first.

In this prayer for unity in the church, we are asking that we come together and realize that we can accept different understandings and different thinking inside the church where God is at the heart of the church and we are all pointing in the same direction in that our faith is united in our love of God.

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Lord God give us the patience to hear what others have to say as you have patience with us. Give us love for each other as you have a love for us. Give us the wisdom to understand that our differences are not dividers, they illuminate our thinking and debate under the same banner.

Help us to understand each other and to listen to each other with respect and love. Help us, above all else, to remember what matters and that is your love for us and our unified love for you.

Help us to remember that this is not a competition for your love, that you love us all equally and without judgment. We need to come together in praise of you and focus on your place in our worship, the church and in our hearts.

The importance of allegiances is less important than remembering that you are our one true God and that we follow you without question. Help us to remember that our devotion to you is uniting and unquestioning. Help us to put you first above ourselves.

We are all bound together by your gospel, we are bound together by our belief in you and your teachings. You are the one God upon which the church is built. You are the symbol of unity and strength for the church, you are the church. Everything we are goes through you Lord, you support us in bringing people together to hear your word and follow you.

Help us to accept our unity in diversity, to accept our differences make us stronger and to be subservient to your teachings and your will. Help us all follow the gospels and live by your word in love and peace and harmony.

The gospels do not require us to all worship in the same way, we know that for the church to grow it has to cross many cultures and God does not want to subjugate us to his will, he wants to spread love and acceptance and in this, we can ask for unity of the church that worships the same God.

Let us find the threads that hold us together and weave from them a unity that is pleasing to you God.

Lord my fervent wish is that we come together in your praise and that through that we live in a way that pleases you. I know that you are a respecter of all peoples and that you want us to know that we are loved above all else and that through you we will live forever in your house of many rooms.

Help us to overcome our man-made walls built for a whole range of reasons and for us to see the one truth for you are the truth, Lord. You are our path, the path everyone in the church must follow and that path is all about love and acceptance.

In this prayer for unity in the church, we know that there are different offices in the church. God gave us “apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of service” all to build up the church we know this from Ephesians.

This means God knew we needed a structure to spread his word.

These structures must speak as one to glorify his word and bring us together under the umbrella of your love Lord. Let all these people be filled with the mission of unity and acceptance.

We are from different cultures but united in our adoration and wonder at your grace God.

Let us proclaim your gospel as one and preach your word as one, let us unite to serve you Lord for you are the reason we exist and the reason we will have life everlasting.

Praise be to our one God


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Scripture for Unity in the Church

Scripture for Unity in the Church

“I give you a new commandment, that you love one another just as I have loved you. … By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

John 13:34-35

A very simple statement that tells us that we are united by love and are all disciples of the Lord simply because we follow his teaching and love one another. Love is the simple tie that binds us.

“Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.”

James 5:16

We need to listen to the bible and pray for one another not fight amongst each other and speak ill of each other.

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